Love Vaccine Chapter XNUMX Good and Evil (XNUMX)

―“Reenactment” is when a traumatized person voluntarily repeats similar damage afterwards.In the revival, actual dangerous scenes and similar human relationships are repeated. ―

Mac: "Nao-chan, look at your buttocks."
Nao-chan: "Is it like this?"
Mr. Mac: "Yeah, and straddle one leg so that it straddles my face.
First look at Nao's virgin crotch.
It's like ceramics, first of all, to appreciate and enjoy.
Pubic hair is very thin.It doesn't look like he's shaving.The hair that grows slightly on the mons pubis is of natural length, and no hair roots are found near the vaginal opening.
The labia minora are neither large nor small, slightly brown at the ends and otherwise a beautiful pink.
The vaginal opening is hidden behind the folds of the perineum and cannot be seen.
The perineum is the part between the vaginal opening and the anus, and in the case of Nao, the vaginal opening side of the perineum is covered like folds.
If you pull this to the anal side, you can see a small vaginal opening.A donut-shaped pink mass of meat surrounds it.This is the hymen.
At the time of opening, this hymen and a girl like Nao who has folds of the perineum covering the vaginal opening will also be torn, so it will hurt more than usual.
After watching, taste it with your tongue.
Lick the clitoris and then try sucking.
not very responsive.Sensitivity seems weak.
Also, the clitoris itself is not that big.It seems that he has never had sex alone, but does it have something to do with his underdeveloped clitoris?
I was trying to hold my buttocks with both hands, but I slipped my hands and tried to gently crawl from my waist to my back.
Then he reacted with a start.He seems to like this one.
Then she licks the opening of the vagina with her tongue.Slightly wet.
After confirming the small hole with the tip of the tongue, push the tip of the tongue into the hole as it is.
I feel the sour taste peculiar to healthy young women.
Since the vaginal opening is narrow, the tongue cannot be advanced that far.
It feels better to gently stroke the back from the buttocks rather than the clitoris, so repeat this.
The trick to developing a woman's body is to thoroughly concentrate on blaming her when she finds a weak spot.
Slowly, monotonously, but persistently.
I also found that my nipples were weak.
Gradually, Nao's body is revealed.
As for Nao-chan, she doesn't stop handjobs and blowjobs, even though she feels nervous.
It looks like it's already possessed.
Do you really like your penis?
Nao-chan: “It’s delicious. △-san is delicious.”
Occasionally utter a voice like muttering.
Mac: "Nao-chan, try to get down a little."
Lay Nao, who was on top, on her back, align her legs, and insert her penis into her crotch.
Mr. Mac ``This is called intercrural sex.
Nao-chan's expression stiffens and she doesn't say anything.
Mac: “Are you feeling better?”
Nao-chan "..."
Ms. Mac: “Are you worried about getting pregnant even if you have intercrural sex?”
Nao-chan: Yes
If it makes people uneasy, it will not be developed.Let's stop this.
Mr. Mac: "Then, can you give me a blowjob and a hand job like before? Aren't you tired?"
Nao-chan: “It’s okay! △-san is delicious. I want to keep doing this forever.
Nao-chan buried her face in the crotch of Mr. Mac who turned on his back and started serving with his hands and mouth as if he was obsessed again.
Anyway, it's time to get to work.
Nao-chan has been serving me for almost two hours.
Mac: "Nao-chan, it's almost time for work, so that's all for today. Thank you."
Nao continues serving as if she didn't hear.
Mac: “I feel good too, but I’m sorry.”
Saying that, I removed Nao's face from the penis.
Nao-chan "I want to lick it more. I want Mr. △ to feel more and more comfortable."
Mr. Mac: "No, I'm really happy, but I'm sorry. I'll be out first, so please return the room key to where it was originally."
I hurriedly put on my clothes and greeted Nao-chan with a smile.
Nao-chan is sitting naked on the bed.
And he looks at me with a sad face.
His expression was a little worrisome, but I can't afford to be late for work today.She shook off and left the room.
After finishing the day's work, Mr. Mac went to clean up the diorama room.
Some girls clean and tidy up when they leave the room, while others don't.
Either way, you have to collect and wash the towels after use.
Checking is like a daily routine because if you run out of sweets or consumables, you have to replenish them.
I was surprised when I entered the room.
I still use the futon and towels.The disposable lotion bag that Nao-chan brought is also on the floor.
There are girls who can't clean up, but I've never had a girl go home like this.
I'm good at blowjobs and enthusiastic, but is this a child who can't do this?
That's all I thought at the time.
At night, I got a line from my daughter who was on duty at night. Let's be Ako-chan.
Ako-chan: "Mac, who used the diorama room for lunch today?"
Mac: "Why?"
Ako-chan ``I didn't find my room key in the usual place.
Ms. Mac: “Yes, actually, she’s a new kid, but there’s something a little different about her.”
After that, I met with Ako-chan and talked about various things about Nao-chan at the pillow talk.
Girl A-chan: "It's just my intuition, but isn't she dangerous? I'm scared..."

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