Darling by Universe Club

Are you satisfied with just reading the article?
Is it really possible?Don't you think?
I want to actually check the fictional story
I will tell men who are driven by such thoughts.
At Universe Club, we don't end with half-doubt.
If you have any concerns about joining, we will explain before and during the interview until you are fully satisfied.

Flow of interviewInterview flow

In the actual interview, we follow the flow of the above video.By confirming in advance, the procedure will be completed smoothly.

1. Apply


Apply on your smartphone or PC and make an appointment for an interview.After applying, the support center will be in charge and will coordinate the schedule.

2. Interview


The staff will explain the points to note about Universe Club and the flow of offers.Agree to the terms and create your profile.

3. Payment of admission fee

Payment of admission fee

Choose the class you want and pay the registration fee.As soon as we have confirmed the payment, we will send you the member-only login information.

4. Offer to women

offer to women

We receive offers from men who have seen the photos and videos we have taken.I will tell the woman about the schedule and meeting place.

5. Dating


The day before the date, the club will confirm the day before.After the meal, you can enjoy a wonderful time as "free love".


In Universe Club, the classes that can be priced and inquired are different for each class.Please enjoy the encounter according to your own budget.

  • Admission fee¥300,000
  • Setting fee¥100,000
  • Annual fee¥160,000
  • Can be introducedAll classes
  • Admission fee¥100,000
  • Setting fee¥50,000
  • Annual fee¥80,000
  • Can be introducedPlatinum
  • Admission fee¥50,000
  • Setting fee¥30,000
  • Annual fee¥30,000
  • Can be introducedGold・Standard
  • Admission fee¥30,000
  • Setting fee¥20,000
  • Annual fee¥20,000
  • Can be introducedStandard

trial dateTrial dating

trial date

Currently, it is possible to go on a trial date with a female member of the Universe Club.Would you like to try it before joining to see the true meaning of the column article?

Trial date details


If you have any questions or concerns, you can solve them with "Universe Support", which has FAQs.You can resolve your concerns before joining.

[JP ONLY] Universe Support

Apply for membership on LINEApply for membership on LINE

If you would like to apply for membership online, please click the button below and proceed to the application procedure.

Apply for membership on LINE

Apply for membership by emailApply for membership by email