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Most men who use dating clubs are dating one person and are looking for the best woman for themselves.
Also, the average number of offers is around 20 times for people in their 70s to 5s, which means they make offers once every two months.
For the average user, an annual contract means they are losing half a year.

Therefore, we are launching an international limited monthly plan.

Services that can be used for a monthly fee are indispensable for modern people.
Now that globalization has progressed, there may be more sudden overseas business trips and transfers.
I want to use it only for this month, I want to use it because I'm lonely because I'm on a short business trip, I want to test my English skills, etc.
Monthly plans are available anytime and can be customized just for you.

Wouldn't you like to be free from the feeling of having to use it until the next update?
Make your dating club life more free.
Find wonderful encounters with our monthly plan.

What is a monthly plan?
Why only international?

The monthly plan is a service that allows you to use the Universe Club for a monthly fee without paying an annual fee.
You can use it on a monthly basis, so you can use it as you see fit.

All of our male members are busy every day, and some of them have to withdraw or take a break due to overseas business trips.
We want you to enjoy Universe Club to the fullest even when you are on a business trip, so we
We will start offering a monthly plan service exclusively for international customers.

Which one is better? ? ?
Advantages and disadvantages

Charges you are concerned about
Comparison of annual fee and monthly fee

Please check the following contents.

  • 20 years old or older, physically and mentally healthy
  • No criminal record
  • Able to present your ID
  • Financially and mentally well-off
  • Seeking a long-term partner
  • Those who are willing to respond in English
  • For re-registration