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Timing for physical relationship in dad life


Some women have relationships with their fathers right away.

Sex with a dad comes almost always when you are active as a dad.

Of course, I occasionally hear women say that they don't have a relationship, but if you ask me, that's a lie, right? I think so.

Many people who are not active as dads view having a physical relationship with their dad as ``evil.''

But that's completely different.

No matter how active a father is, a woman who is active as a father should be in a relationship with her father as a person-to-person relationship.

That's why I think it's natural to have a sense of security and love, and it's natural for sex to be part of that.

And I don't think there's anything embarrassing about my physical relationship with my dad, on the contrary, what's shameful and what's wrong? She even has doubts.

However, there are many women who are active fathers and hide this aspect of themselves because they find it quite negative even in conversations with other women.

Of course, there are some cases where it is hidden as a private matter.

However, from what I've heard from people around me, it's quite rare that people don't talk about it for the latter reason.

I have the impression that most people stop the conversation even if I bring up the topic because it's a topic they don't want me to touch on, and that's what I experienced.

By the way, if you ask me, I'll tell you.

After all, I love my dad, so what's wrong with having sex with the dad I love so much? What are you embarrassed about? Because I think so.

This time's topic is about what's to come.

When do women who are active as dads have sex with their dads? That part.

Maybe everyone is different? All of my female friends who are active fathers have completely different timings.

So, I would like to talk about the timing of my relationship with my father.

No matter how good the contract terms are, I have to meet with my dad at least four times.

Previously, I had a relationship with my dad after meeting him about twice.

Yes, she had sex with her father surprisingly easily.

Of course, I can't deny that my personality makes me easy to fall in love with, but that's not the only thing.

I feel like if we don't start a relationship early, my dad won't sign a long-term contract with me. That's because my anxiety was greater.

However, as I've been working as a dad for a long time, it goes without saying that I later learned that no matter how quickly you can have sex with a daddy under contract, that alone won't lead to a long-term contract.

Yes, whether you end up having a relationship soon or not, sex is certainly important in the life of a father, and it may be fair to say that almost all men aim for that.

But, in the end, people get tired of just doing that, so how much more can I offer a service that is different from the women around me? So, a long-term contract has been decided.

Of course, this is only for women with normal appearance.

If this person has the appearance and status of a model or actress, that will be added to the sex plus, so there is a high possibility that it will become a long-term contract.

Because these are not women you would normally meet.

However, women who are active as fathers are not the only women of such high level.

What I'm talking about is for people who don't look perfect, myself included.

There's no way you can win against a woman who says that based on her appearance, and there's no need to compete.

After all, each woman has a different personality, and you can create some kind of weapon that will stand up to beautiful women with the same appearance.

Personally, I think about things that would make my dad happy, like cooking, and do it right away. (If a beautiful woman could do this perfectly, there might not be a chance for me to appear...)

That's why we first need to abandon the idea that daddy life only means sex.

Having sex with your dad is important, but you can't just focus on that.

With that in mind, I usually meet people about four times before starting a relationship.

This is because, as I have personally experienced, men who don't have four relationships never go beyond that, even if they meet once or twice and have a relationship.

I have had quite a bit of experience with this.

However, I don't know if it's better to say "I'll put up with it until 4 times," but I'm a man who enjoys this service (entertaining, soothing, etc.) along with me purely as a father.

Until the 4th time, a man doesn't have sex with me, but he treats me and says I'm cute.

These men are generally easy to sign long-term contracts with, and the other men will also seek it out.

Of course, even such a patient man will eventually have sex, but the problem is how to get there.

There are quite a few men who are stubborn.

What can I say?

I wonder if it's okay to say that he's not an adult, or that he's not a gentleman.

In my experience, the last minute line to determine this is 4 times.

If you go beyond this, you're more likely to be turned off by men, and if you start a relationship earlier than this, you're more likely to end up with a short-term contract, so it's a pretty difficult line to draw.

This goes without saying, but the situation changes depending on the man's personality.

What I'm saying is just my average experience.

Also, in my case, the men who asked for sex from the beginning often didn't follow the basic rules of play.

For example, condoms are easy to understand.

Things like, ``Daddy doesn't want to wear a condom, but is that okay?'' or ``I'll pay a little extra, so can I come inside?''

It's just not good.

However, men who strictly follow the rules will never do anything you don't like, and on the other hand, there are many men who will say, "Should I put a condom on you?"

Just from my experience, gentleman men who say that kind of thing are usually able to put up with it until they meet four times, and they tend not to ask for a body right away. (It's a matter of percentage)

However, there are certainly some female friends around me who just form a relationship the first time around and just connect with each other.

However, unlike me, he doesn't have a long-term contract, and although he looks pretty good, his contract ends after an average of six months, probably because everything else is not working.

Of course, I think that each woman has her own way of working as a father, so I can't say that this is correct.

However, I use the above method to sign an average yearly contract with every dad. (There are some exceptions, but they are really few.)

If you have a different approach than me and can only manage short-term contracts, please give it a try.

It may be surprisingly effective.

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