Restaurant ④ & ⑤ to go with Papa Active Woman


This restaurant is a little special among domestic steak restaurants.

At first, when I went there for the first time, I thought, "Is this just a coincidence?"

More than 8% of the waiters are foreigners.

So, if you can't speak English lightly when ordering, even if you ask for water without being understood by the other party, they will bring you bottled water (paid) instead of glass water (free).

Personally, I was able to use English, so it was definitely a situation where I could show my good side to women.

The woman I went with was surprised in a good way because I hadn't told her that I could speak English.

That said, if you can't speak English, there are a small number of Japanese waiters, so you can call them.

If you use this restaurant with a woman, I would like you to do it at dinner time if possible.

The reason is that at night it has more atmosphere and for the same price you definitely get a better feel at night.

The location is ARK Hills South Tower 2F in Roppongi.

By train: 10 minutes walk from Kamiyacho Station on the Metro Hibiya Line.

Besides that, from Roppongi XNUMX-chome, it is directly connected to Ark Hills South Tower, so it is also convenient.

I'm sure women will be more motivated when they meet.
(With that in mind, I told you that it is only available at night.)

If you are traveling by car, there are many parking lots nearby, so you should park your car nearby.

As for the inside of the restaurant, the lighting is very dark and the candles on the table are reflecting a small light.

So, it is very good for persuading women and listening to women's serious worries.

The surroundings are not noisy at all, so you can enjoy conversation with women in a really calm atmosphere.
(Many of the customers are foreigners, but they all seem to have a sense of elegance, so they were all well-behaved.)

There is also a BAR counter inside, so you can move around and enjoy alcohol.

In addition, the interior ceiling is quite high, so the store feels very spacious.

Then, when it comes to cooking, there are not only steaks, but also pasta and seafood ice cream that women seem to like.

Personally, I would recommend the steak.

Soft and easy to eat.

For example, if you want to enjoy it with your companion, you can order a larger steak and share the seafood separately.

A woman who became a father of mine liked it and said she wanted to go there several times, so I've been here about six times.

Of course, the dishes changed each time, but every dish was delicious.

If you really want to persuade a woman, you should use this shop.

There is only one difficulty.

It's a parking lot.

There are many parking lots nearby, but the restaurant is located on a steep slope, so it is difficult to walk a little.
(I'm just a little tired)

Other than that it was perfect.
If you want to use it, make a reservation about 2 days in advance to ensure that you can get a good seat.


I'm sure there is no one who doesn't know this steak restaurant.

Anyway, this shop is overwhelmingly popular with everyone from celebrities to celebrities.

must have seen it once

Have you ever seen the scene where the meat on the plate brought by the waiter is covered with oil and set on fire?

That's what Wolfgang does.

Now, the number of locations has increased, and there are three stores in Tokyo alone.

Among them, the Roppongi store is especially recommended.

This Roppongi store is the first store to land in Japan, so it seemed that the service was more solid than other stores.

As for the taste, the Roppongi store was slightly better than the Marunouchi store.
(Probably because the chef is different)

The location is a little far from Roppongi Station.
(It's about 13 minutes on foot, so it's not a distance you can't walk.)

If you go by car, there is Times next door, so it is good to park there.

The atmosphere of the store is natural, but wonderful.

The lights in the store are slightly brighter than the other stores I chose.

However, the interior is quite elaborate, so women should be able to enjoy it.

However, since Wolfgang requires a dress code, sandals, shorts, tank tops, etc. are not allowed because it spoils the image of the store.

So, if you use it, you have to tell the woman.

What is your favorite dish?When you say.

It is quite delicious as it is called a steak specialty store.

And it has a lot of volume.

So, it is better to ask on the premise that you will share with a woman.

If the woman with you doesn't like meat, you don't have to worry about seafood because there is also seafood.

And they are all pretty delicious.

However, this store has some drawbacks.

First of all, it is difficult to get a reservation.
(Definitely impossible on the day)

And if you go by car, there is no dedicated parking lot where you can park for free.
(Even if you go by train, it's a little bit of a walk from the station, so you could say it was a bit of a pain, and I felt bad for the woman.)

Lastly, there is the need for a dress code.

So, if you dress too casually in the summer, you may be refused entry.
(Honestly, I always wear shorts on holidays, especially in summer, so it was a bit of a pain.)

This restaurant is suitable for those who do not mind the above points at all.

As a side note, the restaurant itself was excellent, including the taste and service.

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