[Dad Life Information Bureau] What are the needs of adult relationships that Representative Kida talks about?

We provide information on dating for men and women, such as dad-hunting, married matching apps, aizoku restaurants, and dating cafes.
Universe Club was introduced on [Papa Activity Information Bureau].

This time“About the relationship between our representative and an adult”I made it into a video.


Universe Club representative Kida spoke passionately about dating clubs/dad activities.
It's a full 15 minutes of content, from Kida's perspective on adult relationships, to the secret story behind the birth of the Universe Club, to the future of daddy activities.

We focus not only on dating clubs but also on apps and SNS, and introduce slang for dad activities that are unique to SNS.
The scene was especially exciting when it came to the differences between dating clubs and dad-katsu apps.

``Dad activities'' are expanding into a wide variety of areas such as dating clubs, apps, and SNS.
This video introduces the advantages and disadvantages of each medium, so this video is recommended for those who want to start working as dads but are unsure of which one to use. Please take a look.

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