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How to get XNUMX million yen as a dad part XNUMX

This is Mac, a male member who has been a member of Universe for XNUMX years.The allowance for adult dating has been consistent at XNUMX each time.

Although I am such a person, I once sent XNUMX million yen in cash to a woman I was dating by courier.

I don't regret it at all.I feel rather refreshed.

Why?As I write this column, I organize my feelings.Please join us if you don't mind.

This is sudden, but how did you all feel when you graduated from virginity?

The reason I'm asking is because I feel that my first experience with a man is related to how I feel as a woman afterwards.

Even if the first experience was painful, if you are satisfied with yourself and let me graduate well, it will be quicker to come after that.

Or that it's violent or that it's a level of traumatic experience that you don't want to remember.It becomes difficult for women to orgasm.

What do you think, are you okay?

In the first place, most women have never seen a woman other than themselves orgasm.

A man ejaculates and ends.It's simple and similar for everyone.However, women's orgasms vary greatly from person to person.

First off, I'm not trying to brag about being good at sex or anything like that in this women's column.

Because sex is a relationship.Some people agree with me, some people don't.

There are things a woman does before bed in order to truly open up and feel good.

It's relationship building.

For lovers, for example, looking at each other eye to eye.

Like a little skin-to-skin contact.

In papa katsu, it is difficult to take such a method between lovers.Because we weren't originally lovers.

So what you should do is to reassure the woman.

I'm done with this.

Clearly state allowances and give them in advance.

Declare that the rubber will be attached properly.

Check for NG.For example, students in the vocal music department of Otodai, or aspiring voice actors, don't want to give blowjobs because they care about their throats.

Decide on a break-up time.

Rather than complicated foreplay or toys, giving a woman peace of mind with this kind of consideration will lead to a lot more pleasure for a woman.

Substitute the relationship between lovers with a sense of security.

Then I go to bed and do foreplay and caresses, but here I can see the general reaction of the woman.

Clitoris or light vaginal orgasms may also be achieved by finger touch.

A spiteful woman might object by saying, "I can do as much as I want with acting."

It's true that a light orgasm that leans back and twitches may be able to act.

However, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes after insertion, when you just continue to poke your penis in the back of the vagina where it feels good, I think it's difficult to act.

I rolled back the whites of my eyes and was completely unresponsive as if I had passed out.

This is the real "Iki".

I don't remember anything after that.He doesn't remember when he orgasmed or what was done to him.

However, happy hormones fill not only the brain but also the whole body.

Women are so jealous.

A man feels good when he ejaculates, but I think it's about the twitching when a woman touches her chest and masturbates.

It does not reach the pleasure of a woman's real orgasm.

Back to the story, virginity graduation.

The development of women's ecstasy will be delayed if they imprint on their first experience that "sex is disgusting, just painful, and just tortured by men."

Even clitoris and light medium orgasms will not go away.

Or do not proceed from there.

When it develops from a clitoris or a light medium orgasm to a big orgasm that can be pushed up to the top of the head, it seems that there is a feeling that "circuits are connected" there.

When you feel the trauma of early sex, that's where your inhibitions come in.


The key to unlocking this block is a relationship like a lover, a sense of security and absolute trust in a man.

What should I do if, unfortunately, the first experience was not fun and the trauma made it difficult for me to orgasm?

In fact, I sometimes get along with such a girl.

If that's the case, be sure to reassure yourself.

In this case, "peace of mind" is monotonous, disciplined, effortless sex.

A sense of security about what kind of flow and what will be done from now on.

Endless repetition of monotonous sex with a man you can trust mentally.

Even if it doesn't feel good at all at first.

Half a year at the earliest, maybe two years depending on the person?

Little by little, just like the ice melts, before you know it, you'll naturally feel better, and you'll find yourself raising your voice.

Normally, I would give them a stronger stimulus and show them more and more new worlds.

My daughter who is carrying a trauma is different.

But to be honest, that kind of therapeutic sex is fine, but what I enjoy the most is nurturing from a virginity.

We care for and care for kittens as they are born.

I feel a sense of accomplishment as a guide when I can guide a woman to such heights with my own hands.

It's growing pretty fast too.

As I wrote many times, there is compatibility.

I like "nurture".

than the finished product.

I prefer to create things with my own hands rather than just watch them.

And the daughter of XNUMX million yen in the title.

The best work of my life as a man.

Such thoughts certainly exist.

Her luck in knowing me is far greater than she thinks.

Because I guided you, you were able to climb to that height.

I am a man and cannot experience the ecstasy of a woman's real orgasm, so by developing a woman, I may want to immerse myself in the feeling of seeing the world as she sees it.

That was the story today.

Good luck and see you next time.


My registered name at UNIVA is also "Mr. Mac".The registered branch is Nagoya.If the article is interesting, please comment directly using the "It's nice♡" function.It's encouraging.

Article by Mac

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