Love Vaccine Chapter XNUMX Good and Evil (XNUMX)

- A traumatic event is an incident or injury that is difficult to remember.However, in spite of this, it is often seen that the person repeats something similar to the event and gets hurt again.In addition, the feeling of isolation and despair deepens by being hurt unnecessarily by those around you and by blaming yourself.However, this repetition itself is trauma-induced.This is called trauma reenactment.

-Repetition of a scene refers to putting yourself back in the scene where the damage occurred.For example, a person who has been sexually assaulted in the past may encounter a stranger of the opposite sex alone and end up being sexually assaulted again.

"Repeating scenes" isn't this exactly what daddy life is all about?
The second episode "Trauma VS Pleasure" (→Click here for the guidelines.) was re-read.
So, was this exactly a “replay” and a “repeated scene” itself?
This is what it means to see the scales from your eyes.
It took me five years to understand.If she hadn't met Nao-chan, she would never have known.

Well, the second date with Nao-chan was two days later.
I rent a room in the apartment next to my company.
It's called a "diorama room," but it's basically a spear room.
Originally, it was created to fulfill the wish of (I want to visit the room of a girl who lives alone).
Of course, I went to play in the room of my child who lives alone.After all, I went up to my parents' house and had sex when my parents were away, but the reality doesn't always match what men think of as "a room where a girl lives alone."
If that's the case, let's create the ideal "girl's room living alone" like a diorama model, so I rented an apartment and arranged girly curtains and accessories.
That's why it's a "diorama room".
The key to the room is hidden somewhere outside Mr. Mack's company building next door.The girls were told where to go, and the daughter who was on duty that day brought the key from there, opened the room, and had her prepare and wait as if it were her own room.That's how it works.
When the room is vacant, they say they can use it however they like, so some girls use it as a hotel when they miss the last train, or as a place to change clothes to meet another dad after school. seems to beOf course, we ask them to confirm in advance, "Is the room available on this day (time)?"
I told Nao-chan where to find the key, and reminded her to put it back when she left.
The story of this key will come up again later, so please remember it.
Since it was the first time, we entered the room together while guiding them.Laundered towels are piled up here, disposable toothbrushes are here, sweets are free to eat, WiFi password is here, etc. After explaining everything, it's finally flirting time.
By the way, Nao-chan, you're carrying a big rucksack today.
Do you have any business after this?
While I was thinking that, Nao-chan opened her backpack and took out something.
It's a uniform.
Mr. Mac : Is that... a school uniform?
Nao-chan: Yes, I brought this to make △-san happy.
Mac: "Are you serious?"
Nao-chan: “There are many other things.”
Club uniforms, school swimsuits.
It's all real.
To tell the truth, I don't have that kind of propensity, but I'm sure I like the men I like.
Mr. Mack: "That's right. No, I'm glad. It's not something you get to see very often. In a sense, it's a treasure."
You brought me a heavy bag.I have to be happy here.
More than anything else, I'm really happy with that feeling.
Then it's time for my favorite shoot.I changed into the outfits they brought and took a lot of pictures.
In particular, a video in which the school uniform skirt is rolled up and the face is covered with the skirt as if it were embarrassed.
Even though I hide my face, I can see the full view over there without panties.
This made me lust.
I like to shoot, but I'm not saying what to do with what I shoot.I get lustful with the shooting itself.
It feels like turning a smartphone to a girl and committing it with a smartphone.
The sense of superiority when shooting, the feeling of dominating the other person is indescribable.
That's why I don't steal.It's because I like the expression of a girl embarrassed in front of her, or looking at you with a mysterious look.
You can't experience this feeling in voyeurism.
Mac: "Could you show me that place better?"
confirmation of virginity.
I've written about virginity testing in this column before, but even if you're a virgin, the vaginal opening may already be widened if you're having sex alone by inserting a finger or a magic marker.
It seems that Nao has never had sex alone.
You can insert a tampon.This is a child who was doing sports club, especially swimming.
Speaking of Nao's vaginal opening, this is already a fine virgin who is not embarrassed anywhere.
It is my appraisal that I graduated from more than 10 virgins and observed the before/after of the vaginal opening each doubt.
After that, take off your clothes and lie down on the bed, Nao-chan's favorite service time.
The day before yesterday, she was a girl who was addicted to handjobs and blowjobs.
It's as good as expected.However, is it possible to become so proficient with just one day and less than an hour of instruction?
Nao-chan "△-san"
Mac: "What?"
Nao-chan: "Actually, I brought lotion. Can I use it?"
Mac: "Lotion?"
Nao-chan: Yes, I bought it online at a place called Love Cosmetics.
Mr. Mac: “It’s fine, but you used to have that kind of thing a lot.”
Nao-chan: “I wanted to give it to someone someday, so I bought it and prepared it.
Saying that, Nao-chan unwrapped the disposable lotion, rubbed it with her hand and stretched it out, holding the base of the penis with one hand, and began to rub it with exquisite strength and speed.
It feels so slimy.
like a pro.Nao-chan is amazing.

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