Transfer Greeting Trip Tokyo Edition

Ping pong

Mamiya-san: “Long time no see!”

Me: "I'm sorry. It's been a long time!"

I said, "Please eat this."

I gave Mr. Mamiya a gift of "Godiva Seasonal Truffles""Smart"pass.

Mamiya: “Thank you!”




Time goes back a little.Today, I'm going to the Universe Club Shibuya branch to say goodbye to my transfer.

For this transfer greeting, "Universe Club" is a must.

When I visited the Shibuya branch for the Papa Katsu Summit last time, and when I visited the Shibuya branch for the writer's interview, I carelessly forgot to bring a gift.Don't forget to bring your own souvenirs this time.

I had some errands in Azabu, so I bought some fancy Japanese sweets there and headed to the Universe Club Shibuya branch.This time it's perfect.

I arrived at Shibuya station a little earlier than planned, so I stopped by the restroom to kill time and adjust my time.Take out the larger one and clean is perfect.

Then walk towards the Shibuya branch.I adjusted the time at the restroom, so I plan to arrive exactly at the scheduled is perfect.

I thought it was perfect, but... Huh?


Souvenirs I bought in Azabu...where did they go? ? (smile)


Could it be the restroom at Shibuya Station?No, it's definitely in the toilet at Shibuya Station.What should I do.

I shouldn't have pooped when adjusting the time (laughs)

Back to the toilet at Shibuya Station?No, I don't have time to go back to Shibuya station.And even if I did go back, if someone took the gift with me, it would be the end.You'll be late, you won't have any souvenirs, and you'll be in a sweaty triple punch.

So my brain computer came up with a breakthrough.that is,


"Chikaku No Department Store De Kainaose'


I rush into a department store that happens to be on the way.I found a Godiva store there.

"Godiva" It's clearly over budget.

But I'm responsible for forgetting my souvenir in the bathroom.Let's solve this with money even if it's over budget.

I buy "Godiva's seasonal truffle" and rush to the Univa Shibuya was good.It looks like I'll be able to make it just in time.

And then the story goes back to the beginning.


· · · · ·


I said, "Please eat this."

I had to buy a new one in a hurry because I smart"I'll give it to you.

Mamiya: “Thank you!”

Mr. Mamiya: “I will share it with everyone at the branch!”

I said, "Please eat together."


Now, let's start the transfer greeting trip, the Tokyo edition.


Transfer Greeting Universe Club Edition

Me: “I was transferred to Osaka in April, and I came to say hello to Univa because I was taken care of.

Employee T-san: “Even if you go over there, you play hard, don’t you (laughs)?”

Me: "No~, I think I'll be quiet for a while because I'll probably be busy."

Employee T-san: “Yeah!! Really!?”

Me: "No, you're too surprised (laughs). I'm a serious salaryman in the first place!"


Today's Universe Club Shibuya branch is the shooting day of the next Papa Katsu Summit.Perhaps because of the preparations for the shooting, all the employees who took care of us at the last Papa Katsu Summit were there.Greetings to all of you.

After that, all I had to do was say hello to President Kida.

Mr. Mamiya: "The president will come soon, so please sit down and wait."

I will wait for the arrival of the president while chatting with the Univa employees for a while.

· · · · ·

In the meantime, President Kida came.

President Kida: "It's been a while, Mr. Flag Maker! I heard you!"

Me: “That’s right. I will be transferred to Osaka next month.”

President Kida: “You got fired because something strange happened to the company, right?”

President Kida makes a gesture of cutting his neck.

Me: “No, no (laughs). I don’t know. I usually work seriously.

President Kida: “Eh~!! Did you do something like work?

I said, "I was playing in between work (laughs)."

The president has the usual silly tension.As usual, the president is fine (laughs).

I chatted for a while with President Kida who was in such a mood.I am a little overwhelmed.

Me: “Speaking of which, are there any new employees starting this April?”

President Kida: “No, all of our female employees are the mistresses of 〇〇 (employee T).

yes.This is what I'm having trouble deciding on.Sexual harassment jokes by President Kida to female to deal with it.

Female employees also become president"It's wrong!!"Something that should be strong and immediately retorted.I'm weak in retorting without tsukkomi, so something"The president is slipping"A subtle atmosphere like this flows.

Only this best processing is still not able to grasp the correct answer.If there is a time to meet again, I would like to handle it a little better next time.


I would like to talk more slowly, but it seems that the shooting of Papa Katsu Summit will start soon, so it would be annoying if I stayed long.I'm going to apologize for the chat too.

I said, "Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you in the future, or if you have an interesting project. I look forward to working with you."

President Kida: "This is it! Since it's a great deal, we'll drop you off in front of the elevator."

President Kida and all the employees came out to the corridor one after another and followed me to the front of the elevator.

I step into the elevator and bow to everyone.

I said, “Thank you very much!”

President Kida and all employees: “Please do your best in Osaka too!

I said yes (laughs).

The elevator door will close.


What is this feeling?A little impressed.

