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How to get XNUMX million yen as a dad part XNUMX

It's been five years since I became a male member of the Universe Club.

During this time, I have offered dozens of women, and I am still in a relationship with several of them.

All of us asked for 5 yen for each adult.

I am such a 5 yen dad, but I once sent a woman XNUMX million yen in cash by courier.

I am writing a column article to explain why I became so interested, hoping that it will be helpful for women.

Today is the ninth time.Please come along if you like.

How are you guys doing when you say goodbye to your partner?

A woman said something interesting the other day.

"There are many ways to say goodbye, but one of the methods I use is a 'moving ending.' For example, 'Thanks to your support, my dream came true. "That's great. If you're in trouble again, I'll always be here to help you."

So that's it.

"That's good. I'll definitely ask you to do that too."

"I don't feel like it's going to end with Mr. Mac, but if that happens, I'll deliver a huge 'impression'♡"

It is a mirror of dating women.

This kind of girl can make a man swamp.

This girl is Yui who appeared in "Part XNUMX".The girl who didn't give me Valentine's chocolate (laughs)

As for me, I lack the spirit of service to that extent, so when I disconnect from myself, I choose to delete unread.

Some people may say, "Finally, I want you to tell me exactly what I was lacking," but I personally don't want to think too deeply about it, and I don't want to put it into words.

The reason is that you will be self-suggesting that you didn't enjoy your relationship with that child.Do you understand?

In my mind, I want to keep the memories I had with that child happy.

Wouldn't it be a waste if I summed it up with the words "that part was bad, this part bothered me"?

Besides, if I don't say anything, I think that the other party will assemble a suitable story in their own way so that the damage to themselves is minimized, so I want to leave that blank space as much as possible.

I have my own considerations.sorry.

Yui-chan's service-minded way is actually a countermeasure against stalkers.

This seems to be a big problem for women who are good at swamping.

Yui-chan once asked me this question.

"Mr. Mac, when you're in trouble because a woman you don't even like is making advances to you, how do you refuse her so as not to hurt her?"

ask me that (laughs)

Well, maybe once, maybe twice in my life, I've had a similar phase.

Simply decline and that's it.

Like Yui, I've never had the problem of wanting to break up safely without hurting someone because they'll turn into a stalker.

I asked some of the female employees, but they all said, "Shouldn't you just refuse normally?"

As expected of Yui-chan.

Now, on a different note, there is one thing I am careful about when writing a column in which a dating woman appears.

What do you think?

It is to depict women beautifully and attractively.

As you can see from my article in the men's column, there are stories of pretty extreme play.

But the women who appear there are all beautifully written.

This is also because when I read it again after the relationship is over, I will remember comfortably, "That girl was cute."

Bad memories tend to remain, and good memories tend to disappear.

So, if you select only good memories and verbalize them, you can finally find a balance in the human mind.

Some of the questions in the Papa Katsu Anonymous Question Box and this Cinderella column article include things like "I had such a terrible dad!" and "I had such a bad experience!".

It's useful in terms of information sharing, but it's not necessarily good for the mentality of the person who wrote it.

By verbalizing it, bad memories become fixed.

The psychology that "I want to rewrite the memory" also works.

I want to justify the past that I want to deny by making the other person a bad guy.

It works in the short term, but in the long term it will leave you with a dark past.

For example, if you write down negative memories such as "Fuck you old man with a bad personality!" It just makes you feel miserable.

In papa katsu, you can't beautify yourself as a tragic heroine.

That's why it's better to remember only the good things about the other person, such as "He was kind" or "He gave me an allowance as promised".

If the way a man eats is dirty, he says, "I wanted to be careful, so I became a teacher. Thank you."

Try to look for things that you enjoyed or learned from the memories you had with someone you didn't like, and try to sublimate them into meaningful experiences in their own way.

It is the wisdom of human beings who have lived past their XNUMXth birthday and are also socially successful in their own way.

This time, I wrote what I thought about how to end a relationship.

I thought I'd write about parting with a XNUMX million yen child, so I started writing as a preface, but it ended up being too long.

Let's call it a day.See you next time.


My registered name at UNIVA is also "Mr. Mac".The registered branch is Nagoya.If the article is interesting, please comment directly using the "It's nice♡" function.It's encouraging.

Article by Mac

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