Psychology that can be understood by your favorite position

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My name is Ren Kurosaki from Universe Club Osaka Branch.

・Missionary position


The royal road.People who don't have a particular sexual orientation may like it.

People who want to have sex while looking at a girl's face

I feel like there are a lot of people who want to hug each other.

I tend to like the flirty atmosphere of a lover.
I get excited because I have the initiative.


I feel that there are many people who like lovey-dovey sex.

There are many girls who are happy because they can see each other's faces and expressions.

If you are inexperienced, you can rest assured.
A passive and quiet girl who does not have the courage to adventure

Most of them are passive types.



Masochistic men who show their faces that they feel

There are many types who have a strong desire to be blamed, and are easy to be swept away by good-natured people.

On the other hand, if you want to see the girl's expression and movement from below,

There is also an S man who says, "I want you to serve me."


There are many girls who are S or confident.

She is full of curiosity and bright, and has a diplomatic personality.

There may be many girls who seek pleasure rather than love.

I tend to like M men.



Many men have a strong desire to conquer and control.

Manly S.There is also a part like me.

Some men are shy because they can't see the girl's face.

I like women who are active in sex and who are masochistic.


With a M character that wants to be dominated

She is a girl who has a strong desire to satisfy men's conquest desires.

You may also have a strong desire for pleasure.

Some girls may want to feel immoral because men can't see their faces.

You don't have to hide your expression, so you can feel bold.

・Sitting position


I want to see the girl's face up close.
I don't want to take my eyes off you

It is such a spoiled type.

There may be many romantic men.


Similarly, there are many spoiled types.

There are many areas where the skin touches, and you can feel a sense of security when you see the man's face.

You can make men happy by showing embarrassing expressions

Good at socializing,
There may be many girls who are amiable.



As with the sitting position, it is easy to see the other person's face because it is in close contact, so it is exciting.
It is important to note that it is easy to get muscle pain because it is necessary to support the weight of a woman.
I think it's a high difficulty because it's useless if you don't have a certain amount of muscle.
It may be recommended for those who have confidence in themselves.


Women who care about their weight will not like it because it is a posture that men hold.
Gravity seems to give you a pleasant feeling.
Women don't need special techniques.

・Extension position


People who want to avoid ruts.
Because the woman has her legs closed
Recommended for those who want to enjoy the feeling of pressure.


I think there are many people who prefer to have their legs stretched out.
Depending on the woman, the location may be slightly different and it may be difficult to do.
Recommended for those who value their own comfort.

・ Lateral position


By being able to lie down, the burden on the body is less,

I think you can enjoy it in a relaxed atmosphere.
It's the least tiring position, so you can keep doing it for a long time.
If you are looking for a long time without getting tired as much as possible, this is it.


Similarly, women can lie down and feel relaxed and uplifted.
Furthermore, since I do not know the movement in the blind spot
In that sense, it will be even more exciting.

・Rolls Royce


A position rumored to have been named by a certain famous ◯◯ actor.
There is a feeling of pressure because the woman has her legs closed.
The arm is grabbed from behind, so you can immerse yourself in a sense of superiority.
Recommended for S.


Women are grabbed by the arm from behind, so I think that M-shaped people will be especially excited.
It is a position that is easy to put a burden on by bending the upper body and easily cause muscle pain.
It is recommended for those who are looking for more pleasure than that.


The above is the content covered in Kurosaki's dogmatic and prejudiced

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Universe Club Osaka Branch

Ren Kurosaki

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