Dating Club Struggle Record XNUMX Part XNUMX

Yoake no Amore → Rape

To my surprise, three months have passed since I uploaded the first part.

Even if it's not that, I'm not a fast writer, but just in case?Since it takes the form of a back-and-forth column with Mr. Mack, it is unbearable to fade out as it is.

I'm sorry, Mac.

But Joe is impudent, so we'll resume after a while.

The reason I didn't make any progress was that the subject of "rape" was a sensitive one, and I had to pay more attention to anonymity than ever before.

Therefore, I will write about Mai-chan, one of the four women who are the models of this time.

Mai-chan is one of Joe's favorites.

It's been over two years since I joined the Universe Club.

Mai-chan is the only woman who has received an offer in the universe and has become a regular so-called stepdaughter (another favorite, Princess Nana, is introduced by Osamu-kun).

I've written about it several times, but Mai-chan's charm lies in her body.

Every time I get naked with "Ponkyupon" (an obsolete word), I sigh and admire it for a while.

And sex with her after enough rape increases the sensuality every time we meet.

Though I've spent two-thirds of my life thinking about nasty things like Jun Miura, my beloved columnist, did I actually activate it?It's an unusual thing for Joe to do.

After meeting Mai-chan and Princess Nana, Joe belatedly awakened to sex.

No, actually, the current Joe is as bad as Mr. Mack (lie).

Joe tends to line up beautiful things in this column, but I think sex is one of the highlights of Universe Club.

No matter how boring it is, I don't think there is anything else like it.

There must be more than a few male members who strongly object, and there must be some who have built good relationships without having sex.

It seems to me that Joe was also hoping for that kind of relationship until a little while ago.

However, now that I've awakened to sex, I can't imagine continuing with just eating.

That's why I made a new offer to a certain girl the other day, and I bet in 30 hour and XNUMX minutes after meeting her.

Of course I lose to Mr. Mac (30 hour and XNUMX minutes seems to be the time for Mac to finish things and lick his nipples) Is Joe correct?I was able to learn how to use the Universe Club.

I don't know if it's good or not.

Despite her flashy appearance and body, Mai-chan is basically a passive woman.

However, it is by no means a tuna, and the reaction is wonderful, and the sensitivity is outstanding.

Furthermore, while saying that it is passive, once you get on the top, it is a dream waist.

Princess Nana's waist is also fascinating, but it's too fast and I can't keep up (bitter smile).

On the other hand, Mai-chan's hips are much slower, and I mix hard and soft while watching Joe's reaction.

Even so (that's why?), it's extremely difficult to endure until she's satisfied, and if you make a mistake in switching between offense and defense, she'll fire right away, so it's a pity that you won't be able to enjoy her locomotion for a long time.

Joe himself is slow to react, but once he reacts, it is difficult to sustain it.

But what Joe likes best is kissing Mai-chan.

A long kiss with full power that intertwines the tongue.

As soon as Joe tries to let go of his mouth, he pesters him and refuses to let go.

At the last meeting

"Except for my boyfriend, I like kissing Joe the most."

I was happy and sad, but for Joe, I was told that I was happy.

It's the same as usual that my propensity is seen through and it's taken by cue balls (bitter smile).

Joe is easy (tears).

I heard that Mai-chan's first experience was rape when we first met.

Moreover, although it is a disgusting way of saying it, I was turned around by three people.

Of course, he wants to forget his past, but at the same time, he realizes that he has a special body.

Mai-chan has an older sister, and she admired her, so she wanted to lose her virginity as soon as possible.

What I'm going to write from now on is about men, but when I heard about the story from Mai-chan,

"If you follow Noko to such a place in such a situation, you will be in danger."

That's what it was.

What's a little more complicated is that one of the three was someone that Mai-chan had a one-sided admiration for.

"It's at least a relief that he was the first person."

I laugh, but Joe can't laugh.

The other two joined because it was his beckoning.

Since then, Mai-chan's taste in men has changed, and successive boyfriends are herbivorous.

Both Joe and his ex-boyfriend (bitter smile), who he met before, and his new boyfriend are good-looking young men.

Mai-chan talks about her first experience as if it's nothing, but Joe thinks that for her, it's an abominable past that can't be wiped away.

At the same time, Mai-chan is a dazzling existence for Joe who challenges various things in order to open up his own life without dragging such a harsh past.

We've only known each other for about a year, but during this time we've opened up new opportunities and are making steady progress towards our dreams.

A little bit of Joe is also helping with that dream.

From Joe's point of view, there are some tsukkomi in that method, but Mai-chan, who listens to Joe's advice obediently, is the cutest.

Oh, thank you for your continued support.

I wouldn't read it.

Business contact

Dear Mac

I'm sorry that I was late.

As for Joe, I'd like to ask him to continue the series, but since there's been such a gap, I think there's no point in ending it this time.

I would appreciate it if you could stay with me for a little longer.

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