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I want you to be careful about your sexual relationship with your father.


Relationships that come naturally if you live as a dad

Are you all taking care of hay fever?I started to get suspicious around the year before last, and finally made it to the finish line last year.

I have a solid hay fever.

Masks have been liberalized since March 3th, but it's a bit harsh for people with allergies.

That said, I think the liberalization of masks is good news as it is a milestone against one corona.

However, after all, I have severe hay fever, so I wear a mask when I go out during the day.

By the way, do you have a physical relationship with your dad while you are doing dad activities?I'm sorry for the sudden words.

In fact, I think that it is better to write about this quickly, and my feelings are ahead of the curve.

SEX with dad who will definitely visit when you are active as a dad.

Among the women who are working as dads, I know a child who professes that he has no physical relationship with his dad at all.

Therefore, it cannot be said that all women who are active as dads have physical relationships with their dads.

But as far as I know, over 9% of women think they have sex with their dad. (More than 9% is almost everyone.)

After all, I get an allowance and make a contract with my dad.

Naturally, the longer they spend together, the more affection they will develop on the woman's side.

Then, of course, there will be such a relationship.

To me, it looks like a normal sight.

From a third party's point of view, there are people who have never done daddy activities and will gossip saying, "There is too much age difference, so it's unnatural."

However, I don't think age has anything to do with it, and I think most women who are working as dads can understand, but most of them feel that "what can a third party know?" (I am one of them)

However, there are some things that we need to be careful about in the last few years.

That's a sexually transmitted disease.

Dad can't have an STD.

Many women think so.

I think the main reason is that the media doesn't take it up as a big topic.

Therefore, each and every citizen does not feel that close.

I think that's all.

However, sexually transmitted diseases should not be taken lightly.

Among venereal diseases, there are many scary diseases such as HIV and syphilis.

Actually, the other day my friend got a venereal disease from her dad.

How did you know it was from Daddy?It's a very simple flow that she's only had sex with her dad.

Of course, the venereal disease she contracted was gonorrhea, so HIV wasn't such a serious issue.

However, I was honestly shocked when a woman who had been infected with a venereal disease appeared around me.

I'm glad that this is a disease that can be cured at the hospital normally, but if it's not, it's a big deal.

So I asked her first.

Were you using a condom?

Then, it seems that it was not normal.

By the way, when I have a physical relationship with my dad, I always ask him to use a condom.

However, I understood why she didn't use a condom.

I think all women who are working as dads can understand.

Basically, men who become dads are reasonably old, right?I think that's why there are many older patterns than female parents.

So, have you ever felt that the older generation has a different way of thinking about sex than today's young people, or that they are not afraid of risks, or that their values ​​are completely different?I felt amazing.

In the first place, when I talk about venereal diseases, even people my age always take a step back at least once.

So, if you are in a situation where you have a physical relationship on the spot, I think you'll say, "First of all, I'm scared, so I'll use a condom tonight."

I'm sure young women can relate.

However, the older generation may be mentally strong, so why don't they respond with something like "I'm fine"?Why don't you talk to women with the idea of ​​"It feels good" rather than being sick?Can we say that we are not afraid to take risks?

Talking like that, most of the women who live as dads end up raw.

Certainly, both of them are naked, and they are receiving an allowance from Papa.

Then, if you are a weak-minded woman, you will not be able to refuse.

I know this because I've been in this situation many times.

But you have to have the courage to say "NO".

This "NO" action is really important and leads to actions to protect yourself.

By the time a woman gets a venereal disease, it's really too late.

It's hard to say no when you're a dad.

After all, there is a possibility that the contract will be canceled, and if you are a dad who is indebted to you, you will want to answer the request of the other party.

This hospitality spirit is amazing for a woman who is working as a dad and earns a certain amount.

I'm around me too, but anyway, I'm rolling daddy well.

That said, it's not like the women in the nightlife business do, like drinking expensive alcohol or making them buy expensive things.

It means that you have built a relationship where you can firmly say "NO" to the other party.

Can we say that we have a fair relationship with each other?

That's why men don't hate her, and if they say "no", they should just say no.

On the other hand, I have not heard that the contract has been canceled by the man.

If you're a daddy, I think you'll understand, "How well does this get men rolling?"

It's a dad activity, and the truth is, any woman should feel free to say "NO".

I couldn't say that in the past either.

However, now, when there is a possibility that I will definitely be at risk, I make sure to say "NO" to the other man.

So what has changed?There was no such thing as canceling the contract that I was afraid of.

Speaking of things that have changed, I think my thoughts have become clearer, and I've been able to build a relationship where I can have a firm discussion with the male side, and I've become closer.

Of course, there have been times when a man started saying "NO" and his contract was terminated, but it wasn't because he said "NO" on the spot, but the man originally had no intention of making a long-term contract with a single woman. Was it?I think about

If you are a man who can really make a long-term contract and be a good father, in my experience, you won't make the decision to cancel the contract easily.

By all means, all the women who are working as dads, when you have a sexual relationship with your dad, let's keep the minimum rules.

You can even make your own rules.

If your dad refuses to do that, it's a good idea to find a dad who will accept you.

I'm sure you will find it.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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