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Be careful with dads who say this Vol.3


Dad talks too much about the past

Honestly, I don't like this type of dad.

Why are you not good at it? That being said, there's a reason for that.

I just want you to hear this as my personal opinion.

Perhaps there are many women who are active fathers who can relate to this.

I think when you spend time with your dad, you start to spend time talking about various things.

Some of these conversations may include private conversations.

So, don't some dads sometimes put pressure on you by telling you stories about their past hardships? To be honest, I have quite a lot of this type.

Even from my position as a father, I can't help but feel like I want to say something to a woman who is active as a father, and I wonder if the more time we spend together, the closer we will begin to feel. .

Therefore, there will be more meddling.

Yes, as an adult, let's understand by giving in 100 steps.

However, if I tell you my true feelings, there are many times when it just sounds like a troublesome conversation.

Of course, I'm indebted to my dad, so I'm sure he's worried about me.

The more you say things like, ``〇〇-chan, is it better to do this?'' or ``This is what my dad was like when he was young...'' the more he tries to cross the ``borderline that I don't want him to cross.'' There are quite a few dads.

However, I always think that no matter where we go, Dad and I are strangers.

It's no exaggeration to say that we're together because we're dads, and we're connected through money.

The end of money is the end of relationships.

The way I see my dad is just a business relationship.

There's even a dad who takes stories from his past, connects them with stories of hardships, and eventually forces them on him.

I think the father's story of hardship and success story is amazing and I honestly learned a lot from it.

But that doesn't mean it applies to all women, and people get a little angry when I tell them that.

I don't know what it is, I guess you could say it's annoying.

To me, it just looks like he's feeling sad because things aren't going the way he wants.

The more you talk to this type, the more troublesome it becomes.

Then there are some dads who, when they express their feelings, give off the aura of not making excuses to adults.

You see, many women who become fathers do it basically because they need the money, don't they? I feel like I'm being grabbed by that when I talk about it, and I'm really bad at it.

The more the story goes on, the more it feels like he's being indirectly told something like, ``Don't have fun and earn a lot of money by being a daddy.'' (This is by no means a paranoia)

However, the first thing that dads should realize is, ``Being a dad isn't all that easy, right?'' Living the life of a dad is surprisingly tiring.

After all, it's not that easy because I'm in a position to match men with different personalities, and what's more, I have a sense of mission to heal my dad every time.

However, there are many men who fully understand this.

From my experience, I have the impression that men who understand the ``roots'' of women who are working as fathers are often the type who don't talk about their pasts.

That's why I don't get along well with men who talk too much about their past and talk about their hardships, so I try to keep my distance from them.

In the first place, when talking about hardships like that, the person himself speaks it as a finishing touch, and basically, it is persuasive because he reads it first and feels it. Not impressed.

I'm sure any woman who is a father would instantly read when she sees a wonderful man.

I guess that's why I can't believe it.

That's why I recently signed a contract with a man like that, but he canceled the contract after about a month. (The other man lectured me too much)

A dad who doesn't have a sense of cleanliness

This type of man might be the most impossible for me.

I'm sure there are many women who have an image of being classy and beautiful among the men introduced to them at dating clubs.

However, among the men who say that, there are also men who are quite unclean.

Where can I find that?

For example, how you behave while eating.

There are some men who burp loudly while drinking alcohol.

Of course, everyone seems to know the place, such as a public bar, but even in such places, many of the men who would burp without any problem were quite filthy.

No, perhaps it's ``uncleanliness that comes from being sloppy.''

I may be the only man I've ever met while doing daddy activities, but he had dirty teeth, scratched his crotch in front of women, and smelled like an old man...

After all, if you sign a contract with your dad, there will always be a "physical relationship" somewhere...

In that case, if the father who signed the contract is unclean, it would be very harsh, and it would be difficult to point it out to him several months after the contract was signed.

Needless to say, the more time passes, the more difficult it becomes to convey this.

Therefore, when I first meet someone, I try to check their appearance as much as possible.

When it comes to teeth, we look at the person's smile and judge if they are dirty or if they are well-maintained.

As for the rest, I won't know until I sign a contract with him and spend some time with him.

However, seeing this first tooth is surprisingly important.

That alone gives you a glimpse of the man's personality.

Honestly, being a dad has changed the way I look at men.

I get a little strict, or rather, I get into the habit of focusing on things that I can't touch (for example, a person's scent), so I try not to bring that into my private life as much as possible.

After all, when you spend time with your friends in your private life, there are times when they are of the same generation, but you don't care about that part, right? I don't care at all.

He may be interested because he is a father and there is a very high possibility that he will have a physical relationship with him.

To all the women who are trying to become fathers, what do you do when you meet a man with such uncleanness? My friend said that she always makes sure to take a shower before having sex, but I don't think I can do it even after taking a shower.

By the way, all of the dads I currently have contracts with are clean and smell nice.

All women love a good scent, and I think they all have that in common.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

Articles by Kumiko Mine

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