Work as an underground idol

That was about 10 years ago.

Now that I'm single, cleaning has become a chore for me, so I searched for a maid service and called. I also remember the traveling maid played by Riisa Naka in the drama based on the manga called Hachiwan Diver.

A few days later, a beautiful woman in a maid costume came to pick me up with a mop, eggs, ketchup, and instax, cleaned the room, and made me some omelet rice. She has a cat, so I specified her as a maid who is not allergic to cats, and she seemed to really like cats and was playing with my cat, which was cute. Price: ¥15,000 for XNUMX hours + transportation expenses
However, the store closed down a month later. I can't get through when I call.

After a while, there was a shop called Maid Refre, and I used to go there from time to time because you could get a massage while talking to a cute girl.
The maid's first words were as she began to treat the beautiful woman and started talking in a good mood.

"Have I seen you anywhere? I've been to your house, cat."
that's right. The maid I happened to meet at the shop I happened to be working for was a business maid who had gone out of business.

"That store went out of business, and there's no one quite like it. We're in trouble."
"I'll go. Personally."
"Really? That would be helpful. Can I pay the same price as at the store?"

I secretly gave her my contact information, and from then on, she came to visit me about once a month, more than 10 times.

Probably around the fifth time. I was asked to clean, cook, and do maid refreshments, but I couldn't do it all in two hours.
"Can I bring my friend's maid as well?"
So, I agreed and asked the two of them for two hours.

Today's main character, E-chan, is a petite beautiful girl who is 21 years old and is two years younger than the girl I brought with me.

After that, the three of us had takoyaki parties for the 6th, 7th, and 8th time, and it became something we looked forward to every month. One day, while the cat-loving maid was cleaning the second floor, she said to me that E-chan was on the first floor.

"Could you lend me some money? I just can't live on my part-time job."

Although I thought he was really cute, I acted like a gentleman and told him this was my chance.
"I could lend you money, but in that case, would you like to be my mistress? Mine."
This was before the Universe Club had spread the word "dad-katsu". E-chan got on board with two answers.

Apparently, I had something to do in Tokyo and didn't have the money to pay for transportation, so I gave him about 200,000 yen for a trip to Tokyo, and on the day I had free time, we went sightseeing around Tokyo together and came back. She seemed to enjoy it more than I expected, and we soon became friends, going on dates and traveling together.
Usually, the allowance was around the market price, but I once paid 1.3 million yen for something like dental treatment.

E-chan has the appearance of a black-haired virgin, but she actually has a lot of experience with men and has a steady stream of boyfriends. If you think about it calmly, you can do it. There was a time when she was getting bruises from her boyfriend who was prone to domestic violence, and the cat maid warned her to break up with him as soon as possible. It's a nerve that I don't understand, that it's good to be loved enough to be beaten. He is easily mentally ill, and I once took him to the hospital while traveling.

Also, I once went to karaoke while traveling, and I was moved to tears by someone singing a song just for me right in front of me. Good, cute and sad.

About a year later, E-chan was scouted and told me that she would be joining an idol agency.

Even though they say they are celebrities, in reality they only get paid for lessons, and the wages they earn from singing at shopping centers is not enough to live on. The best way to make money is to have a singing geek buy a 1,000 yen check at an underground live venue.

E-chan immediately quit her job at the agency and became a freelance underground idol. That's how she became an underground idol, singing at underground live venues and working part-time as a part-time worker for a monthly salary of around 100,000 yen.
If you are a male member of the Universe Club, you will probably find some results if you search for underground idols. Please make an offer and support us.

I also went to underground idol venues many times and bought instax cards among the fans. When I see her singing, I think it's a little, or rather, a lot of nose that this girl is E-chan, who I traveled with last week. This must be how Avex Chairman M, who was dating Ayumi Hamasaki, feels. Tomomi Kahara and Tetsuya Komuro are probably the same.

