About "Japan Hole-filling Stick Association" ③

The content of this time has nothing to do with the club,Some facts are includedMost of them are silly contents of delusional explosion.I'm sorry.

"Japan Hole-filling Stick Association" Synopsis so far

*For details, please refer to the column "About the Japan Hole-Filling Stick Association ①②"

When I had a relationship with Aya-chan (a pseudonym) who had a boyfriend at the time,I hope to be lovey-dovey.

However, she said, "It's refreshing!thank you! Seeing the reaction, "Oh,I'm just a "fill-in-the-blank" stick.I'm no longer human.It's just a stick, a "hole-filling stick". and recognized.

And never connect with your feelings,Just fill the holes, collect such "hole-filling sticks" and "Established the Japan Hole-Filling Stick Association. (*This is a delusion)

Make XNUMX rules.

One, don't ask anything from the other person.
Second, always wear a condom.
Three things to never take seriously

For a while, I responded to her as a "fill-in-the-hole",While being attacked by her, I seriously fall in love with her.

As a result, I broke all the above three articles by myself.

Naturally, the Japan Fill-in-the-blank Association was forced to withdraw.

Besides, after all, "hole-filling stick"I'm frustrated with her, who didn't ask for the above in the first place.

After that, she reunited with her ex-boyfriend.

And she and I go back to being normal drinking buddies.

After a while, she suddenly asked me to "I want to have sex".

Of course I respond to that, but because of the previous reflection,Although she received a fierce offensive again, this time the "Japan Fill-in-the-blank Association"Obey the XNUMX rules.

And he successfully rejoined the association.

However, as the last member.

On the other hand, she broke up with her messy boyfriend,to date a new boyfriend.

After that, it became impossible to etch again,Return to nature and just drinking friends.

After a while, she receives a marriage report with a new boyfriend.

And it will lead to this time.

Regular meeting of the Japan Hole-Filling Stick Association

This is a room in an apartment in a certain place in Tokyo.

"The office of the Japan Hole-filling Stick Association.

It is an event of the regular meeting of one day.

Ping pong

I said, "Excuse me."

In order to attend the regular meeting,I visited an office in a room of a certain apartment.

It's depressing to be honest.

Although I was able to rejoin the "Japan Hole-filling Stick Association",Currently, he is the last member, and the situation continues to be narrow.

Even the members who used to be friends and juniors looked down on him,I feel a certain distance.

In particular, the current chairman is extremely strict with me.

I once betrayed my friends and was forced to leave,I don't think there's much I can do about it.

Recently,One of the reasons is the lack of results.

I don't like today's regular meeting either. .

I want it to end soon.

Today's members were already gathered in the living room.

I said, "Good job!"

* Founder and former chairman of the Japan Hole-filling Stick Association.He was forced to withdraw from the club because he broke the rules himself, and then rejoined, butCurrently the last member.
"Safer sex.You should get XNUMX points. ' is a habit.
When I was the chairman, I said, "XNUMX points of sex is as expected of the chairman! It's deep!"It used to be said, but now it's like, "XNUMX points? What are you talking about?If you want to take it, go get XNUMX points! ! Every day I get yelled at by the current chairman.

Mr. A: “Oh, good work.”

* The current chairman of the Japan Hole-filling Stick Association, commonly known as "tool use".
"Women come back to their toys."
He has a handsome exile face.

Mr. B: “Thank you for your hard work.”

* Vice Chairman of the Japan Hole-filling Stick Association, commonly known as "Jockey-san"It is called so because of the way it hits the buttocks with all its might.
"I'm not spanking you.I'm being slapped in the ass. ”Is a habit.
He's a good-looking guy with smooth hair.
So-called de S.

Mr. C: “Thank you for your hard work!”

※Is the youngest member or rank higher than me.
Commonly known as "Bintamen"It is called that because it loves to be slapped by women.
The only one who still cares about me, the former chairman.
While grinning, "I'm thrilled" is a habit.
The metamorphosis degree is bottomless hope of expectation.
Johnny's refreshing handsome guy.
So-called de M.

Mr. A: “Come on, sit down.”

I said, "Yes, I'm sorry!"

I bought tea and sweets in plastic bottles,Arrange wet wipes neatly in front of each member.

This is also an important job for the last member.

