May. 2022 Insights Report by Marketing Group

Always I am indebted.
This is Kudo from the Marketing Unit.

We will deliver the latest information of Universe Club.


[Number of new members in September]*Including re-enrollment

〇 Number of male admissions


〇Number of female members

全国で857名の素敵な女性にご入会いただいております。(東京270名、大阪106名、名古屋106名、横浜66名、大宮58名、千葉63名、福岡44名、神戸34名、京都26名、札幌26名、仙台16名、広島10名)全国の女性会員数は合計 6,922名(有効会員数)です。


[Number of registrants by class]

〇Male member

16 Black members, 57 Platinum members, 26 Gold members, and 8 standard members have joined.

〇 Female member

7 Black members, 103 Platinum members, 432 Gold members, and 285 standard members have joined.


[Number of dates nationwide]

In June, we set up 5 black dates, 220 platinum dates, 917 gold dates, and 1,054 standard dates. (* Aggregated by class of female members)

[PICK UP] Cultivating a new layer for women

The number of women's applications has reached the highest this year.
among them currentlyJOIN (Universe Group Affiliate System)The number of applications from SNS, especially the number of applications from SNS, has increased by 200 from the previous month.

However, the interview rate decreased by 8.2% compared to the previous month, the female admission rate decreased by 7.2%, and the rejection rate increased by 1.6%.
While there are many women who leave during the process from application to interview, we are also gaining attention from people who were not aware of the existence of our club through SNS.

From this, an unprecedented variety of women may bring a new style to the Universe Club.

For men, the number of applications and interviews increased compared to the previous month, but the number of admissions was almost the same.
The number of dates increased by 10 from the previous month, but the number of offers to BLACK women decreased by 20.
As a factor, the number of BLACK women in May decreased by 5 from the previous month.

From the above, it can be read that the decline in the hiring rate for females is having an impact on males.

As I write this on June 6th, it seems that the rainy season has started in the Kanto Koshin region.
Let's have a refreshing summer while looking at the hydrangeas that shine in the rain.