The difference between a mistress and an affair, and how to have a mistress whose identity will not be revealed

What is the difference between a mistress and an affair?

In recent years, matching apps have become popular, and the number of women looking to become mistresses, so-called "dad-hunting girls," is rapidly increasing.
Regarding “Daddy Life”,University research subjectIt has developed into a social problem.
Until a while ago, there was an image that only wealthy people such as celebrities and company presidents could have a mistress.
However, with the spread of the internet, the environment has become easier to find a mistress.

In this article,We will explain the difference between a mistress and an affair, the correct way to become a mistress, and trends revealed from a huge amount of data.

``What are the ages and occupations of most of the women who have mistresses?''
“What are the typical ages and annual incomes of men who have mistresses?”
“How long can you build a relationship with your mistress?”

A must read for those who have these questions!
You can understand the reality of people who have mistresses with the amount of data that only the major dating club ``Universe Club'' can provide, so please take a look!



Difference between mistress and affair

First of all, the word ``amiin'' was used as ``lover'' or ``to love someone.''
The word "mistress" today is"A relationship between a man and a woman with a specific woman and providing financial support."It is increasingly being used in this sense.

Additionally, Mr. Kida, CEO of Universe Club, a major dating club, defines a mistress as ``a sex friend who receives an allowance.''
“Allowance” isIt is money paid to a female mistress as a token of gratitude, and it is also the amount of money that a woman expects from a man.

On the other hand, "adultery"It is characterized by an intimate relationship where they are attracted to each other, without having a financial relationship like a mistress.

In other words, the difference between "mistress" and "adultery" isA big difference can be made depending on whether or not monetary exchange occurs.
The system is similar to that of an adult entertainment shop, as it involves an exchange of money and a relationship between a man and a woman.
It's very unlikely that your wife will complain that you're having an affair when you go to an adult entertainment shop.
Therefore, as long as you have money, you can have a "mistress".

However, because monetary transactions occur,It is true that financial troubles are common.
However, at Universe Club, a major dating club, in order to prevent "financial troubles" from occurring, when a man and woman meet, they are required to give money to the woman as "transportation expenses", so financial troubles are kept to a minimum. I am able to do this.

“Ethics” of mistress relationshipsI think there are some people who are worried about whether there are any problems.
However, if you think about it systemically, it is no different from adult entertainment, hostesses, patrons, etc.
In addition, As for the relationship between men and women, it is a decision that must be made between men and women, so I am not doing anything that violates ethics.
However, due to the influence of dramas and other factors, the public views mistresses as evil, which is causing controversy in terms of ethics.

If you are considering a mistress relationship, we strongly recommend that you gather sufficient information here and make a careful decision, as we have explained in detail about "mistress relationships" below.

Why are more men having mistresses? Explaining the advantages and disadvantages of men

I will explain the advantages and disadvantages of men having mistresses.


Advantages for men ① You can meet young amateur women that you would not normally be able to meet.

Many of the so-called "daddy-active girls" who are active as mistresses are young women.

Universe Club Women Age Pie Chart
* As of 2024 year 4 month 9 day

In the "Universe Club Women's Pie Chart by Age", a dating club run by our company,
1st place was "late 20s", 2,360 people, 32%
2nd place was "early 20s" with 2,347 people, 32%
3nd place was "early 30s" with 1,132 people, 15%
As you can see from this graph,It can be seen that women at a young age are more likely to be mistresses.


Universe Club male age group pie chart
* As of 2024 year 4 month 9 day

In the “Universe Club Male Age Pie Chart”,
1nd place was "early 50s" with 793 people, 20%
2nd place: “Late 40s”, 739 people, 19%
3nd place: “Late 50s”, 692 people, 18%
As you can see from this graph,The majority of men who create "mistresses" are in their 40s to 60s,
It can be seen that many men who have found it difficult to meet young women use this site and enjoy interacting with young women.


Universe Club Women's Occupation Ranking
* As of 2024 year 4 month 9 day

In the "Universe Club Women's Occupation Ranking",
1st place was "company employee" with 2,095 people
The second place was “student” with 2 people.
3rd place was "Nurses" with 739 people
As you can see from this graph,Most of the women are amateur women who don't work at night.and
As a man, I'm happier with a woman who is innocent than a woman who is used to being treated by men!
Another good thing about the dating club is that you can meet a wide range of women from the entertainment industry, models, AV actresses, CAs, etc., who you would rarely meet on a regular basis.


Advantages for men ② There is no need to woo them, you can start with a dinner date

If the mistress meets the conditions, you can decide the date and place and meet immediately.
The condition is the allowance (amount).
Easy to meet quicklyThat's a good point.
Another big advantage is that the man has control over the time and place, so you can meet him when he is free.


Advantages for men ③ There is no problem in building mistress relationships with multiple women.

