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How to get XNUMX million yen as a dad part XNUMX

This is Mac, who has been a male member of Universe for 5 years.I asked for a uniform adult allowance of XNUMX yen regardless of the other party.

I am such a permanpapa (because pa has five fingers), but I once sent XNUMX million yen in cash to a woman I was dating by courier.

What made you want to do that?

The psychology that makes dads or men feel like giving money to women is exactly what daddy girls are concerned about.So, I thought I'd put together a column article and post it here for self-analysis.

Please come along if you like.

Have you ever been told by your daddy, "I want you to go out with me alone. I'll be your only one, too"?

That is 99% false.

I want to have sex with other women even though I have a strong desire for monopoly.

Don't trust it because it's such a lying dad's cliché.

The remaining XNUMX% are men who say, "I really want to date more than one person, but I don't have enough money."

I'm not saying that there aren't men out there who really want a one-on-one relationship.

There was a friend of mine who was also divorced and had a girlfriend, but was worried about the compatibility at night.

I told him about the Universe Club and recommended it to him.

"I understand how it works. But wait a minute."


"I can't do it unless I break up with my current girlfriend. So please wait until you break up."

There are straight men like this who split bamboo.

In the end, after he broke up with that girlfriend, instead of going to the Universe Club, he looked for a woman who didn't cost anything from the beginning and became friends.

There are men who want a one-on-one relationship, but I look for such people where it doesn't cost money.

Therefore, in a system called Universe where men pay money to find a lover, a man who says, "I want to date you alone," is as suspicious as "It's all a scam to send cash with a letter pack."

Despite this, there are many women who believe the words "I want to date only one person".

I wonder why?

I think it's probably because there are more women than men who have a strong feeling that "it's okay to have a partner alone".

I think men are the same because I am.

Some women say, "Men can be in relationships with other women, but I can only have physical relationships with one man."

So did the XNUMX million yen woman in the title.

So, in the beginning, I also met and hung out with other women I was dating.

Since then, I have come to hate it.

Is it around the time the two of you went on a trip together?

Before I met him, he had never had a boyfriend, and it seemed like his dream was to travel with a man, so he seemed happy.

It's a common story, but she was from a women's high school and women's college, and I didn't meet her.

At first, it was a dating club, and she probably thought it didn't matter how much the other man was hanging out, but when she got into it, it seems that women get lonely after all.

It would be nice if women could find other dads or boyfriends, but this girl didn't seem to be able to dexterously cross the line, so she continued to date me alone.

One day, we were walking down the street together and passed by the window of a Tiffany's store.

Then she stopped and said,

"This is my favorite necklace, but I don't think anyone in my life will ever buy it for me, so I'm thinking of saving up my own money and buying one someday."

I went into the store immediately and bought the necklace for her.

I always emphasized that it was only 5 allowance each time.That's why he didn't think that he would buy something like that from me, so he was surprised and confused, but no.I'm weak in this kind of thing.

Isn't that her strategy?Didn't it fit the mold well?Many people think that, but this girl said this on her first date.

“I am a virgin. May I have your time?"

We didn't repeat dinner dates, and I didn't contact her, but after about 3 months, when I really forgot about her, I got a call from the other side.

"I have made up my mind. Thank you."

It seems that he met with about four people and decided on me.

Although I was offered "I don't need any allowance", of course I gave the allowance.My default is a total of 5, which is 5 each time plus 10 gifts.

She accepted it without refusal.

development from there.Honeymoon means something like that, right?

As I wrote in my previous article, I don't think I'll be able to meet a woman who is worth more than that.

That's the kind of girl I was, so I didn't think that the Tiffany's necklace matter was very contrived.

The reason she muttered, "I'm sure no one in my life will buy this for me," wasn't a strategy to get me to buy it. In addition to that, since he met me, he said that he might not be able to have a boyfriend anymore.

Again, without any emotion, he says it as if he were talking to himself.

Maybe she didn't really understand what the words she said meant.

I couldn't stand it anymore, so I bought her a necklace.

Rather than for her sake, as a first-aid treatment for the wounds in my heart that were deeply stabbed by her words.

I wrote about the ex-wife who got married as a virgin and broke up with her, the woman who met her later and didn't get married and made her unhappy, and the shadow of her ex-wife who made her unable to remarry. I think that I projected my dead self onto the girl.

I felt like I was about to cry, really helpless.

This girl is of the same race as me.

Don't make me unhappy this time.

around here today.See you next time.


My registered name at UNIVA is also "Mr. Mac".The registered branch is Nagoya.If the article is interesting, please comment directly using the "It's nice♡" function.It's encouraging.

Article by Mac

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