Mr. A immediately put his hand on the cap of the plastic bottle,Taking a sip of tea

Mr. A: “How are you these days? Are you reflecting?”

...and started again. .

Me "Yes! I'm reflecting!I'm so sorry for that verse! ”

Mr. A: "No, no, I don't want you to apologize.What are you doing to prevent it from happening again?Did you hear that! ? ”

I said, "Yes, no, it's just that I haven't had any results recently."

Mr. A: “Then you didn’t do anything!!”

Me: "Yes, no, I'm not doing anything..."

Mr. A: “So what are you trying to do?”

I said, "Yes, I don't have any results to report.I thought it was wrong to do nothing,Join the universe club, ... admission fee and commission,It costs money because there is an allowance for women,Therefore, improving skills andWe are training our hearts to follow the fill-in-the-blank rules no matter what. . ”

Mr. A "Universe club? What is that? Tell me what it is?"

I said, "No, this is something that can't be taught to non-members.."

Mr. A: "Don't mess with me, just tell me right away!! "

I said, "Hey~!"

Explain in detail how the Universe Club works,Although I tried to understand. .

Mr. A: "That's right! What you're burying is just 'money'Only!Our hole-filling sticks only fill with "heart"body"!"

Mr. A: "It's not 'money'! 'Filling stick'I'm so proud of you! ”

I said, "Hey~!"

Mr. B: "Something so so. Chairman."

Mr. B: “The former chairman also reflected,It seems that you are making an effort on your own,Let's pay for it here."

Mr. B: “I also have the next appointment,Let's start regular meetings. ”

Mr. A: “Ah~, I can’t help it.”

The chairman sat down in his chair and sighed.

On the other hand, a cold gaze from Mr. B, the vice chairman, pierces me.

I want to go home early. .

Vice Chairman B is in charge of moderating regular meetings.

Report the results of each activity at regular meetings,Exchange advice and opinions with each other.

Sometimes we comfort and encourage each other,It is also a place to improve each other's skills.

Mr. B: "Stand up. Please chant."

Mr. B "Japan Hole-filling Stick Association XNUMX Articles!"

Everyone "Japan hole-filling stick association XNUMX rules!"

Mr. B "One thing, don't ask anything from the other person."

Everyone: "One thing, don't ask anything from the other person."

Mr. B "Two, always wear a condom"

Everyone "Two, always wear a condom"

Mr. B "Three things, never take yourself seriously."

Everyone: "Three things to never take seriously"

Mr. B: Please take a seat.I would like to start a regular meeting. ”

The first is a report from the chairman.

Mr. A: “Filling in the blanks from last time…”

The contents of the chairman's report can only be described as expected.

The selection of tools according to the preferences of women, the order of tools to be used,Consideration for the physical strength and physical condition of women,And the reflection points and improvement measures are also accurate, and there are no holes.

Next, Mr. B's report.

Mr. B "I went to fill in the gaps yesterday.When I answered the other party's request, I did,I slapped my butt too much..."

When I suddenly dropped my gaze at the chairman's feet,I notice that there is a black Boston bag.

There are several different colored bags inside.In it, each woman's exclusive tools are organized.

According to the chairman, it's good manners to have new items for each woman.

By the way, Chairman, where do you wash your tools?washroom?
After washing, will you dry it in the sun?
While drying in the sun on the veranda, the roller and rotor rolled to the next veranda.Wouldn't it be silly?
A stray cat won't react and play with the rolling rotorOr?
At the level of chairman, starWar's Jedi pulls the lightsaber at hand with the forceLike, can you pull the electric vibrator closer to you?

While thinking about such things,After Mr. B and Mr. C finished their reports, it was my turn.

Mr. B: “Then, please report.”

Me: “Yes, actually, I haven’t had any particular results.It was the reason why I was forced to leave the association.I met with Aya-chan.She will be enrolled next week,I am planning to move far away next month.
Finally, we went out to eat to celebrate our enrollment.So she happily introduced me to her engagement ring,I will report photos of the face-to-face of both families and episodes with my husband.

I don't feel like playing at all these days,From now on, I'm going to calm down and become an adult.
I listened to her talk and congratulated her,I had a meal.There is a little time until the last train after finishing the meal.
What should I do?And I decided to go to karaoke for an hour.We both like karaoke, and we have similar tastes in singing, soThey took turns singing songs and singing enthusiastically.

