Date Memoir #17 New Year's Kanagawa

The next date is Kanagawa!Is it supposed to be? ?

 Hello.Paparazzi.Since the business trip continued for a while, I went back to my hometown and had a date!It should be. . .Things don't go as planned in the world.I will report on the battle against the eternal theme of being involved with women.

the opponent this time

Your opponent's SPEC

  • Name: Katsuko (pseudonym)
  • Class: Standard
  • Type: D
  • Age: Early 20s
  • Occupation: Sales (sole proprietor) + night job

History of dating

 Early in the new year, business trips continued.However, since I decided to go outside this year, I can say that it is a good start for me personally. In January, even though I had a lot of work and business trips, I managed 1 dates away. It would be nice to go on a date in Kanto at least once.So, I decided to meet Katsuko, who I had been in contact with quite often during the year-end and New Year holidays.

 She probably works mainly at night.She occasionally sends me photos of her cosplay on LINE.I'm happy with that (?), but to be honest, there are parts where the hostesses' business sense is running out and I'm a little drawn back.However, her positive feeling is likable.Personally, I would rather see her as a person, or rather, value her normal interactions, rather than the woman's divisiveness, which is to say, meet and fuck and pay money.However, I honestly think that this is a high hurdle, but on the contrary, if you just want to do it, I think that sex is better in terms of cost and service.There is still something you are looking for.However, it is quite difficult to find out if the other person feels the same way.You can't control your opponent.In the end, I felt the difficulty of human relationships in various ways, thinking that I had no choice but to find the right person by matching with various people.

what was the date

The day before, I was asked to change the meeting at 14:15 to 15:15 due to my work.Before I had my appointment adjusted, I thought I couldn't be late, so I entered the store a little before 10:XNUMX p.m. It's XNUMX:XNUMX.Like last time, she didn't come.No contact.Shall we wait for the time being? . . About XNUMX minutes passed.Is this the same as last time?Last time, I was able to wake up with a LINE call, so it's better to wake up than waiting for a sleeping person to wake up.I called her but she didn't pick up. . . .However, LINE returned from her soon after.

 "Oh, I'm sorry.."

 " yeah?"

 "I overslept again 🥺🥺"

 " smile"

 "I'm so stupid, I'm sorry..."

 I overslept again.I'm just stunned.When I think about it now, at this time, I may have entered the mode that I want to fuck even though I was amazed. . . .


"I'd like to meet you, but do you think we'll have time?"

"My throat is so dry that it hurts."

"Are you feeling unwell?"

"If I get ready, it will be evening...😢"

"I'll wait until evening."

"Huh, really?? 😣😣"

"For now, I'll have a cup of coffee and wait here."


I think people are good. . . .Looking back now, I can't help but feel obsession with meeting you from here.But I'm here after adjusting my work and taking time off.After all, the real intention is to seek results.Also, I can do my work pretty much anywhere as long as I have a PC, so I can open my PC and work even when I have a problem like this.I would like to say thank you for your business. About an hour later, she called me again.

"I'm sorry, but I might be unwell 😥 sweat."

This brought me back to myself.Isn't it corona?It's unbearable to force her to come and eat corona.That will affect your work.

"Good. It's okay. Don't overdo it."

I decided to close this time.

As a result, this time, the conclusion was that the date was not established because of the sudden cancellation. . .In other words, this time it was simply canceled at the last minute.It ended with the story.Even so, I had heard about the last-minute cancellation, but I felt that it actually happened.And this is actually an eternal theme.In other words, this last-minute cancellation is a rather troublesome problem that will haunt me even after this.I would like you to go on a date on the premise that this kind of thing will happen, and I think it would be better to write an article in the sense of calling attention, so I'm going to send out this boring content.

 And, although it is a later story, she became infected with corona from here as I had a premonition.Although it is completely a result theory, it means that my judgment was not wrong.


Reflection of this time

  • I have a last minute cancellation!
  • And you should know that last minute cancellations are an eternal theme
  • Lust drives men crazy

This store

 Looking at the word of mouth, it seems that it has become one of the XNUMX famous restaurants in Tabelog, and it is certainly a distinctive restaurant.Is there a power outage anyway?The lighting is darker than I thought.Feeling dark rather than atmosphere.The inside of the store is fashionable and maybe you can create an atmosphere like that even in the daytime.In any case, I recommend visiting once as a story!

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