Dating club/dad activity matching platform PATOLO exceeds 400 monthly dates!

Specialized for dads, full of benefits

"PATOLO"specializes in father activities and smoothly matches male and female users who are looking for encounters.


Those who are hesitant about joining a dating clubWith PATOLO, you can try it out for a monthly fee without having to pay a high membership fee.



In addition, as further functions will be added in the future, we will introduce new items such as the desired amount of allowance in the event of a relationship, relationship conditions, sexual experience level, NG items, possible relationship schedule, and what you are looking for in a partner.An app that allows matching specifically for dadsWe are striving to be No. 1 in user satisfaction.


Introduction of member site

Member list and message screen


Post-date feedback (survey)

Introduction of affiliated social clubs

Membership Dating Club ForYou



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*There is no blurring on the actual member site.


The journey since the start of PATOLO

Thanks to your support, PATOLO, a matching app specializing in father activities, will be available after opening in July 2023.Total 34 member storesThe number of dates is gradually increasing due to the participation of.
For member stores other than Universe Club,16 ofThank you for joining us.

The number of members isOver 15,000 peopleI did.
Thank you very much for all your support and dedication in using our services.

The number of dates for Patro as a whole is December and January respectively.400 ofexceeded.
Thank you very much for using our service.


*Please also check the PATOLO official website for details on service content.

PATOLO official website


Price list

>Registration fee
・Monthly plan: 11,000 yen
・Annual plan: 110,000 yen (9,166 yen/month)

>Setting (session) fee
・Talent fee
・Talent tip (transportation expenses): Set by the woman herself with an amount up to 20,000 yen
+Schedule adjustment fee *Only if you request the staff to adjust your schedule.


If you are a Universe Club member, you can also ask questions and consult with the Universe Club Coordinator, who is always available to assist you, regarding how to use PATOLO.


UC letter date ended

You can get the contact information of the woman who provided services to Universe Club members.letter date' is finally coming to an end.

*Black class members can continue to use the service.


PATOLO is an effective alternative service.
With PATOLO, you can communicate directly with women before making an offer, so you canI paid money and exchanged contact information, but I didn't receive a reply right away.There are no such troubles.

After confirming the feeling and response through a message, you can invite them on a date.


Universe club member benefits

さ ら に,universe clubPATOLO registration fee (monthly membership fee) is required for men in Platinum class and Black class.Free forever.

*Gold class and Standard class members will be charged the regular rate.

Login to member site

・For men (supporters):https://member.patolo.jp/user/login
・Female (talent):https://member.patolo.jp/lady/login

*If you have not yet registered, please contact us by clicking the "Consult Now" button below.