Love Vaccine Chapter XNUMX Good and Evil (XNUMX)

I'm a kind person.
Even if it's a dad activity, it gives the other person something like money or a sense of security.
There's nothing to be ashamed of because you're making the other person happy too.
That confidence collapsed when he met Nao-chan, a daughter with dissociative disorder.
Nao arouses libido.She can't cut ties.
But at the same time, it is to accompany her "trauma reenactment".
Nao-chan will be broken.
No excuses. There is no room for compromising on the logic that ``it makes the other person happy too.''
Where did your proud "kindness" go?
I don't want to think about it too much, but maybe I even have the cruel pleasure of "destroying Nao-chan" lurking within me.
I couldn't trust myself at all.
When I write it like this, it sounds like I'm worried about it, but in reality, it's not.
Strangely, I don't feel any self-loathing, and I find myself strangely convinced, "Oh, so that's what it was."
Let's briefly summarize the story of "dissociative disorder" and "trauma reenactment" here.
I'm not an expert, so please excuse any mistakes or misunderstandings.
The first is dissociation, which occurs as a mental escape from unacceptable experiences such as violence and sexual abuse.
Experiences are usually treated with emotion and reason and become "normal memories", but when they can't be processed, they put them away in the depths of their hearts and put them on the shelf. There isAt the same time, however, it also means intentionally sealing one's own senses and senses of reality.
This impossibility appears as “dissociation symptoms”.
Specifically, there are “depersonalizations” such as out-of-body experiences, such as looking down at oneself from a high place, and flashbacks of experiences that should have already been in the past as if they were happening in reality. This includes ``dissociative amnesia,'' in which the patient feels as though he or she is in a state of disarray, or completely forgets what happened a while ago.
There is also the term “sexualized behavior”.
A sexually abused child's willingness to seek unsafe sexual contact.Some of the erotic daddy girls may be the cause of their sexual behavior.
The reason why I take such actions is "trauma reenactment (re-experiencing)".
“Re-experiencing trauma” refers to the unconscious behavior of a person who has been abused to reproduce the same situation and try to overcome it successfully this time.It can be said that it is a self-healing attempt to somehow sublimate trauma.
Attempts to recreate it, however, mostly fail.The result is that trauma is overwritten with greater trauma.
A person who has been sexually abused may respond with a freeze.
Unable to refuse when sexually demanded.
She is a so-called “woman who cannot refuse”.
It seems that some bad guys are good at spotting girls who are prone to this kind of sexual behavior and Freeze.
I can understand this somehow.Mac probably has that quality too.
However, there are women who simply have a strong libido.
I talked about Nao-chan to a woman who likes abusive plays such as being strangled and trampled, and asked, "Are you actually reenacting trauma?"
She said, "Ever since I can remember, I've tied myself up and masturbated, so I think it's an innate propensity."
A little relieved.
As for Nao-chan, she has never had sex on her own, and she even declares, ``I have no sexual desire.''
Even though what she is doing is no different than an erotic woman with a strong libido.
Maybe that's the key to distinguishing between the two.
Is it driven by sexual desire, or is it manipulated "unconsciously" despite its weak sexual desire?
However, from the perspective of psychiatrists and counselors who are involved in the treatment of these traumas, most of the young women who sell their bodies in papa katsu can be seen as "trauma reenactments". mosquito?
From my experience, there are an overwhelming number of girls who simply have a strong sexual desire in the papa-katsu area.I think that the number of children who perform reenactments is one in ten.
Well, that's why Nao-chan and I continued dating after that.
I protected the virginity of the vagina, but I received the virginity of the buttocks.
That's because Nao-chan said, "Please buy my ass virginity."
From the fact that she says, "Please buy it," some people may think that she is in need of money, but that doesn't seem to be the case with Nao-chan.
I think it's convenient to say "buy it".
As evidence of that, after I had a physical relationship with another man, I went to a love hotel and was licked and licked in the same way, but the man said, "I don't want to exchange money." He said he didn't get the money.
When asked, "Are you going to meet that man again?"
Mr. Mac: "Why are you meeting with me if you don't get paid?"
Nao-chan: I don't really know, but I think it's because it's easy to get carried away.
sexual behavior.Unconscious.Trauma reenactment.
She clearly refused to allow the man to penetrate her vagina.Then the man asked her, "How's your butt?"
Nao didn't know that she could do that with her butt.
So I did some research on anal sex, and the next time I saw him, he said, "Buy me a virgin ass."
After that, I went to the mixed bathing hot spring.
Several of the regular crocodiles spread their crotches and showed them their virgin pussy, and one by one they were hugged completely naked.
I ordered
Nao doesn't hate it.She would rather follow my instructions with a happy smile on her face.
Nao-chan: “I want to do many more things. I want △ to be even more happy.”
Even while driving, he still wants to give himself a blow job.Thanks to him, he got used to driving while giving a blowjob.
Anyway, I ran on the highway while making Nao-chan in the passenger seat naked and blowing.
If you get into an accident, you're guilty of causing death by dangerous driving, and if you're reported or accused of being indecent, you're guilty of indecency.
I know that.
However, just as Nao-chan is driven unconsciously, I too am a zombie hijacked by sexual desire.I can't stop.
I met a tough opponent.

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