List of writers

Kabuki Zaemon

I'm a 40-year-old guy who's been deep in the dating club.
We will always send out the voice of the reality of the site.
I would appreciate it if you could help me with something.


My registered name at UNIVA is also "Mr. Mac".The registered branch is Nagoya.
If the article is interesting, please comment directly using the "It's nice♡" function.It's encouraging.


He was 2021 years old when he started his activities in September 9.Before I started activities, I also did a lot of research on things like, “What is it really like?”Therefore, I would like to deliver "real activities" to those who are considering starting from now on.I wish I could deliver the actual situation and what I felt at that time.

Joe Rubicon

Hi, my name is Joe Conglin.Feel free to call me Joe.I am a newcomer who recently joined the Universe Club.I intend to honestly write about the joys and sorrows of club activities from the standpoint of a male member.By the way, I'm a child who grows when praised (I'm XNUMX years old this year).Please watch over me warmly.

flag maker

Due to a transfer, the activity area has changed from Tokyo to Osaka.I'm not a president or an officer, I'm just a salaryman.Since you can't compete with your allowance, you're the type to cut yourself down, take risks, and find a breakthrough with courage and action.My writing pace is slowing down, but I will write if there is a story I can write.

P at night

Entrepreneurship after consulting from advertising sales.
People may be thinking reeds, but I think people are not reeds.

It's Mr. Saito♪

In 2013, I entered the dubious world of a dating club, and while experiencing emotions, I have gained a lot of vitality.The looks are not good, and the income is medium class.She will honestly talk about how she negotiates with women steadily while accumulating experience and ingenuity.

Serpent's eyes

nice to meet you.My name is Janome, a stray worldly desire that only cares about doing things with cute girls.
Feel free to follow me!

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Makoto Terada

With a chibi complex, love is far from being popular... From the age of 29 when he started to have a small amount of money, he decided to take on the challenge of being a dad!Well, what will happen?

Shingo Lee

It's a little bigger face than a person who wasted his twenties with work.
We will deliver the know-how gained through net pick-up and street pick-up in a useful form to everyone.

Love Hotel Staff Ueno

I work as a love hotel staff in Tokyo.
I've been giving love guidance on Twitter and blogs, but this time, I'm going to let Universe talk about my worries.
We look forward to your visit.
Book "Ueno-san of love hotel" "31 days when I made a favorite boyfriend who is not good at love" etc.

Love Hotel Ueno's Counseling Room

Keisuke Urano

Is it hereditary?I have loved women since I was a child.Eating delicious food and drinking alcohol with a woman is my favorite time to be lively.Thanks to the smiles of women and the pleasant conversations with women, I somehow manage to live every day, lol.
Around XNUMX, married, media.I hope everyone has a good meeting.


GOLD's C class is the main battlefield
This is a normal uncle papa Fuu.
I will tell you about the days of the dad life of the weak in love.

Yuichi Shimizu

A newcomer writer with XNUMX years of dating club history.
Based on the actual experience, we will deliver the real voice of the user.
Thank you.


Good-natured daddy beginner.
While having many negative experiences, in the end
We should have come to this point with an emphasis on cost-effectiveness. . .


i like to travelIt is not a staying type, but a type that enjoys moving to the destination.
Before the corona disaster, the center of life was travel,
I never thought that I would be addicted to dad activities.

Mayu Teratsuji

A person who delivers real voices
I can go to see you (let me go see you) Concierge

Spring Summer Autumn Winter

nice to meet you.It is the four seasons of the Arafif man who is dull with Nan.
I joined the dating club because I was a hyung, and now I'm leaving.She will write frankly what she felt when she was enrolled and what she thinks now that she has quit.

adventure merchant

Nice to meet you.
I am a Universe Club member who positions the Dating Club as a place for self-improvement. I would like to write about body maintenance methods after the age of 40 (including diet methods), communication methods that make talking with women exciting, etc.

Professor Y

A bad dad with about 3 x + α.I'm actually a dad living with my 25-year-old daughter.I am a Christian and work as a researcher.There is a big difference between a positive face and a face that is not.Maybe, it's quite a pervert, but it's quite pure.


I joined because I was drawn to the catchphrase "Sweet and sour", but women who are one year younger than I imagined have been swayed more than I
I would appreciate it if you read it with the feeling that "There are people like this".


My name is Seattle and I'm a new member and a member for 1 year.I'm 50 years old and a freelancer.
Asset size is 10/XNUMX of the veteran writer here.
I'm thinking of accumulating effort and experience so that I won't lose in comedy.
I have no dependents, so I have free time.
My motto is to make everyone I meet happy.


if a person speaks of love 
"Stop laughing! If someone like you talks about love or tears, love will be unclean."
If you say this is the death line 
"I've crossed the deadline countless times!" 
If you ask me if I'm not afraid 
Fear, suffering, pain, sorrow, despair. I only have one heart, so I will continue to fight until the moment my life runs out!" 
in a pinch 
"Not yet, it's not over yet" 
If a young person gets ahead of me 
"Is this what you call youth?" 
And finally 
"I wanted to be an ally of justice." 
A man called... 

