Love hotel staff Ueno's question box answer summary ①

"Mr. Ueno from a love hotel", who is a hot topic in manga and dramas, has appeared as a respondent in the universe anonymous question box!Here, we will summarize the questions that Mr. Ueno answered as an article.


misunderstood man

I am a female member.
It's been said many times, but the worst thing you can do is say that you don't want to be offended.
Whether the girl is happy or unreasonable is all subjective, isn't it?
I think people who brag about it are the ones who make the most mistakes.


In the academic world, it is said that the more you learn, the more things you do not understand, and this can be applied in various situations.
In psychology, this phenomenon is called the Dunning-Kruger effect.People with lower abilities and dumber minds are under the illusion that they are superior.
This is because those with low ability do not even have the ability to judge that they are low in ability.

Therefore, as the questioner says, I get the illusion that "my ability is high" only by my own subjectivity.
Conversely, when you look at yourself objectively and have doubts that your ability may be low, there is no doubt that your ability is high.
In the first placeIt's only natural to say, "I don't do things that women don't like," so it's not much different from saying, "I've never killed anyone.".

In other words, when you brag about such a thing, that person is a subtle person who has nothing to brag about.
A man who is not popular at all may say, "I won't cheat," but it's the same thing.A man who has nothing else to brag about will try to get a woman's attention by boasting.

Question source:To anonymous question box

Lifelong active

I received an offer from someone in their 70s, does that mean they are still active?I wonder if there are a lot of people in this age group.


As the name suggests, I am a love hotel staff member, but I often see male customers in their 60s and 70s.I'm going to clean up, so I know whether the act was actually done,Intuitively, I feel that about 4% of customers are still active even in their 70s.
By the way, I hear that the remaining 6% of male customers are satisfied just by entertaining women with sex toys.

Of course, there are individual differences, but in the sense of the love hotel, about 70% of customers in their 4s are still active.
As an aside, I often see male customers in their 70s at love hotels, and it is not uncommon for customers to call delivery health.

However, in the case of women, it is rare even around the age of 50.
When it comes to female customers in their 60s and over, they are at the level of one or not every year, so this may also be a difference between men and women.

Question source:To anonymous question box

cheap woman

I'm not rich, so I can only do this much.I can't give you an allowance or buy you a present, so you don't need it. , cute because they don't want expensive things.Is there anyone who says something like that?
I think you're saying goodbye to me because I'm stingy, but I'm angry.It seems that you are looking down on me.Occupation is a person with social status.I can use money for entertainment with important people, but I can't use it.
I think I'm seen as a woman who can have fun without spending money.
Please tell me how to improve.


I am very sorry, but I think that the person asking the question has made one big misunderstanding.

It seems that the person who asked the question thinks, "She is seen as a woman who can enjoy herself without spending money," but the other man probably doesn't think so.
The other man may be thinking, "I can't enjoy spending money, and I don't feel like spending money."

For example, there are 1 yen and 10 yen courses at beauty salons, and if the contents are exactly the same, no one will choose the 10 yen course.People pay more because they can receive better service by paying more.
In other words, from the perspective of the other man, the person asking the question may not think that spending more money will not make the date more fun.

Also, I have to say that the questioner is somewhat lacking in management sense.
The reason why men spend a ridiculous amount of money on entertainment is because the entertainment can bring out more profit than that amount.
Even if you spend 1 yen for one meal, there is no problem if you can conclude a contract that will result in a profit of 100 yen.

Please be assured that the questioner is not considered a "cheap woman" by the other man.
It's just that people think of you as "a woman who can't enjoy spending money" rather than "a woman who enjoys spending money".

Question source:To anonymous question box

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