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How to get XNUMX million yen as a dad part XNUMX

My name is Mac, and I used to write articles for the men's column "Darling". I am also a respondent to the "Papa Active Anonymous Question Box".

He has been a male member of Universe for five years and has offered dozens of women.Currently, we are continuing with XNUMX to XNUMX people, and the adult allowance is XNUMX yen each time.

I am a XNUMX yen dad who is not Kumagoro, but I once sent a wad of XNUMX million yen to a woman I was dating by courier.

What made you want to do that?

I thought that women would be more interested in this story than men, so I posted it in Cinderella, a column for women.Please come along if you like.

By the way, have you ever thought “I want to get married” with a dating partner you met in Papa Katsu?

I have

Or rather, to be honest, everyone wants to marry someone who has had sex.

I keep quiet because it makes me feel sick.

I am divorced and single, but I met my ex-wife when I was in college.

I had sex for the first time as a virgin and a virgin, and after a few months I got married.

That's why when I say, "I want to marry the person I've had sex with," it's not even a lie.

I decided that I would only have one ex-wife for the rest of my life without cheating on me.

The reason I got divorced was because she had a mental illness.

I could have given my life to marry her instead of divorcing her, but I couldn't stand it.

Do you know "Chieko-sho"?I couldn't become Kotaro Takamura.

If you want to criticize, please criticize as much as you want.

I will accept it.

But I still love my ex-wife.

Besides, there is no man other than me who can remind me of my ex-wife when she was beautiful and cute.

When I got divorced and moved back to my parents' house, I gave her the full amount that was in my bank account at that time.

I'm not a woman who spends a lot of money, so I don't think I'll have a problem with living expenses, but if it's necessary, I'll send as much as I can.

because she can't work anymore.

Around the time I got divorced, I started playing around.

Not in a dating club, but with women of the same generation or a little younger than you normally meet.

And each time, if I had married this woman instead of my ex-wife, would my life have been different?That's all I was thinking.

There were times when I was asked to actually get married.But I couldn't.

Why didn't you want to get married?

Below is a self-analysis.

Starting with the beautiful things, first of all, I was reluctant to make myself happy while making my ex-wife unhappy.

I hope my ex-wife forgets me completely.

She is the kind of woman who still treasures the beautifully patterned leaflets she exchanged with her friends when she was in kindergarten.

The first bouquet of roses that I gave you must have been made into dried flowers and still be treasured to this day.

If I get remarried, I'll turn down that glimmer of hope that I'll come pick him up again someday.

Kindness is more important than love.

No, kindness is too cool.It's my weakness

What if my ex-wife died before me?

Then I will be able to remarry.

But I'm past my XNUMXth birthday too.

Age-wise, it would be impossible.

The next thing that comes to mind is my belief that sex = marriage.

As I wrote at the beginning, when I was young, I assumed that having sex meant marrying that woman.

That is the man's responsibility.

don't laugh

Showa, no, it may be an earlier way of thinking.

That's why I married my ex-wife, and every woman I've had sex with after that really says, ``I want to marry this woman. I hope.

But of course, sex doesn't equal marriage.

So what is marriage?

why do people get married

Marriage is a legal system, so the answer is written in the Civil Code.

Mutual Support Obligations.

chastity duty.

These two.

The financially powerful side has to feed them, and they can't have sex with other people.

That's the contract.

It's not that if you have sex you have to get married, it's that if you're married you can't have sex with anyone else.

I think it's a good system for people who have a strong desire to monopolize or dominate, or people who are jealous.

People who are worried about the economic power to live will also be grateful.

But I am neither.

So I lost sight of the significance of why I got married.

This is despite the fact that once you have sex, you want to marry her because of old beliefs.

It's a strange feeling.

Next, as a low-level reason why I don't remarry, there is the point that if I get married, I won't be able to have sex with young women like I can now.

Because one of the essences of marriage is the duty of chastity.

Actually this is not that big of an issue for me.

You can stop playing like this at any time.

At least, I can write it down like this, so I think so on the surface of my heart.

I don't know deep down or subconsciously.

Because, if I was someone who originally wanted to do that kind of thing, wouldn't I have played more when I was younger?

I was late, but I don't think I was an unpopular guy if I wanted to.

I have never been to a soapland, a health club, or even a cabaret club or lounge.

I was really happy with my wife.

Since I joined the dating club, I've been having a lot of fun, but I realized my mistake that sex is not marriage. I think it was from the feeling that I should try to spit out all the things like sexual desire inside.

This idea of ​​mine may be unexpectedly feminine.

When I was young, I thought that sex meant marriage, and as I spent my life knowing only my husband, I felt like I was losing my life when I turned 40, so I joined a dating club belatedly. There are women who have started to work, right?

I am the very male version of that.

Before and after my divorce, I began to persuade women of my generation or a little younger to have sex with me.

Some of them have hurt me by making them dream of marrying me.

At that time, I felt like I understood a little more about the meaning of the institution of marriage.

It was also a system that chained people who could not control their sexual desires and romantic desires and caused trouble to others.

After that, a friend told me about a dating club and I joined.

I didn't want to hurt anyone any more, so it was really a boat.

And the title is "Takkyubin's Daughter of XNUMX Million Yen".

Who do you think you looked like?

Not to my ex-wife.

She resembled the woman I met after my ex-wife and whom I hurt because I couldn't marry her.

I never thought I would meet someone like this in a dating club.

Today's story has become too long.I'll end here.See you next time, good luck.


My registered name at UNIVA is also "Mr. Mac".The registered branch is Nagoya.If the article is interesting, please comment directly using the "It's nice♡" function.It's encouraging.

Article by Mac

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