Fuu's Papa Katsu☆GOLD's Real Episode 10 *Fuu's Papa Activity Sekirara Confession Resuming papa activities from Corona self-restraint


It's Fuu

Fuu looks like a normal middle-aged man.

I've never been popular, and I've lived as a love weakling.

Now, after joining the universe, looking at a cute girl in her 20s with a smile on her arm pillow after a battle, I feel happy and satisfied with my 20s and ☓☓☓ body from genes.

A cute young girl I thought I couldn't reach out to when I saw her on the street, and she really makes me feel good about her, so I praise Universe for her basic stance.

But I'm not a passer-by, so I'll also write down the akan part.

In the case of Fuu, the main battlefield is GOLD class

I am using C type.

The column will also be the 10th episode.

If you don't mind, please take a look at the previous column.


Resuming activities

You cannot go out during the state of emergency

(Difficult atmosphere) I don't feel like I can see my daughter even if I force myself to continue

Univa also has a new offer

There was a period when we couldn't meet (online only), so I refrained from doing daddy activities.

It's sad and itchy

Fuu has a favorite daughter in Hokkaido and Fukuoka, but it's painful that she can't see her because she's not allowed to move or go on business trips.

Both of them are gentle and kind, they let me have a pseudo-romance, and I feel good about H, so I'm lonely.Local girls are the best!

Corona will be contained soon~

Ban on business trips lifted!

Fuu's heart cry

It looks like it's going to be soon.

It's unscrupulous, but before the second wave comes, I'm going to see you (I'm going to do it ^ _ ^).

The impact of corona and the new year in April?Perhaps because of the relationship, Tokyo's continuous daughters are cut off one after another as usual.Tohoho

One goes missing

From a college student to a member of society, at the time of departure.

I said I can't see you because I'm moving and I'm going to be busy with work.She has a very good H and a naive body, and she looks neat and clean and has the best body.

I won't disturb you.It would be nice if we could meet.spat cut


Isn't there a better girl?

I will look for a convincing continuation daughter by offering more and more to heal the wound of parting.

Before Corona, I made an offer to two students, but they didn't fit

One has a lot of restrictions on H.wither

Fuu is trying to be really kind, but I don't think there will be another girl who tells me not to lick her neck or lick her nipples.

The other one has a face as cute as an idol, but what is it?Not clean.

What I thought when I was working as a dad was that a girl's daughter said that it was good for her dad to be clean, but the girl's daughter also had a sense of cleanliness.

It's pretty important, isn't it?

I want my teeth to be white, and I want regular care such as proper tartar removal, body cream?Or apply it, take care of your skin, exercise lightly, and have a good metabolism and transparency?There is something like that.

Girls who do hot yoga tend to have beautiful skin.

It's a waste.Even though it looks cute

Raise the age group a little and offer it to a daughter in her late 20s who didn't expect much

It doesn't have Fuu's favorite innocence and naive transparency, but it has a friendly and pseudo-romance technique.She is an active hostesses.

But she's not a beauty that catches your eye, so she works at a cheap cabaret club, so she's not worn out.

He told me that he wanted to meet me and that he wanted to cherish our relationship with you.

Until now, I don't have many good memories of active hostesses, but this time it looks good, and I managed to connect with LINE exchanges during Corona, and now I'm going to start a full-fledged date.

I'll do it in the back!

Another one is in his late 1s, which is rare for Fuu.She has more than a year of club experience and has many ☆s.

The requested $ is Fuu's highest amount, but the quality of H is high and the second round is solid, and it will be very refreshing.

Fuu, who is using medicine to cover her weakness, has not been able to go twice with her non-raw daughter recently.

I have the tech

I think you will love it for the time being!

While I'm attacking, I'm going to have a good time with Fuu's over there.You can stand for a long time with exquisite power ^ _ ^

I am going to ask my other daughter to do the same.

Until the other day, Fuu said that naive is good, but recently it seems that a neat and clean bitch is good.

I want to be completely addicted to tech

Wow!Retaliatory action after Corona self-restraint!

Is it because it's accumulated?

I feel like the corona is increasing a bit again, so I'm going to do it with the continuations while I'm still in the middle of the day.I'm going to raise the pace of meeting.

It was Fuu.

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