I cooperated in an interview with Kansai University students for their graduation thesis theme "Papa-katsu".

Always I am indebted.

A student from Kansai University contacted me this time, and asked for the cooperation of the members of the Universe Club for an interview with him to take up the theme of his graduation thesis on "Papa-katsu".

"Papa-katsu" ~The world we don't know~

■Plan content: I would like to capture the reality of dad life from not only women's perspectives but also from multiple perspectives, and visualize the thoughts of women in their teens and twenties about sex.

■Planning background: The damage related to dad activities has been featured in the news, and at the same time as reporting the social problem, to investigate the actual situation of dad activities and convey it to the public.

■ Interviewees: Female members of the same generation, male members, universe club members

It was announced in the seminar in January.

This time, only the interview video received by Universe Club has been edited, and you can see a part of it, so please check it out.

It's a rare opportunity, but we will continue to cooperate with such a wonderful content initiative!

Universe Club PR Enma Mamiya