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How to get XNUMX million yen as a dad part XNUMX

This is Mr. Mac, a dad who is active with 5 yen per adult.

As for the figure of 5 yen, it's definitely possible, and 5 yen every time on the app seems to be a god dad, and in the so-called Minato-ku girls' neighborhood in Tokyo, it's at the level of "What is that, transportation expenses?"

I've heard that there are actually cases of 100 million each time, and there are actually dads who pay 300 a month and just go out to drink in Kitashinchi once or twice a month.

Compared to those big dads, I'm a small dad, but I once sent XNUMX million yen in cash to a certain daddy girl by courier.

Why did I come to such a state of mind with 5 papas every time?

It is the subject of this column article to unravel there.Please come along if you like.

By the way, I am writing this on February 2th, and this morning I received chocolates from that very girl.

I run a small company, and when I went to work in the morning, it was hung on the doorknob of the back door that only I use.

"It's Valentine's Day, so it's chocolate. It seems that it's a chocolate to eat with wine. Please eat it if you like." A handwritten message card was attached.

I was surprised because I had just started writing this column.What timing.

It makes my heart beat that you brought it to the company instead of mailing it.

I'm sure he left home early in the morning and stopped by my office on his way to work.

Maybe you thought you'd see me.

I haven't seen you in months.And we may never meet again.

I sent a thank you note, but no response.

Well, I'm going to pick myself up and write about love today.

Papa-katsu is often referred to as “pseudo-love”.

It's like love, but it's not love.

What is that?

What was love like in the first place?

Start with love.

Which do you prefer, being in love with a man or being in love with a man?

I think there are a lot of people who say, "It's better to be loved!"

I'm over 60 and looking back on my life, I think I'm happier on the side of being in love.

Have you ever been confessed to by a man you didn't even like and been followed?

I don't want to be resented for being too cold, so I'm worried about something.

Sometimes it looks like a stalker.

Unrequited love is a kind of violence.The person in love doesn't have that awareness, so it's bad to dispose of it.

Popular man, popular child, it is everyday.

From the side, it looks enviable, but for the people themselves, it's nothing but troublesome work.

Suppose there is a grandmother who is over 70 years old and obsessed with male idols.

It's funny to look at, but he's serious.

in love

Don't you think grandma is happier than popular man and popular child?

It means that the person in love is happier than the person being loved.

about love.

The difference between love and love is subtle, but I think love is intense feelings towards the opposite sex, and love is more broad and gentle.

What they have in common is their love for others.

Love and love are closely related.

The first thing a person feels when they are born is the love they receive from their parents.

Then they grow up and fall in love with the opposite sex.

Fall in love and feel happy, and be in a position to give love to children and people around you.

So love is born of love and love is born of love.

If this cycle does not work well, you will fall into love failure.

Even though the desire to love and be in love is strong, if the foundation for it is not built, a backflow of feelings will occur, such as wanting to be loved and to be loved.

If you haven't received enough, you can't give to others.

It can be replaced by distorted emotions such as possessiveness and jealousy.

Love feelings, possessiveness and jealousy.

These three are completely different things.

Even though romantic feelings are scarce, there are times when possessiveness and jealousy are strong.

In terms of dad life, it's a dad who orders "Don't go out with men other than me."

Or a jealous papa prying, "Are you meeting another man?"

I digress, but if you are a healthy man and woman, you have the desire for love, as well as the desire for food, sleep, and sex.

And love and romance circulate and make people's hearts happy.

However, as you can see from the example of Mote-o-san and Moteko-san, love can sometimes cause trouble for the other person.

Also, if the man is married, he imposes the risk of adultery on the other woman.

So I'll pay you to let me fall in love with you.That's pseudo-love.

It is love in Papa Katsu.

Of course, it would be nice if there were only healthy pseudo-romances like this, but as I wrote earlier, there are many dads who want to be loved, who want to be loved, or who have possessiveness or jealousy.

On the other hand, there are many daughters who are falling in love with papa katsu girls, no, on the side of papa katsu girls.

There are many daughters who grow up without the love of their parents and live as dads.

But on the other hand, there are men and women who want to love and want to be in love, so in the end it's a matter of matching.

Well, I'm talking about a plausible accumulation like this, but then, was the XNUMX million yen I sent to that girl a reward for letting me have a pseudo-romance?

No, it's done with XNUMX each time.

There was no price for love.

This article is for you to check it yourself.

Writing is how I organize my feelings.

And I don't regret sending XNUMX million yen at all.

I feel rather refreshed.

I wonder why?

That's all for today.See you next time, good luck.


My registered name at UNIVA is also "Mr. Mac".The registered branch is Nagoya.If the article is interesting, please comment directly using the "It's nice♡" function.It's encouraging.

Article by Mac

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