When I happened to look at her, I thought, "Oh, it's kind of close."No, you were bragging about your engagement ring just now, right?No no.

I take a deep breath to calm down while she stands and sings a song.I put my hands on the sofa and sat back down.
in the middle of the song,She was standing and singing and sat down on the sofa.

No, you said you weren't going to play, right?No no.

I'm singing so she won't noticeTake your time and move your hands in millimeters,I pulled my hand out from under my butt.
Have a smoke and chill out.
But after one puff and two puffs, her song ended,It's my turn.
When I tried to extinguish my cigarette in a hurry, he said, "I will smoke the rest," and snatched my cigarette and started smoking.

"Oh, it's an adult indirect kiss, isn't it?"No no.
While my heart was pounding, I sang and said, “It’s only XNUMX minutes.”call rang.
Is she the last one to sing next?If you think, huh?She didn't include the next song.


"Is that what you mean?" No, no, you said you're going to register next week, right?No no.
I looked at her, and wow!Her face is so close! !

In the end, I succumbed to temptation and hugged and kissed him several times for the first time in a while.

Because I have to go home just before the last train,I didn't have time to invite him to the hotel, so I just went home.I wonder what happened…”

Mr. A: "It's a sign! Complete! Kind! Polite!"

Mr. A: "Idiot! That's a perfect signal!Don't miss out on Vivi! ”

I said, "Hey~!"

Mr. B: "That's a perfect signal, isn't it?"

Mr. C "Isn't it?"

Mr. A: "You, you're too lazy!It's the former chairman!Don't be kidding me! ! ”

Mr. A: “Don’t miss out on the long-awaited filling needs!”

Mr. A: “Ah!

Mr. A: “This is the end for today!”


Mr. B: “Sorry.

The president and vice president leave the room.





Mr. C: “…Senpai.

I said, "Oh no.."

Mr. C: “But… it’s actually different, isn’t it?”

I said, "Eh?"

Mr. C: "That's right. I don't want them to be jealous."

Mr. C: "Isn't that that? You lied on purpose, right?You didn't notice the signal. ”

Mr. C: "That's right? Senpai. Of course you understand, right?As expected, you noticed right away and went to the hotel, right? ”

Mr. C: “Isn’t that so? Senior? Former chairman?”

Me: "No...that...that story...it's a true story..."

Mr. C "Are you serious?"

Mr. C ``That's a "fill-in-the-hole" kind of guy, isn't it?

Mr. C: "No, I'm sorry, but...As expected, I will also pull. . ”

Mr. C "...I'm already going. Last senior,Please give me the key here. ”

Me: "Yes..."





I said, "Huh~~ What am I doing?"

in a quiet living roomI notice that the hands of the desk clock are ticking.

Me: "Yeah..that was a perfect signal..I'm going to register next week, so maybe it was the last signal to fill in the blanks. .'

I said, "Haaaa~~.."

...and then

(That's right.)

Who! ?

A voice is heard from a room that should be empty.

(That's right.)

Illusion?No, I can hear it.From where?

(That's right.)

Right behind! !

Turn around to the right and you'll find a Shinto altar on the corner of the room.

(That's right.)

...Stick God! ?

(That's right.)

The stick god is speaking to me! ?

(That's right.)

It's not good. .I'm no good. .

(That's right.)

···no! ?

(That's right.)


The last time I made up for her was the first date with my husband who is going to get married this time.before.

I haven't made up for it once since I started dating that husband.

And I will be enrolling next week.

Rather, it is better to fill in the blanks after registering,I feel like I have a good balance!

In order to fill holes for a long time, in order to become a true "hole-filling stick",No way! ?

Do you mean after you enroll? ?

(That's right.)

Come to think of it, when I broke up with her before

"Isn't it better to have a married woman than me who is single?"

I was told by her, but no way!Does that mean it was prefuri!? ?

(That's right.)

Really!Is that so! ?

(That's right.)

thank you!Thank you stick God! !

I grabbed the room keyDashing out of the room and putting on a coat,I was going to put a line on Aya-chan.

"I want to see you again next week! Please! Please!"

Continue to next time.


The universe club's bosom that can post such a silly columnThank you for your depth.

Thank you for reading to the end.

At least for all the male members who read it, "Bogami"I hope you have a blessing (lol)

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