This kind of woman who is surprisingly glad I signed a contract Vol.6


A woman with a strong sexual desire

When you're a father, you'll find that the purpose of what each father seeks in a woman is different depending on the father.

If I may say so, it's the part where you can choose and sign a contract with a woman who suits each father.

Isn't this a fun and exciting place to be a dad like no other?That's what I think.

Having said that, no matter how far you go, fathers and women are all human beings.

There is definitely chemistry even in a single conversation.

Every man who has become a father has probably experienced the judgment when they first meet each other.

You might think, ``Yeah? This girl doesn't suit me?'' or you might feel, ``This girl is amazing and I want to meet her.''

Daddy life begins with a contract with a woman.

Therefore, if we are to take a step forward, we will definitely need to decide on the rules together.

Meanwhile, I have a purpose in my life as a father.

That's healing.

Of course, he makes contracts with various women, assigns them to suit their purposes, and plays with them.

However, what all women are looking for in total is healing.

Without this, I would not sign a contract with a woman, no matter how good-looking she is.

Then, about two years ago, I met a woman of an unusual type.

Anyway, from the first time we met, the way he proudly told me, ``I really like sex,'' was an amazing feeling.

Did I look like a man with a strong sexual desire?

“If 〇〇-san becomes my father, I am confident that I will definitely satisfy him.”

I myself have had contracts with various women, but I have never met many women who would say such words to me when I met them for the first time.

That's why I was really interested.

However, two days before I met this girl for the first time, I had a physical relationship with another woman.

I wish I was younger, but I'm about that age.

No matter how many women told me, ``I'm good at sex,'' I could never understand their sexual desire on the spot.

So, I was able to take the fact that she was positive about her sexuality as a positive, but do I actually want to hold this girl right then and there?When you ask me, it doesn't seem like it.

However, since she doesn't look bad, I made a contract with her with the idea that she might want to hold me later.

That day, I just gave him the money and went home.

To be honest, even when I was in the taxi on the way home, I was a little worried, or rather regretful, thinking, ``Maybe I shouldn't have signed the contract?It would have been a waste of money.''

The reason for this is that once I sign a contract, due to my personality, I find it difficult to tell a woman that I want to cancel the contract.

Having said that, I got over my concerns within two days, and two weeks later I went on my first date with my girlfriend after signing the contract.

And there was a little surprise here.

I have also been a father to many different women, but this was my first time with a child like this.

When she showed up, the first thing she said was, "You won't regret signing with me."

I was surprised myself.

My natural reaction was, ``Huh?''

How confident are you?That's what I thought.

If you're a father, you'll probably understand that the woman you've signed a contract with suddenly seems more endearing to you.

You know what it is, that tingling feeling you get right there?I guess you could call it goosebumps.

The thought of ``What will happen to me tonight?'' gets ahead of me, and I can't stomach the food that follows.

Even the conversations we had while going out to dinner were all dirty jokes.

For example, on the street, someone might say things like, ``In my experience, that guy looks cool, but he has a surprisingly strong sex drive,'' or ``I can feel daddy's elbow on my chest, so I should quit.'' .

I'm probably average in terms of sexual desire, neither strong nor weak.

Even I'm nervous, so if someone with a strong sexual desire were to have a conversation with her, it would be amazing.

My physical condition today was perfect.

My sexual desire isn't zero either. (That's why she arranged to meet her in two weeks.)

For the past two weeks, I haven't had anything to do with another mistress.

It was all about concentrating on this day.

Then, I headed to the hotel with her.

The hotel I chose to stay at was also of a decent quality and created a great atmosphere.

Here's the second surprise of the day.

When I arrived at the hotel room, my girlfriend asked, ``Would you like to take a shower first?'' I accepted her consideration and finished my shower first.

So, when I got out of the shower and looked at where my girlfriend was, I was surprised.

Surprisingly, there were several kinds of small adult toys there.

At first, I didn't notice what was there.

And I had never touched a sex toy before.

Then, a word from her.

"Just in case, it's my personal belongings. Of course, I just brought it with me, so it doesn't matter whether I use it or not."

I said, ``No, let's give it a try!'' It was like opening a Pandora's box for myself.

Then, after she took a shower, we started playing.

To be honest, what kind of night activities have I been doing up until now?It was so rich that it made me think.

Basically, I'm old, so I don't have the stamina, and my erections are bad.

That's how I met her three times in one night.

This is no joke, it's not like they're compatible.

I thought it was because she was so charming.

I'm sure men who are looking for a woman just to satisfy their sexual desires in their daddy life will be very satisfied.

So what about the other parts of her?

He has a nice personality and is extremely attentive to me, and best of all, when I asked him on our fifth date, ``Is there anything you want?'' he answered, ``My allowance is enough for me, so I don't need anything.'' ” and refused.

If you're always someone's father, you're bound to take advantage of such sweet invitations.

But she doesn't ride at all.

On the contrary, he gives me something as a present every time I meet him.

For example, one thing that really impressed me was the plum wine that I made myself. (Apparently it's been around for five years.)

Other than that, they gave me gloves because it was cold.

Children who say things like this are surprisingly rare.

Surprisingly, I thought the relationship would end quickly, but we are still under contract.

I'm surprisingly glad I signed the contract, and now I feel honored to be a father.

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