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Be careful with dads who say this Vol.2

A dad who only makes dirty jokes

I feel like it can't be helped for men to say dirty things to women in dad-hunting.

Because I know that there are many men who become fathers just to satisfy their sexual desires...

However, are there any men for whom this is too obvious? For some reason, even when I'm on LINE, he sends me extremely graphic content, and when we meet, even though there are a lot of people around me at dinner at a hotel, he doesn't mind bringing up dirty jokes. etc.

Personally, I'm pretty bad at it.

Maybe all the women who are active as fathers are wondering what kind of creatures men are? Most people understand.

This includes personality as well.

That's why I think most women deal with it without worrying about it at all.

Of course, I generally deal with it, but sometimes people go too far.

Let me tell you an example that I actually experienced.

By chance, there was a man I talked to the first time I met him and immediately signed a contract with him.

And for the second or third time, I was thinking, ``What a mature man.''

She was perfect as a lady first, spoke with a certain grace, and the way she ate meals seemed very beautiful to me.

However, after the fourth time, the content of Dad's LINE messages started to change.

No, technically I had sex with that dad the third time I met him, but maybe after that.

Up until now, the content has been something along the lines of, "〇〇-chan, are you pushing yourself too hard today? If you have any questions, please feel free to talk to me. When can we meet next? I'm really looking forward to it."

However, this is the content of the LINE message sent from the other party to make an appointment to meet for the fourth time.

"〇〇-chan, how did you feel last time we met? Did you feel it? Did it feel good? Daddy was very satisfied. Next time, I'll make you even more satisfied. Should I buy you some toys next time?"

The content gave no impression that he was an adult man.

Of course, maybe I should adjust it a little? I thought and replied:

"Yes. I'm sorry if Daddy is too good for me to satisfy you."

Honestly, I didn't really want to have this conversation.

For example, when I was talking about something like this, I wanted him to give in and read the atmosphere when we were meeting.

However, being a dad is work for me.

Therefore, there is a perception that ``dad = sponsor.''

Therefore, I am conscious of the fact that I must refrain from words and actions that may offend the other man.

So even if I wanted to say something like, ``Honestly, I'm not good at dirty jokes like this.Wouldn't it be better if we were meeting each other?'', I just can't.

This is especially true for men who have just signed a contract.

If it's been a few months since you signed the contract, you might be able to discuss this.

However, it's about the 3rd or 4th time after signing the contract.

I think most women who receive a decent allowance can understand this.

In addition, there are many women who inevitably struggle with various questions such as, ``Is it okay to cut my dad right away? Should I wait a little longer? If I cancel my contract right away, will I be able to continue living?''

Because I am one of them.

However, what's a bit off-putting about these men is that some of them don't blatantly say dirty jokes when they're meeting each other.

There are people who say dirty jokes only during daily LINE interactions, and I feel like the number of men who say such things has increased recently.

Of course, there were also men who would laugh out loud and say dirty jokes when they met.

Personally, I'm out of pretty much everything.

So, these days, as soon as I find out about this type of man, I seek advice immediately, and if things don't improve, I try to cancel the contract.

If my mental health was a little stronger, I would probably be able to deal with it better, but I can't be that strong.

And since all the dads I have contracted with elsewhere are amazing, I can't help but compare them.

Originally, I don't think it's a good idea to measure men on the same scale when it comes to daddy activities.

When it comes to men who say these kinds of excessive dirty jokes, I can't help but compare them.

Men who make a lot of dirty jokes will escalate the situation.

This is my experience, so it may not apply to all men.

This is just a man I met who said, ``I felt like that was the case a lot.''

Once I get him to accept the dirty jokes, he stops talking about anything but sex, and eventually tries to do things that I don't like.

In the first place, someone like me, who doesn't like talking about dirty jokes on LINE every day, said, ``〇〇-chan, you're easy to feel.Next time, daddy will buy a 〇〇-like toy, so I'll try playing 〇〇-like. Do you want to watch it?” he asks.

Normally, I would say, "Huh?"

For example, there was a man who responded like this when I turned him down.

I'd say something like, "Yeah? I see, you don't really like it. Well, daddy needs to teach you a little more so you can like it. Then, I'm sure you'll like 〇〇-type plays." , sometimes he tries to force me to play the way he wants.

I think this is a surprisingly high percentage of men who frequently say dirty things when they're trying to be dads.

Because many times I have had a hard time saying no.

For that reason, it's okay to say soft dirty jokes at an early stage, but I've recently been preparing to cancel the contract as soon as a man shows signs of starting to say some serious dirty jokes. There is.

If possible, I would like to be a stress-free father.

What I don't want men who say dirty jokes to misunderstand is that women who are active dads are not prostitutes.

If you say yes to everything and forgive, I wonder if that's how you see it? There were many parts in the past where I thought, ``This is not good.''

However, this is just ``my way of being a dad,'' and I don't recommend it to all women.

However, from my experience, I say to women who are not good at dirty jokes, ``Doesn't it get tiring to have long-term contracts with men like that?''

Especially when you're older, the content can be really tough for some men.

If there is a woman who is a father who is suffering from similar feelings, it would be better to cancel the contract immediately and meet another man.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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