Industry leading edge!Interview support fund system [UNISAPO] started


The matching service Universe Club, operated by the Universe Group (Location: Shibuya, Tokyo, President: Satoshi Kida, hereinafter referred to as Universe), where wealthy men and women register, will implement an interview support money system [UNISAPO].

While the impact of the corona virus still remains, we held a campaign with ale to women who are newly starting.


1. Daddy active girls who exploded in Corona

2. Aiming for a safe dad life from the app

3. UNISAPO's aim

1. Daddy active girls who exploded in Corona

(Our research 2021/01-2022/05)

Due to the impact of the corona crisis, women who are financially in need have fallen into a serious crisis due to difficulty in finding employment, dismissal, reduction in salary, and decline in social skills. Around January 2020, the coronavirus threatened the world with its explosive infectiousness, but two and a half years later, it still leaves deep scars.Even people who had financial leeway before COVID-1 are now unable to manage their daily lives, and it is not uncommon these days for people to start dad activities with the help of a third party.

 While the number of users is increasing in many media, SNS, and apps, isn't there a lot of people who are active while their essence is unclear?In addition, the number of cases in which only the good points go first and the bad points are put off, and the actual troubles are increasing year by year.

We made it possible for as many women as possible to live a safe life as a dad so that they do not create unnecessary scars and do the right dad life.

2. Aiming for a safe dad life from the app

(reference https://e-venz.com/column/16397/)

In recent years, there is a report that about 10 in 1 people have experience working as a dad.For many users, what they are looking for in apps and SNS has become the standard, and the most important advantage is that they can meet easily, but we believe that this is the cause of the trouble.I can't see your face, and the operator doesn't know if this person is really registered.It's too late to have no choice but to go to bed after being victimized, saying that "both my real name and company were lies".

The good thing about working as a dad is that there is no quota like a cabaret club or a sex shop, and you can work when you like.But with freedom comes responsibility.Of course, only you can protect yourself.

At our club, both men and women have a face-to-face interview with the staff when joining.We will listen to the story from the person himself, present his identification card, and promise to protect his privacy.Some troubles can be prevented by using a third party as an intermediary.Because of this kind of industry, we aim to be clean and make everyone happy.


3. UNISAPO's aim

I think there are many people who want to do dad activities with anxiety.In order to push the back of such women, we created a support fund system and decided to support them.

At this time when there is still a lot of anxiety about the new life born with a new lifestyle, we will support the lives of Papa Katsu Joshi, focusing on the problems faced by women who start as Universe Club.

▼ Campaign target

  • For Ladies
  • Those who come to Universe Club for the first time after June 2022, 6
  • Those in Japan (Niigata branch is not eligible)
  • Those who register for the Universe Club for the first time
  • 18 years old or older (high school students not allowed)
  • Re-shooting and re-registration (those who registered and withdrew once) are not eligible.

▼ Campaign participation flow


1. Apply to Universe Club
First, let's apply to the Universe Club!

2. Interview appointment
After applying, the person in charge will contact you, so please tell us your desired interview date and time and make an appointment for an interview!

3. Interview
An interview will be held at the branch of your choice.

4. Spin the roulette

After the interview, we will spin the roulette to win an Amazon gift of 2,000 yen to 30,000 yen, and we will present the amount that came out on the spot.

▼ Campaign notes


  • Re-registration of those who have registered in the past and re-shooting of those who have already joined are not eligible.
  • Enrollment at the Niigata branch is not eligible.
  • Only those who register for the Universe Club for the first time are eligible.
  • You can't spin the roulette in an online interview.After passing the online interview, we will conduct it at the face-to-face interview in the second interview.
  • If you are filmed after the online interview, you will be asked to spin the roulette after the filming.You can't spin the roulette without shooting.
  • Applies to first-time enrollment only.You can't do it multiple times.
  • Please ask the staff on the day so that you do not forget to spin the roulette.
  • If you forget to spin the roulette on the day, you can either come to the office at a later date and spin the roulette, or we will send an Amazon gift (3,000 yen uniformly) to your registered phone number via SMS. (If the phone number is not available, we will send it from the email address you are using.)

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■ For women who feel uneasy

■ Employment criteria (for women)

■Universe female members as seen in data

■ For men who feel uneasy

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