There are no restrictions on the number of mistresses, so you can date various types of women at the same time.
for that reason,You'll never get bored because you'll be able to meet women you wouldn't normally meet, from young women to people of your own age.


Advantages for men ④ There are almost no conflicts when breaking up.

Money is what keeps a mistress relationship together, so if you stop paying money, the relationship ends.
Therefore, unlike in love, it is rare for conflicts to arise due to differences of opinion.

On the side of the mistress,Because she is in a mistress relationship for the purpose of making money, she has relationships with not just one man but multiple men.
The secret to maintaining a successful relationship is that neither the man nor the woman should get too involved.


Disadvantages for men: ① Having a mistress relationship costs money

In order to maintain a mistress relationship, there are various expenses other than allowances such as meal expenses, hotel expenses, travel expenses, and gift expenses.
If you have a wife, you must take measures to avoid suspicion regarding your finances.

Universe Club pie chart by male annual income
* As of 2024 year 4 month 9 day

In the “Universe Club Pie Chart by Male Annual Income”,
1st place was "1000 million yen", 2,787 people, 42.3%
2st place was "2000 million yen", 1,410 people, 21.4%
3st place was "3000 million yen", 874 people, 12.9%
As you can see from this graph,It can be seen that those with higher annual income have more mistresses.

However, there are 1000 people (674%) who are under 10.2 million, so
It cannot be said categorically that a man cannot have a mistress because his annual income is low.
However, the higher your annual income, the more options you have.


Disadvantage of being a man ② Family will find out and there is a possibility of divorce.

Even if it's a financial relationship, being a ``mistress'' probably doesn't make your wife feel good.
Therefore, if the mistress relationship is found out, it will cause trouble at home, and in the worst case, there is a possibility of divorce.
A technique to avoid being found out is to not reveal your identity to your mistress.
However, when it comes to relationships with lovers on dad-hunting apps or SNS, the risk increases because they can be viewed by an unspecified number of people.
However, at Universe Club,The risk is very low because the woman cannot obtain information about the man.
If you don't want your family or friends to find out, choosing a social club is the safest way.


Disadvantages of men ③ Women are sometimes of poor quality.

On dad-katsu apps and SNS, photos are processed,There are many women who seem to be different people.
There are also women who just have tea and go home right away.
In 30 minutes to an hour, the man can earn more than 1 yen, so there are cases where the man doesn't even listen to what he has to say, plays with his smartphone, just takes the money and leaves.

However, Universe Club posts photos of women without any processing, so there is no chance of photo fraud.
Also, because we interview each woman one by one to decide whether to hire them, we rarely encounter malicious women.


The correct way to find a lover that suits you

There are two main ways to find a mistress: a ``dad activity app'' or a ``dating club.''
You can also search for ``SNS'' such as ``X (old Twitter)'', but this is not recommended as the risks are very high and there are many malicious women.
I told you about the options of “Dad-katsu app” and “Dating club”.
If you would like to know which one is right for you and how to create a mistress that suits you, I would like to introduce you to them.


Strengths and weaknesses unique to dating clubs

Strengths of dating clubs ① High quality of women

Because we interview each woman one by one, we have many high-quality women in our team.
Some dating clubs rank women, soYou can quickly choose a beautiful woman and form a mistress relationship.


Strengths of dating clubs ② You can meet women smoothly without unnecessary communication

Since the male side has all the control, it is easy to schedule.
The process of meeting is that the man looks at the woman's profile, informs the dating club of the woman he wants to make an offer to, and the club contacts the woman.
Therefore, men inform the dating club of the woman they like, and while they are waiting, a date is decided to meet.You can meet women without wasting your time.


Strengths of dating clubs ③ High safety

At dating clubs, it is not possible for women to obtain information about men, soThere is no need to worry about the man's identity being revealed.

In addition, both men and women will be interviewed by the club's staff.
During the interview, we check to see if there is a past criminal record, so we do not allow high-risk individuals to join.
You also need to show your ID, so you don't have to worry about suspicious people joining.

And in the unlikely event that a problem occurs, you can consult with the social club.
Even if you have financial troubles, it's very reassuring to know that there is someone you can go to for advice rather than just sitting there crying.


Weaknesses of dating clubs ① Expenses are high

Because you cannot go to a social club without paying the membership fee and setting fee,It's expensive compared to the "Daddy activity app".
A "setting fee" is an amount that is charged each time you meet a new woman.
As for communication after meeting a woman, you don't pay money to a dating club, so I think it's easier to understand that it's a female introduction fee.


Weakness of dating clubs ② High threshold

Social clubs have entrance examinations,You will not be able to join unless you have an interview with the staff of the social club.
We conduct interviews because it is very safe, but it is difficult to meet with the staff of a social club.


