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    Taking into account your preferences, you can reserve a place to eat,
    I had you prepare a present,
    He was very polite and kind.
    I would be happy if I could have dinner with you again♪

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    He led the conversation from the time we ate, and he had the composure and comprehension of an adult man.The way he spoke and the way he took his time was kind, and he created a comfortable space.I would love to see you again!

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    very kind and easy to talk to
    He was a gentleman.
    Eat, take a walk, go to a cafe
    We had a great time.
    I hope to see you again.
    Thank you all!

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    It was a date at a famous resort hotel, so I was very nervous until I arrived and waited!
    It was like I came to a resort for sightseeing, so I was very excited about the extraordinary date on a different level.
    He was a gentleman from beginning to end and had a calm and mature atmosphere, but he was also good at joking and had a wonderful smile.Hope to see you again soon!

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    I was 30 minutes late, said "let's go" without greeting or apology, and started walking while looking at my smartphone (game app).
    He was dressed in a blue-checked short-sleeved Y-shirt, outdoor XNUMX/XNUMX-length pants, and highly practical, well-used sandals.

    After a short chat at the table, he apologized for being late.
    He told us that he had forgotten an important conference, that he had trouble parking in the wrong parking lot at work, and that he didn't want to pay for parking at the hotel, so he parked at a restaurant across the street and walked.

    I drank the water in one go, gulped down the latte I ordered, and still sipped on the empty glass, so a loud bang echoed through the lobby.
    They chat happily while chewing on the cookies that come with their drinks.
    So my teacup gets a lot of food debris and saliva that flew out of his mouth.

    After saying what he wanted to say for a moment, he relaxed and leaned back on the sofa, threw his legs out, took off his sandals, and scratched one foot over the other.

    I don't have any mental leeway, so I only think about myself and don't listen to me at all.
    It was only a few hours of dating, but I got the impression that there was a lot of human error due to strong assumptions.
    Demeanor is out of the question.

    I received one-sided requests, such as wanting to date on the premise of marriage, wanting to see her in a swimsuit in person, or wanting to kiss her, so I politely declined.

    I can't say that I'm an independent adult man even by flattery.
    Even when we were together, I felt like I was leading an infant rather than dating.
    I think I'm lacking manners as a person.

    Universe has been very good to me so far, and I have placed my trust in them, so I am very disappointed this time.
    Shouldn't such customers need appropriate measures such as withdrawal or education?
    It is very disappointing that such men can easily join and view personal profiles.
    If there is no improvement, please unsubscribe me.

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    During the date, I laughed constantly from beginning to end, and the next day my face was sore (^ ^)
    Good at complimenting, gentlemanly, quick-witted, moderately mean.smile
    He was a man I look forward to seeing again.

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    He is very kind, funny, and easy to talk to.
    It was a very fun date✨
    I would like to meet you again (*^^*)

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    Women don't know the man's face in advance.Men can recognize women's faces, so I was confused about the greetings at the first meeting.Even if I bow, I don't know if it's this person.I think it can't be helped.