Episode 10: House Date with F-sama...

~ Until last time ~


 An unpopular little 30-year-old man knocks on the door of the universe and challenges dad activities!After finishing a Christmas date with Mr. F, a cute and beautiful office lady, we welcomed the new year, but the new coronavirus was raging in the world...



 This is the 10th column update.When I was in elementary school, I was able to win the highest award in the city's book report, but was it the literary talent at that time?As an elementary school student at the time, I would have never thought that I would be able to use it again in the form of a dad activity column over time (laughs).




 Due to the epidemic of the new coronavirus, an emergency declaration was issued at the beginning of the year, and it became a situation where I had to think about my relationship with F.

 When I consulted Mr. F about this,

 "Even if the coronavirus spreads, I still want to see Makoto-kun just like I always have!"

 came the reply.



 I was happy that Mr. F said that he wanted to see me even if corona was trending, and I wanted to see her too. (Laughs), I wanted to meet F-sama regularly from now on!


 So, when I thought about how to meet her, I came up with an idea.

 "Why don't you eat at my house from the meal, and then do your body's work at home? It's also a countermeasure against corona, and doing your body's work from the daytime on the futon you usually sleep on is really erotic. Yes (laughs)."

 That's what I thought, so I consulted with her.

 "The house is fine! Let's buy some bread for lunch, take it out and eat it at home."

 So, the first date of the new year was decided to be at my house.



 I decided to buy some things for my house date.

 In order to create a good mood at home, the quilts, mattress sheets, pillowcases, blankets, etc. that you usually sleep on have been updated with chic, nice hotel-like colors and designs.I bought a heater to put in her bedding on the internet for her coldness, and prepared everything in her bedding when her body was working (laughs).

 Also, the trash can is new for throwing away rubber and tissues (laughs).The top of the TV stand was also peeling off, so I bought a sheet to hide it.


 Around the bathroom, new towels to wash your body, toothbrushes and toothpaste for brushing your teeth made me feel excited and excited!



 And on the day of the meeting, I was eagerly waiting for the meeting time to come earlier, and she contacted me an hour and a half before the meeting time.


 "Sorry, I can't go home. I'm nervous. Make it a hotel."


 1 hour before the meeting, suddenly say?

 For the time being, I wanted to calm down and talk, so I called Mr. F on the line, but he didn't answer at all.

 After changing the time several times,

 "Sorry, I can't answer the phone. Send me a message."

 A line came back.


 He's obviously on standby for today's date and should be able to answer the phone, but how selfish!


 For the time being, I went to the station as instructed by her, and went to the hotel to continue my physical activity.She didn't seem to be apologetic at all, and I was told so suddenly that I couldn't make it to the meeting time and I was a little late, but rather she was blamed for that. Even though Mr. F suddenly changed his schedule!


 After that, I was shopping at the station building around the hotel, but on the way from her,

"I'm still going shopping, so go home now," he said.

 I had been shopping with her until then, and I said that I would have time after this so I would accompany her shopping, but I wanted to concentrate, so I couldn't do it, and she unilaterally made me go home.

 How selfish!I thought.



 Even so, he looked so good that I promised to meet him next time.At that time, from Mr. F on the line,

"Next time, please don't be late!"

I was annoyed that you were late because you suddenly changed your plans.



 In such a situation, I met him again, and even when I talked to him, I felt that it was somewhat business-like, and I couldn't enjoy it anymore.

 She usually has plans after the date, so even if she moves on to physical activities at the hotel, she feels like she is being guided one after another by Mr. F, and she is getting tired of being rushed.It's like it's obvious that you're looking for money.



 Then, right after the date, when Ms. F sent me a line asking me to decide the next schedule in a business-like way, I lost my temper and told her that I didn't feel like seeing her anymore, so I decided to meet her. I stopped




 After that, I was a little stressed in my personal life, so I didn't meet anyone in particular, and I spent my time leisurely, using masturbation as a sexual outlet (laughs).However, I couldn't change the gender of my love for women (laughs), so I spent days looking at the list of women on the Universe site.

 Under such circumstances, I changed my mindset and thought that it might be possible to travel and meet women in places other than where I live. I decided to search various areas in hopes that there might be something...


See the next column for the results of searches in various places!

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