Avoid this type of father-active women 2024 Vol.9


A woman who is a father and only uses SNS

Lately, I've started to wonder if I'm a jealous man.

I realized this a few years after I became a father and started ``signing a contract with a young woman.''

When you become a father, there are many times when you realize, "Was that the kind of personality I had?"

Meanwhile, when I sign a contract with a woman who is working as a father, I am the type of person who wants the woman to live freely.

That's why, even though I'm jealous, I feel a little contradictory when I say, ``I don't want to be tied down at all.''

Perhaps he insists on not binding himself because he doesn't want women to hate him.

In the end, I believe that "jealousy" and "bondage" are two sides of the same coin. (I'm sure men who have become fathers can relate to this.)

Besides, I look at myself these days and wonder, ``Is it possible for my personality to change like this?'' when I like someone of the opposite sex.

However, there are times when I can't stand women who are active as fathers.

It's called SNS.

I am using FACEBOOK.

However, it was only because I was encouraged to register that I would occasionally communicate with my family and friends I had made overseas.

Personally, I don't feel like I'm trying to send something out.

However, most young women these days are using SNS.

I don't think anything of it as long as it's done out of my sight.

However, there was a girl with whom I had a contract in the past who was always on her smartphone, and even though she was with me, she was always looking at social media and muttering.

At first, I was completely unfamiliar with SNS.

I didn't really understand her, so I asked the woman I was working with at the time, who was always on her phone, a quick question.

``Don't you mumble things on SNS? Why do you mumble so much when you're with me???'' I'm sure you asked something like this.

Then she answered:

"Dad, that's not true. I'm at a nice hotel with my dad right now, so I'm taking pictures that stand out and posting them. It's going to be a wonderful memory, isn't it?"

I had nothing but doubts.

The reason is that the photos she takes are of food, facilities, and selfies.

The memories she is talking about are not memories with me, but memories of her coming to this place and having a luxurious experience.

That's what I thought since I wasn't in the photo.

So I asked her, "Can't I be in the picture with her?" She looked at me with cold eyes.

I wonder what it is.

That was the moment when my feelings for her suddenly cooled down.

It's true that she was young, so maybe she's the type who doesn't care about others? That's what I felt.

That said, I didn't think it would be very popular, but I was feeling jealous or irritated, and I couldn't help but think, ``Oh, 〇〇-chan, please put your smartphone away as much as possible when you're with me.'' Can you give it to me?'' I said.

This was a message that contained all the negative feelings I had towards her.

But there's no way I'll quit just because of those words...

Of course, I closed my smartphone at that moment.

However, within an hour, she started using SNS again.

I wonder what it is.

I felt so lonely.

I'm sure there are some women who are active dads who use SNS and know how to have better relationships with men, and are actually putting them into practice.

It might just be that the woman I signed a contract with at that time was a loser.

Having said that, I think it was around this time that I stopped liking, or rather avoided, women who were active dads on social media.

Nowadays, there are kids who are on Instagram and posting tons of pictures.


I don't particularly like women who are dads who say that.

I thought, ``Why do I have to pay them to take pictures of these girls in all their luxuries?''

Moreover, the worst part was the seat across from me, where there was even a ``daddy-active woman'' who made me take pictures.

It's totally fine if you want to take a photo with me as a souvenir. Well, if that's the case, I'd be happy.

However, for most women who are active fathers, when they take photos to post on Instagram, it's almost always a pattern where I'm not there.

It is treated as air.

Sometimes, women who are active dads will say things like this.

“Look, I’m a dad, and posting my dad’s face might cause trouble, so I won’t post it, okay?”

If you ask me, it would be more of a nuisance if you just ignore me and just play with your smartphone right then and there...

I don't think there are many men who can say these words to a young woman's face.

The reason is that I don't want to be hated.

This is probably the main reason.

Besides, the father's position assumes that he is an adult to some extent.

And aren't most women who are active fathers relying on that when signing contracts? (This is just my personal opinion.) So, when you think about it, it's not good for her to say what she thinks too clearly, and she can't help but hesitate.

For that reason, I have established one rule for contracts with women.

It's like this.

"Women who don't use SNS as much as possible" OR "Women who use SNS only to peek at them and don't send anything about themselves"

In this day and age, isn't it difficult to find a woman with the above rules in place? Many people may think so.

That is surprisingly not the case.

There are quite a few women who are active fathers and don't use social media.

Of course, when it comes to children who haven't even registered at all, the number is quite low. (This is true.)

However, if you are a child who only registers and only looks in occasionally, or who rarely does anything, it is quite easy to find on Dad-Katsu, and in fact, several of the children with whom I have contracts are all active on SNS. Not yet.

So, if there is a man who has the same problem as me, I would recommend finding a woman like that (one who doesn't use SNS).

Also, there is another advantage for men who do not use SNS: they are not swayed by ``information on the Internet'' and tend to ``believe only what they actually see.''

As a result, they don't engage in imaginary conversations, so the content is richer, and in my opinion, it's fun to interact with them. (I can't even make strange arguments.)

I personally recommend it for women who don't use SNS. (Also, I will no longer sign a contract with a woman who uses social media too much.)

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