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I would avoid dad activities on this day Vol.2


You shouldn't act like a dad when you're on your period.

This is just my theory, so I'm not saying it applies to all women who are trying to become fathers.

This is just my opinion, or rather, my style.

When you're a dad, you're bound to get seduced by your dad and end up having sex.

And most women probably accept it.

However, she appears in front of her father even though she is on her period.

Of course, to put it nicely, sex is not the only thing daddy does.

However, all men who are fathers love the women they have contracts with.

So, it's natural for adults to want to hold them.

Also, dads who have a contract that includes sex take care of women who are active as dads.

However, monthly menstruation is something that women take for granted.

Of course, there are bound to be children who become unwell, and there are bound to be children who are in a bad mood. (There are probably many women who are concerned about swelling.)

That's why there are probably very few girls who have sex during their period. (It might be different if you're a real fanatic...but if it were me, I'd probably refuse because it would make me bleed.)

As someone who considers daddying to be a service industry, showing up knowing that the contracted man is asking for sex, and knowing that he can't fulfill that request, is a matter of "rules". I feel like it's a violation.

Of course, even if I go there because I'm on my period, my dad is generally kind and considerate of me, and I think he'll accept me.

However, the contracted man shows up on the spot, gets paid well, and goes home knowing that he is not expected to have ``everything a woman has to offer.''

If it were me, I definitely wouldn't do it.

To be honest, I feel like being a father while on your period is extremely disrespectful to men.

First of all, as I said earlier, menstruation is not just about sex.

This includes things like physical condition.

This is just me, though.

It's like I'm getting an allowance for making light suggestive things to men, and it makes me feel really bad.

In the first place, when it comes to being a dad, it is not natural to have men pay attention to you.

Even among women who are active fathers, there are quite a few who have the wrong perception of their fathers. (She was also around me, so I was careful.)

Certainly, there are elements in daddy life where a ``gentleman'' helps a woman.

However, as long as I receive an allowance, I believe that I should be more considerate of my father.

I guess you could say that by being considerate, men will treat you like a gentleman, and you can achieve a balance.

That's why we shouldn't put too much emphasis on the ``compassion'' aspect of either of them. (If I do, can I say that the balance will eventually collapse?)

So, I am always grateful to the man who became my father through my fatherhood activities, and although it is within my capabilities, I would like to make it come true if it is possible.

On the other hand, I think that I am receiving an allowance.

So for me, meeting my dad during my period is a no-brainer.

When you can't afford it

When I'm a dad, there are times when I don't have time to do it once every six months.

For example, when you spend too much money on a hobby, or when you get into a fight with a friend.

Honestly, when I say things like this, I'm not able to maintain a good mental state.

For this reason, even if the father has the intention of having a ``normal conversation'' with the father under contract, there is a possibility that he will become ``severe in his tone'' or behave in a ``rude manner.''

That's because in the past, I showed an attitude that I don't normally show to my father, who was under contract with me at the time, and I made him feel ``in a bad mood.'' As a result, the relationship could not be repaired and the contract was canceled. Something happened. (She was a really wonderful father, and she regretted it later.)

What I have learned from my past is that we should provide services with sufficient margin.

If I'm short on money, I'll appeal to my dad without realizing it and end up causing him trouble.

Of course, I'm sure my dad will understand because I'm a dad, but if you've been working as a dad for many years, even if you receive allowances like that, you won't be able to stay with the same dad for long.

However, if you have the time, you can interact with your father in a ``natural'' manner, so you can receive your allowance naturally, and above all, because you are not putting ``pressure'' on your father, your father will feel comfortable with you. It should be easy to give the allowance. (What I saw and felt)

I guess I can say that there was no strange atmosphere.

Therefore, when I am working as a father, I limit myself to times when I feel confident in myself. (An important element is that he is able to make calm decisions even when his father has something important to talk about.)

If you can't afford it, avoid being a dad, even if it's only for a month.

Previously, there was a time when I didn't do anything as a dad for about 3 months. (Money was hard, but I guess I was more willing to do it than cause trouble to my dad.)

I will never meet different dads on the same day and night.

I've heard people around me say that busy kids sometimes do this.

I absolutely don't.

I've heard stories of women being held by different dads day and night, but in my mind, when it comes to being a dad, this is too much of a concern for dads with contracts. This is something I would never do because I think it's rude.

So, if I only do it during the day and I end up with my dad, I'll definitely avoid being a dad at night.

If a different father invites me, I will definitely refuse.

To add to this, even if I went on a trip overseas with my dad and immediately received an invitation from a different dad after returning home, I would probably avoid it for a few days.

Personally, if I'm traveling domestically with my dad, I'd be fine with a quick date with another dad in between.

However, when it comes to traveling overseas, I spend a surprising amount of time paying attention to my dad, so I take a few days off before meeting a different dad and take a break from my dad activities.

If you look at it this way, even though I seem to be spending all my time as a father, there may be a surprising number of days throughout the year that I avoid it.

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