Yamada Taro

Hello, nice to meet you.
Low to moderate economic strength.I'm in my 40s, and I'm not particularly handsome.
I like to think about how to have fun with women while thinking about various things.

Mr. A

My hobbies are having various experiences and recording them.How to use the club and the significance of its existence are different for each person.We hope for your reference.

Ryota Fukunaga

I love eating while walking!
With honesty as my motto, I will send out what I thought in my daily work!


On a karaoke date, he sang Pretender and Lemon.
Who holds the record for 1 setting dates in a day?
Recently, 3 online offers in 18 days and 1 dates a day are a piece of cake.


I am a WTW stationed overseas.Even after fifty years old, I am still lost.
Activities in the universe are limited pinpoints when returning home.
I would like to write about the struggles under such conditions, or the situation of dad life overseas.

Ai Takita

2013.1.25 Joined Universe Club: Members at the time (Kida, Aso, Uta, Takita)

2019.4.15~2022.1.4 Take maternity leave.

I am back to being a mother of two.She still finds the work that deals with delicate feelings very interesting and difficult.
There are many ways to meet people in the world, but I love the unique secret garden of the dating club.
I believe that strictly speaking to women means that women can have a really good experience.I think that a woman who understands her position and understands her own position can have a wonderful experience and polish women through the dating club.
I want to send an honest message to men.

Favorite job: Time spent interviewing women and receiving consultations from men about women
Least favorite job: computer work, IT terminology

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Hinako Kotoko

Manga artist, columnist, love hotel critic.I got the chance to write a column for Universe this time because I worked on the management side of the dating club.We will consider dad activities from various angles such as various things related to love and sex, poverty, unmarried, gender, etc.We are also looking for dad life episodes from everyone!Please comment.

Maya Ishii

An average Japanese mob character.
It's also a mob in Universe Club.
Please let me shout the lines other than the template.

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Nice to meet you, my name is Kazu.Around 2020, I joined the dating club as a newcomer in July 7.I am actively involved in club activities while wondering why I didn't join 10 years ago.There are already a lot of "I see!" since joining, so I would like to share them with everyone.

Youhei Tajima

After experiencing transfers to a wide variety of departments, I was forced to work by the window and by the wall.

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Former idol wota, true lolicon, love uniforms!Unique (?) in this industry
My name is Miyabi☆彡.
The trajectory of the miracle until the former idol otaku arrived at the dating club
I would appreciate it if you could watch over me warmly.

Don Quixote

I want to take the initiative and face the other person first, valuing the relationship.
I am a self-proclaimed service industry researcher.Of course, this is my personal opinion and I don't think that my opinion is everything or the correct answer. I think that it would be helpful for readers to think that there may be such a way of thinking.

People who read sunny and rainy weather

In my 40s, I started to worry about my stomach.I am excited to meet new people in the dating club.
I would like to write a sentence that conveys what I felt and what I learned to everyone.
I'm mentally weak, so I'm going to ask people's complexions, so please be gentle.

Akishi Ikeda

nice to meet you.A few years looking for a deep way to play while eating around the Tokyo suburbs.The goal is to "earn and play".

handicap 7

As anyone who plays golf knows, a handicap of 7 is a good one among ordinary amateurs, but it is a ridiculous level compared to professionals.I am proud that my dad life is about 7 handicap.I hope it will be helpful for everyone.

date ◎ dream

Dating club XNUMXrd year, when I was young, I was called Superman, maybe that's right?I'm in my XNUMXs, and I'm at the limits of my appearance and physical strength.
I will share my thoughts on encounters and partings that I have never experienced before at the dating club, and the background.Does anyone say so?I would appreciate it if you could refer to it.


I would like to convey the reality that a very ordinary office worker enjoys playing with women just a little.I would appreciate it if the seniors would preach to Shakyamuni, and the juniors would use it as a stone from another mountain.

Seiya Kurano

I gained 5 kilos.won't fall

Notre Dame

I love wine fromage, and I feel happy when I eat delicious food with my mouth wide open.
Other hobbies include playing golf, watching movies, and reading.
His motto is "Sit for half a tatami mat, lie down for one tatami mat".


I am an uncle who just turned 50 recently, and I have a normal figure.
She is a platinum member of the Universe Club and is also a member of the Universe Lounge.
I have a feeling that I want to talk to someone about my failures through the column.


It is an uncle writer who seems to reach Arafif.
We strive to provide readers with the information they need in an easy-to-understand manner.
Let's enrich the play of adults by all means.


Over 88000 Twitter followers. A married woman who works as an OL at an IT company and writes mindset guide articles for romance media.

king of rice

Due to various circumstances, I made my debut in a dating club early, but I am still in my mid-thirties.
We have been in a relationship for about XNUMX years.
Recently, all the male members I met at the off-line meeting have been flocking together lol
I enjoy playing golf and drinking parties.Rather, that is the main activity!

