Letter date is a benefit for BLACK male members.

2024/02/06 postscript
● Changes
Only Black class members can use Letter Date after March 2024, 3 (Friday).

After announcing the discontinuation, we received many comments such as ``I don't want to discontinue the service because it is so easy to use'' and ``I want it to continue'', so we reconsidered whether to continue the service.
Only Black members will continue to be able to use the service after March, but we ask for your understanding regarding the service characteristic that ``we may not always be able to meet you'', which was one of the reasons for the initial discontinuation.
In order to make good matches by taking advantage of convenience, we will actively provide follow-up to reduce risks, such as giving advice to women regarding responses and manners.


Dear members,

It always becomes very indebted.
By the end of February 2024,letter dateThe setting will be abolished.

● Schedule
Apply by 2024:2 on Thursday, February 29, 20

● Reason for abolition
In order to reduce the risk of contact as much as possible during the coronavirus pandemic, we have started non-face-to-face online dating (currently discontinued) and letter dating.
Thank you very much to all our members for using our service and for supporting Universe Club during the coronavirus pandemic.

As we begin to see signs that the coronavirus is coming to an end, we feel that we are back to an environment where we can focus on face-to-face matching, which is what we are originally good at.
In addition, while letter dates are easy to use, there is a risk that you may not always be able to meet each other, and it is true that complaints from both male and female members have increased.
In reviewing our services, we have decided to abolish the letter date service, with the support of the transition to category 5 due to the coronavirus.

Communication with female members is available for free on PATOLO.
If you have any questions about using PATOLO, please contact the branch in charge.

At Universe Club, we will continue to make further efforts to introduce wonderful women while differentiating our services from the app.
We would appreciate it if all our members could understand this notice of abolition.

Universe Club Senior Manager
Arata Tsuzuki