He said he wanted to become a voice actor, but now I know that being a voice actor is not a career that he should aim for.
There are many voice acting courses at F-rank universities and vocational schools, and there are over thousands of people who want to become voice actors. And there are only 300 voice actors in Japan who can make a living out of it. In that case, it would be easier to aim for Tokyo University or become a member of the Diet. There is a level of competition to become a professional baseball player, and if you become one of those 300 players, you can finally earn a few million yen a year. No one has ever exceeded XNUMX million yen.

One day, she tells me that she has a voice acting audition and wants me to support her. The winner of the public audition out of around 3,000 applicants will be given the lead role in the anime.
She passed the first round of document screening and moved on to the next round of screening, which was among about 200 people. It's the same as the current university beauty pageant, where each pageant is advertised on their own SNS. In addition, participants compete for the ranking of tipped coins.

The 40 people who tipped the most coins will receive a special prize from the judges, and the remaining 10 will receive a special prize from the judges. 50 people will advance to the final screening. Distribution such as Twitcasting and showrooms generates more than half of the tipped money as income for the streamer. It's quite fun when you're a not-so-famous streamer because you get recognized right away. This can become a profession. However, not a single yen of the money donated during this audition goes to the broadcaster. It's a very good business.

"I really want to be in 40th place, so could you please donate some money on the last day? I'll do whatever it takes."
E-chan told me that I would do anything. I've already done the blindfold binding. Looking at the progress along the way, I think it will be decided in the last few minutes, but I feel like I won't be able to change the ranking unless I throw in a few hundred thousand yen. I didn't give a clear answer and just watched the broadcast on the last day.

Looking at it calmly, I don't think it would be possible for her to be in the top 50 or in first place based on her ability. Her rivals are all candidates around XNUMX years old who look like semi-professional idols. Even second place is no good, there's nothing left. There are only a few minutes left and I'm barely within range, but if this continues I feel like I'll fall out of range. She thought she could fulfill her obligation by throwing around XNUMX yen, but no matter how she thought about it, it wouldn't be any income for her and it just seemed like a waste of money.
In the end, I threw in 500 yen with just a few minutes left and waited for the results. She had moved up to the top three in the last minute. Someone else was throwing XNUMX million yen at her.

As a result, she failed in the final screening, and the audition company's 500 million yen and my XNUMX yen went to the audition company. Around this time, I had joined the Universe Club and was obsessed with a new girl, and the audition was the reason for my estrangement from E-chan.
I wonder if E-chan did anything with that 500 million yen. I guess he took over from me.

It's already been five years since then.

The cat-loving maid I met earlier is married with a child and earns 20,000 yen a month from streaming on YouTube. Even though she is in her early years, she is still quite beautiful.
I have been working as a traveling housekeeper for 9 years since my girlfriend gave birth and I was replaced by my current cute housekeeper, whom I became friends with elsewhere.

When I searched for the underground idol E-chan, I found that she was still active and working hard. I had been lying about my age for a few years, but I wasn't as old as I thought. Although he is small, he seems to be receiving work as a voice actor. I may have underestimated her a little because I didn't believe in her work. excuse me.

There are many underground idols who sing even after the age of 30. If you do a little searching, you'll find that the 42-year-old underground idol is the oldest person to appear on TV.
There is a famous former underground idol in Osaka who has now opened a concept cafe and is the president of it. I think she's 36 years old, but she's still extremely beautiful.

In terms of money, idols who are not underground but above ground, such as Nogizaka5,000, where 46 out of 20 idols are selected through auditions, have an under member's monthly salary of XNUMX yen. A world where only the desire for approval exists. It's a job you shouldn't do unless you love it.
The chances of someone like Mai Shiraishi or Nanase Nishino reaching 100 million yen in annual income are comparable to aiming to become an astronaut.

When I looked at Universe Club's profile and saw the words "Idol/Model/Concept Cafe", I thought of E-chan. Good luck everyone. There's nothing wrong with getting married.

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