In Search of Pseudo-Love ~The Peace of Mind of Being an Around-A-Four Housewife~

(Please understand that I am keeping it to an abstract expression.)

projection of first love

One of my favorite types of women,

  • Alafor and above
  • Child-rearing calm age

There is a thing called.

Of course, being beautiful is a major premise, but my strike zone seems to be a little wider, and it doesn't seem to have much correlation with what I call a "class" at a club.

Of course, I think that young women have the goodness of being young, but on the other hand, I am also thrilled by beautiful women who are more than XNUMX years old.The decline of the skin texture and the gray hair of the hair are not so negative.I'm older, and the warmth of layering skin doesn't change with age.

As for the goodness of those who are older than around XNUMX, I feel that there is a great sense of commonality between the Showa-Heisei Reiwa era and the long period of stagnation after the collapse of the bubble economy.

For example, the generation that listened to j-pop in real time from the '70s to the '80s.Of course, it seems that Showa songs are popular among young people today, and it is proof that good songs transcend the times, but everyone heard that song or this song for the first time on the radio or TV while studying for exams. I think the magnitude of the baptism received from the song is unique to the generation that was alive at that time.

Or how did you get through the rough seas after the bubble burst?This is also different for each person, and the current z-generation may also have a hard time.However, I wasn't particularly idle during the bubble era, and on the other hand, the bubble burst & the company I work for was hit directly by the rough seas of globalization.Before you know it, your boss will become someone from the other side of the ocean, or your boss's boss (below)...When I think about it now, I think that the drama Naoki Hanzawa survived well in the real world of Kakuya (I didn't have to kneel down on the ground, lol).The generation is ridiculed in the world as ``old men who don't work'', but they have nothing to do with me. sea ​​bream).

Well, if you ask me why I feel a sense of security in women who have settled down to raise children, one is the experience value.I think that a woman who has finished her work after the hardships of raising a child has a view of life that is backed up by her experience, and that gives me a sense of security.

Since I am of the same generation, I feel familiar with hearing women's thoughts about how they will live after their children become independent.

Of course, I don't find people who are worn out and worn out attractive, but I think that those people will probably shine again after they settle down.

And, of course, we must respect each other's privacy.That is also a major premise.However, I don't worry too much because I think that the women who register with the club already agree to it.

On this major premise, if the woman has a gap in her heart that she wants to escape from the daily labor of the community called family, even for a moment, and this meeting will fill the gap in each other's hearts. If it is possible, it should be allowed.

(Ah, of course, this is also on the premise that it is within the scope of a pseudo-romance.ParadiseIf it's just like that, I'll be misunderstood and become a painful uncool old man lol)

(Incidentally, I don't like that last part...)

One more thing, maybe I'm projecting my teenage first love onto a woman of my generation.I don't want my unrequited love back then to a young woman, but rather to say, ``My first love is now living like this.''

Meanwhile, at a club, my eyes stopped at a certain woman.

It was spectacular and intense

You are beautiful.The situation was also honestly commented on, and in return, I felt a sense of security.

I asked for the setting and decided to meet at the restaurant.

The fun meal progressed, and I came to the tense phase to connect to the next date.

"I would be happy if you could join me for a meal date like this, or if there are no problems, I would be happy if you could join me for a drive date next time."

Because of the sense of distance that the other person thinks about, "If you don't want to socialize with adults after the drive date, it's totally fine without it." , When I tried to discreetly look for a sense of distance, I got a surprisingly positive reply.

(Oh yeah, you have to read the profile of the woman carefully. I later realized that driving dates are difficult for women with limited date locations. Women with limited date locations = I don't want to move around, So, if you think about it, it's obvious, but I didn't notice it before and made a mistake.)

I am careful about my behavior and every move I make, but my looks are below average.In the past, I had a painful memory of having lost contact with him at a different club with a fairly high probability.

Before I knew it, the place had become a resting place.

First of all, I proceeded to the key ◯ as usual, and I also clicked on the bottom ◯◯ of the woman.Although I have little experience, all the women I dated were happy with Ku ◯◯.Also, I don't hate elementary school students.Is it because it smells nostalgic?

I received a light return from the woman, whether she was pleased.

If you come this far, you can see that XNUMX◯ is a person who does not resist.The "relationship type" in clubs is important, and some women

  • until you hold hands.K ◯ is useless.
  • No key ◯ to the mouth.Only on the back of the hand ok.
  • No key ◯ to the mouth.Hands and feet are ok.Ku ◯◯ is no good.
  • No key ◯ to the mouth.Hands and feet are ok.Ku ◯◯ is also ok.
  • XNUMX◯ is no good.Of course Fu○○ is no good either.
  • XNUMX◯ ok.
  • OK until the end.
  • Beyond that... I have no experience w

And so on, in my experience so far, women's tolerance has been a wide variety.So, it feels like I'm getting permission one step at a time while confirming my feelings one by one.

Well, that woman gave me something in return, so I asked her, "Would you like to have XNUMX?"


. .

. . .

. . . .

. . . . .

It was spectacular and intense.

. . . . .

. . . .

It's over, and I'll send you off to a safe place. (There was a guideline to avoid picking up and dropping off by car suddenly, so we met at the station near the local restaurant, but during the date, I was given the OK to see off.)

On the way home, I was playing my favorite '80s j-pop in the car, and a woman responded, "I like this song too."This alone makes me happy.Some women find it difficult to find a point of contact, such as "I don't like Japanese music," "I only listen to Western music," and "I only listen to classical music."

I let her down when she said "at this place" and said goodbye for the day.I would like to invite you again.Somehow, I had a feeling that there was no unread through from this person.

It was a lesson that every word of the female profile and the staff's comments were very important (Isn't it lol. No, it's not different).

It was a story to say that I feel a sense of security in housewives more than around XNUMX.

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