Keigo Michikawa

A mid-management company employee in his XNUMXs who is a foreign-affiliated company employee.It's been XNUMX years since he started working alone.Every day I go back and forth between work and my apartment for living alone.I want to cherish my family and work, but on the other hand, I feel sad about my current bleak life and the fact that I'm getting older, and I've come to want life to be rich and fulfilling.


Flower arrangement, tea ceremony, calligraphy, no, papa way!You who thought "Oh?"
The contents of this column are not common practice for Yamato Nadeshiko.Don't be sorry.
I would appreciate it if you could read it lightly


Nice to meet you, my name is Kako Nenashi who joined at the end of last year.I'm just being tempted by the staff, but I'm enjoying my activities.There is no particular message, so please feel free to read it.

Caffeine addiction

I'm in my 30s and haven't found the depth of my life yet, but I would like to write about various things based on my actual experiences.
If anything, it's more like a know-how to enjoy a dating club than an experience story.
As an individual opinion, I would appreciate it if you could refer to it.

Mr. T

Love, laugh and cry, but this is only one life
It's my adventure, it may be a long journey
As long as I have life, I want to make my heart warm every day

right turn D

It's been 9 years since I registered for the club. Recently, I haven't used it at all.Looking at the profiles of new members, there are many women who are honestly very curious.
But be patient here.why.There are multiple partners, including those who have continued for several years and have entered the XNUMXth year at the longest, and we cannot neglect our relationships with them.That's what I'm talking about.


I decided to write a novel about dad life.It may be unique to write, but I would appreciate it if you could read it.

I don't want people to see it, I don't want to show it, that's what I love.
A person who changed jobs from a model agency manager to a foreign financial company and a company employee in his 40s who likes the smell of money.I get excited when people say that I look "serious".
Thank you very much.

Fact is stranger than fiction.

Pato@Papa Katsu Oniisan

I am doing a healthy (no adult relationship) main daddy activity.
On SNS, I also exchange information with dads and daddy girls as a dad live brother.
We will be disseminating the real-life considerations that we have learned by doing dad activities, and the know-how for dads and girls who are dads who have gained from our own network!

semi-sedentary snufkin

He is an ordinary office worker who longs to travel and is busy with work every day.
(Pseudo) I am still training today in search of love.
I would appreciate it if you could think that there is such a man as what you are looking for in dating.

Yamato Aizawa

I'm Aizawa, the serious person in charge of Universe Club.
I would like to write from the point of view of the general public.

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I'm Kalila, who also writes a blog on Papa Katsumura on Ameblo.
I am in my early 40s and use dating clubs and daddy apps.
We will make various considerations based on actual experience.

Akihito Asano

The hardest thing in my recent job was writing a self-introduction.

Kylie Nishino

Former staff of dating club! [If you don't see it, it's a loss] The number of people who have been nominated and consulted by male members is as many as the number of stars!I will teach you the real back side of daddy active girls, dating club circumstances, and mistress relationships.

Natsuki Wachi

2nd year in the marketing department of Universe Club, the largest social club.
With the amount of data that can only be achieved by being the largest provider, we eliminate any concerns you may have about ``dad activities.''

Yuna Seki

I like love, but lately I've lost my libido
Feeding my two cats is the only reason I live.
My favorite words are "It's nice~Nice~☆Nude~★".

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Hayato Ohshiro

It is commonly known as "hittarashi".
Regardless of gender, I want to live my life.

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It is a herbivore daddy of Arafo.I also eat meat occasionally.I can't drink alcohol, so I mainly go on dates at cafes. 
My normal activities are written in the note.

Nozomi Ito

I will continue to be a rookie Ito.

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man who wins

Active in a wide range of areas from Osaka to Kanto.
The A type and B1 type are the main battlegrounds, and they love letter dates so much that they don't offer anything other than letter dates.
The number of regular subscribers is too strong, and the number of offers has decreased dramatically, but there are still people at the Universe Club looking for wonderful encounters.

Yukina Takeuchi

Joined in 2016, 30 years old, mother of 2 children.
For the members, I want to be a reliable aunt (preferably a sister) who wants to talk about anything that made them happy or angry!

Watanabe Miyu

I'm not good at writing sentences.But I will write without losing.

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Juzo Suzuya

I'm Juzo Suzuya, who joined the company as a new graduate in 2021 and is in her second year.
Former CCG Academy Candidate, Second Class Investigator belonging to CCG Headquarters → Senior Investigator (JOKER)
(Tokyo Ghoul)

Ryo Shimoda

An omnivorous UMA that eats anything except poison and getemono.
I used to live quietly in Nagoya, but now I live in Osaka.

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Shunichi Matsuzaka

It haunts all over the country.I'm not at home most of the time, so I'm going to be confirmed to be alive due to utility bills.
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Momone Asami

I'm Amone, and I want to deliver Amore to everyone.

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Menhera member of society

A writer who talks about love on Twitter.Her followers on SNS total 45.I want to be happy soon.

Ren Kurosaki

My hobbies are muscle training and smartphone games.
My strength training is mainly bench press.
MAX155kg (Please call me Jonathan for my left breast and Davis for my right breast)
As for smartphone games, I mainly play MMORPGs.
Thank you in advance♪
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