Strengths and weaknesses unique to dad-katsu apps


Advantages of the dad-katsu app ① Low price

The Papakatsu app requires monthly payments, soIt's cheaper than a "social club".
The biggest advantage is that you can use it easily and cheaply, as you can try it out and cancel it immediately if it doesn't suit you.


Strengths of the Dadkatsu app ② Large number of female members

With the Dadkatsu app, women can easily register, soThe number of members is very large.
Another attractive feature is that there are so many women that it can be hard to decide who to contact.


Weaknesses of the Daddy Activity App ① Low quality of women

Many women who use the Daddy Activity app register as members because of the ease of use.
Even if you contact women, they often ignore you, and even if you meet a woman, they just break up after having a cup of tea.
From the men's point of view, there are many cases in which this is a waste of time.


Weakness of the Daddy Activity App ② It takes time to meet a woman

In the Daddy-Katsu app, a man contacts a woman, and if the feeling matches with the woman, they can finally meet by exchanging messages about everything from allowances to the date of meeting.
Women don't always reply right away, so in some cases it can take several weeks after you contact a woman before you meet.
You may not be able to meet the woman you like right away, and your enthusiasm may cool down by the time you meet her.


Weakness of the Dad-katsu app ③ Lack of safety

Since men and women interact directly on the Daddy-Katsu app, it is common for women to reveal men they don't like on social media.
for that reason,There is a high risk that the man's identity will be revealed, and there is a lack of security.
Examples published on SNS

Examples of identity being spread on SNS

Also, since I have to interact with women, I have to make sure my wife can't see my phone.
However, his wife becomes suspicious because he tries not to be seen.There is a very high risk that your wife will find out that you are trying to get a mistress.


Summary of how to find a mistress that suits you

For those who don't know which to choose between a "dating club" and a "dad-katsu app," here's a summary.

Characteristics of people suitable for “social club”

・I have plenty of money
・I want to prevent the risk of being exposed
・I want to meet various women without missing any time


Characteristics of people suitable for the “Dad Activity App”

・People who don't have enough money but want to start finding a mistress
・People who have few problems even if their identity is revealed


How to make a mistress safely without anyone finding out

For those who can afford it, it is overwhelmingly recommended to find a mistress at a "dating club".

There are various types of "social clubs"."Universe Club"is especially recommended.

Universe Club│The largest social club where women from all over the country gather

Universe Club introduction image

Universe Club is the largest company in the "dating club" industry, and is based in major cities nationwide, whereas most other "dating clubs" are only available in "Tokyo" or "Osaka." Therefore, a man can find a mistress no matter where he lives.
In addition, Since we have branches all over the country, women who use our service come from all over the country, so you will never be unable to find the woman you like.

Click here for the Universe Club homepage


THE SALON │ “The highest quality social club” available only to selected wealthy people

THE SALON introduction image

THE SALON is based in GinzaAvailable only to selected men with an annual income of 4000 million yen or moreIt has become a "social club".
Therefore, the level of women is extremely high, and many celebrities and models who have been seen on TV belong to the group.

Click here for THE SALON homepage


Universe Lounge│A “dating club” where you can meet women on the same day you want to find a lover

Universe Lounge introduction image

The Universe Lounge is a service that is integrated with a shared seating lounge while retaining the quality of a social club.
for that reason, is very compatible with men who want to find a mistress right away.If you visit our store in Ginza, you can find a mistress on the same day.

Click here for the Universe Lounge homepage


PATOLO│Hybrid of “Dating Club” and “Dad Activity App”

PATOLO interviews women to become female members in the same way as a "social club", so while maintaining the safety of a "social club",
It is a service that allows you to meet women by exchanging messages without having to pay much like the ``Dadakatsu App''.
It's perfect for men who don't want to spend as much money as a dating club, but still want security.

Click here for the PATOLO homepage


For those who are about to start making a mistress, we will explain the basic process of making a mistress!

Next, I will explain the basic process of making a mistress for those who are just starting to make a mistress.


Register for a “Dating Club” or “Daddy Activity App”

If you want to start finding a lover, first register with a ``dating club'' or ``dad-katsu app.''

If you have plenty of money and are looking for safety, choose a dating club, and if you don't have a lot of money and don't have any problems even if your identity is revealed, choose the Daddy-katsu app.

This time, I will explain the flow after registering "Universe Club" as an example.


View female member profile and apply for setting

On the male members only page, you can see a list of currently registered female members.
Search for your favorite type of woman from the list.
Once you have found the woman of your choice, send your desired date, time and location to Universe Club.
After this, you will be able to wait for a reply from Universe Club and meet the woman at the date, time and location of your choice.


Start of mistress life

Wait for the woman to contact you at the meeting place and meet up with her.
The two of you should decide what kind of relationship you want to have after you meet.
This is the start of your mistress life.

Click here to start your mistress life at Universe Club

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