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How to get XNUMX million yen as a dad part XNUMX

My name is Mac, and I have been a male member of Universe Club for 5 years.We are active in XNUMX uniforms every time we have an adult treatment.

I am such a 5 yen dad, but I once sent a woman XNUMX million yen by courier.

What made you feel that way?

Before I forget, I decided to write down what I felt and thought.

Please come along if you like.

Well, last time (Part XNUMX), I wrote a story about buying a necklace for this girl.

The continuation of that.

After graduating from virginity, after several dates, I was completely fascinated by this girl's sensitivity.

For a while longer, I want to develop this girl by myself without having sex with other men.

That's what I thought when I was faced with such wonderful materials.

A craftsman's desire that is different from a monopoly desire.

So my first thought was to make this girl completely dependent on me.

This is because it opens your mind and makes it easier for your brain to turn on.

What hinders a woman's climax is the memory of past bad sex, and what deepens her climax is her relationship with a man.

So, before you can develop physically, you need to deepen your spiritual relationship to the extreme.

Isn't there a lot of men who don't understand this and just run around with toys and other techniques?

The following may be a little uncomfortable for women, but if you don't write the facts honestly, you won't be able to see the essence of this story, so please forgive me.

What I used for this girl was "verbal abuse", "raw vaginal cum shot", and "sudden call".

Please read carefully to the end without feeling antipathy.

I have a little concern.This column is geared towards women, but I'm sure men are reading it too.

Don't jump to conclusions and try to imitate them.

I observed this girl carefully and thought that she was suitable for this girl, so I did it.

By the way, it looks like SM, but it's different from SM.

Dare I say "soft DV"?

Mental DV play.

It's not a technique that can be used with any woman, and it can actually worsen relationships.

If you are a woman who has trauma from domestic violence, you may get a negative reaction just by reading this sentence that I am writing.It's just "soft" and "pretend".

For verbal abuse, every time we have sex, I say things like, "You were born just to have sex with me. You are just a masturbator and a disposable pussy." I am a sex slave.

Raw creampie is literal.

I'm afraid of sexually transmitted diseases, so I always use a condom when I have sex with my dad.Even if the other person says, "I don't care if I'm alive."

Rather, I don't have sex with a woman who says that kind of thing, let alone rubber.Because she's probably having sex with other men, she's at high risk for venereal disease.

The XNUMX million yen girlfriend has no experience with men other than me, so I don't have to worry about sexually transmitted diseases.

Regarding pregnancy, I ejaculated only on safe days according to the Ogino formula.

Please don't write comments like, "Do you know what percentage of Ogino's formula fails? You're disrespecting women!"I know.

By all means, here I am writing the facts that I have come.Again, if you don't write it correctly, you won't be able to see the essence of this story.

Let me calculate by myself and make a line saying "I can do vaginal cum shot on XNUMXth and XNUMXth this month, so please."It is important to ask for vaginal cum shot from yourself.

It's not my evasion of responsibility.It is important in the sense of obedience.

Of course, I am also a man, so I feel the pleasure of vaginal cum shot.

But more than that, in the case of this girl, I aimed to raise the climax stage further.

Even though I have a condom with other dating girls, only I am vaginal cum shot.

Am I treated worse than the other girls?

No, it's not because she has deep feelings for me alone.

It must be so.Sad otherwise.

It induces self-judgment in conflict.

If you ask me what exactly I do when I guide you, while you treat me badly, I also treat you kindly.

Say "I like you" and "You're cute" about 100 times on each date, and give them a gentle hug and pat on the head.

That kind of special feeling drives me in.

It's not often talked about, but one of the big reasons women who are victims of domestic violence can't leave their men is gentle sex after being assaulted.

Heaven and Hell.

With a drop, the pleasure of heaven is made more conspicuous.

My technique this time doesn't use violence, but it's the same in that it uses the gap.

Hell is prepared to make heaven stand out.

The same goes for "urgent call".

By forcing her to come see me, I have no choice but to self-suggest that I like this man, that I am in love with him, in order to convince myself that I am going to have sex with him. Aim for

A woman tries to go to heaven to escape from hell.

The brain voluntarily tries to deeply accept the pleasure of sex.The circuit is connected and the heart is opened.

If reading this far offends anyone, I'm really sorry.

But don't you often hear stories about advanced papa-katsu-joshi taking advantage of the meal papa and receiving a large allowance?

It's the one that "swamps" Papa.

If you set a "swamp" from a man to a woman, it will look like this.

It's not like I'm making a triumphant face, and even at my level, please interpret it as if I could prepare a "swamp" like this if I felt like it.

If you don't want to be taken in by a man, you should keep this in mind.

Money is the purpose of papa live girls to swamp men, but the reason why I set a swamp on this girl is that I want to make her mentally dependent and lead sex to the extreme of brain orgasm. That was it.

I think the purpose has been achieved.

At first, it was only intermittent intermittent orgasms during sex, but with the first one stroke, he went "ahhh", lost consciousness all the time during the piston, and sometimes came back.

If you poke it deeply again, you will lose consciousness again.

that repetition.

How do you feel about yourself?

I'm starting to envy you.I would like to experience it myself.

One day, when I was satisfied with the development, she uttered the words I wrote in the previous article in front of the Tiffany's store.

"This is my favorite necklace, but I don't think anyone in my life will ever buy it for me, so I'm thinking of saving up my own money and buying one someday."

I was so preoccupied with her sexual development that I didn't think about her life at all.

This girl won't be young forever, and I'm just getting older.

How should I discriminate?

The result is XNUMX million yen.

I didn't decide right away.After two years of worrying and thinking, I came to the conclusion.

I could have played the bad guy in front of her, saying, "I'm tired of you, so I'm going to stop seeing you. Goodbye."

Rather, it might be easier for her to move on to a new life by completely denying and forgetting me, even if she feels sad for a while.

But I didn't want to be the bad guy.

I didn't want to be denied in her memory, and I wanted to continue being a special person.

Some might say, "It's just ego."

That's right.

I wanted to look good.

Well, it was a long story, but the next time is finally the last time.

We reach the climax.Please look forward to.


My registered name at UNIVA is also "Mr. Mac".The registered branch is Nagoya.If the article is interesting, please comment directly using the "It's nice♡" function.It's encouraging.

Article by Mac

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