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    Since our first date, we have been canceled three times.
    The third time, I told the hotel where I was supposed to meet on the day, but there was no contact, and I was forced to wait. I waited for 3 hours and didn't hear back and went home, but after that I didn't hear back at all.
    He was far from being a gentleman.

  • ★★★ ☆☆ [Appearance] 10 [Contents] 2 [Personality] 2 [Etiquette] 8

    She was very kind.
    But the stories were often inconsistent.

  • ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ [Appearance] 10 [Contents] 10 [Personality] 10 [Etiquette] 10

    He was tall, and his headlines and clothes were casual and very clean.
    The ladies first was also well done, and it was wonderful with the atmosphere of a man who can be relied on.

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    I was too nervous on my first date, and I caused trouble for both the other party and the staff (;_;) However, the staff was kind and quickly communicated, and the other party He was a kind and gentleman, and I was nervous when I met him, but it was a bright, fun and wonderful date! !I also promised a date, so I want to see you soon. (*^^*)

  • ★★★ ☆☆ [Appearance] 6 [Contents] 8 [Personality] 8 [Etiquette] 6

    I was told that he has a good personality.However, although I was asked for a relationship, I could not think that I wanted to be in a relationship or a physical relationship.

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    It was a very nice and fun day.It's been a wonderful encounter.Thank you Universe (*^^*)