I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank everyone at the Universe Club.


The elevator reaches the XNUMXst floor.The door opens and the streets of Shibuya and young people looking happy spread out before my eyes.

I feel like I'm back in reality.


Let's put a break in my activities like this.

Thank you so much to everyone at the Universe Club!


Well, last column (), I wrote greetings with women far away.This time it's the Tokyo edition after coming back to Tokyo.

Only a little bit related to Univa this time.I think that this will be the last column that puts an end to my column writer activities, so please bear with me.


Relocation Greeting Seriously Favorite Woman Edition

The history with this woman is a past column (  ) for your reference.

For those of you who don't like reading past columns, here's a simple explanation. →I fall in love with her.This is the flow.

For me, she is the person I want the most drama to unfold in this transfer greeting, but she is the most difficult person to schedule a date with.She always decides on a date on the spur of the moment.she will receive from her in the morning or evening of the day"Are you free today?"and line.That's the signal for a date with her.

I immediately told her about my transfer over the line, but partly because I was busy, our schedules didn't match up.

One day when my schedule happened to be free, she entered the line at the right time.

She said, "Are you free today?"

By the way, she is an esthetician.

She said, "I'm renting a salon from an acquaintance to work today, but I don't have a reservation after XNUMX:XNUMX, so if you don't mind, would you like to come to the salon? I'm too busy to make appointments, so I'll give you a massage instead!"

I said, "I'm free! And I'm happy to have a massage."

I'm already exhausted from drinking and working hard every day.I'm happy to meet you, but honestly, it's helpful to invite me for a massage.After work, I drive to a salon in Tokyo.


Ping pong

She said yes!

Gutsuriesute's older sister.She comes out looking like that.She is rather fresh.

She said, “I’m sorry!

Me: "It's okay. I'm happy just to meet you."

She said, "Thank you, me too! Then please come inside."

While receiving her massage, we chatted and reported on the current situation as usual. ”This is the last time we meet” is not even a speck of dust.

She seems to have a lot of trouble with her work, so I listen to her stories.She doesn't seem to be doing her job very well.

I'm really worried about her future.I wonder if she's okay

Up until now, when she was in trouble, I was able to rush over and help her, but from now on, that won't be the case.

"Support by sending money"It would be easy if you could take that method, but she would never accept that kind of thing.

As I wrote in a previous column,"Forcibly hand over cash"Although she accepted it reluctantly because I gave it to her.

If she has the energy and physical strength to earn money by working as a dad, I can feel relieved in a sense.She doesn't seem to care anymore.

“People who do not have a stable job to earn money can live independently in Tokyo”

When I listen to her story, I realize once again that it's really a big deal.

After the massage, it was already XNUMX:XNUMX.It's late, so today I'll take her to her house in my car.

 I go out first and bring the car to the bottom of the saloon.In the meantime, she finished cleaning up and came out.

“Thank you for today,” she said.

I said, "Thank you very much. My body has become more comfortable! I'm sorry that I was spoiled by your words today."

She said, "I've always wanted to give something back."

She seems tired or not very energetic.she is worried

· · · · ·

She said, "I've been doing this job for a long time, but recently I'm really wondering if it's time to change jobs."

Me: “That’s right.

she said "yes..."

She said, "I don't really get it, but from next month we won't be able to meet easily. We won't be able to talk like this when we meet."

Me: "Well, it's still mid-March, so let me know if you have any plans. Let's meet again in March."

She: “Yeah. I want to speak more slowly, too.”

After a while, we arrived at her house.

“I’ll call you again,” she said.

Me: "Okay, please contact me. Good night."

She walks away in the dark, waving at me.

I will see you again.

I thought so at the time.But this will be our last goodbye.After all, our plans didn't match, so we couldn't meet.


Nothing goes well.that's life.

There is no drama for the person who wants drama the most.


I'm still really worried about her.She won't be able to see me casually from now on.Increased physical distance.

In addition, in the end, I felt that the distance between our hearts was not so close.

"can not meet" That's why I can be calm and objective.

what I have left.It was given to her when she parted from her last meeting,


envelope with cash


That's kind of sad.

She returned part of the money I gave her earlier as promised.

I was forced to hand it over when we parted, but I wonder if I should have forced it back.

"If I hadn't received this money, would I have met you again?"I think about it.

This is what it means to "never stand before regrets".

However, it is life to bite down on such sadness and regret and move forward without deceiving.

Thinking about "Taraba" later doesn't give me any comfort.Let's look forward and move on.


Is it over or is it not?

Did you get along or did you not get along?

Is it money related or is it not money related?

what did she think of me

Or did you think nothing of it?


In the end it wasn't clear at all.

Encounter with a girl I don't know very well.

I thought, ``I don't know what the other person is thinking because the allowance is involved,'' but in the end"I don't know if it's not related to the allowance"

Well, against women, in the end, you won't know anything unless you hit it head-on.

I experienced this kind of encounter through the Universe Club.

Oh dear,This kind of feeling is also in a sense "Tokyo-like"I don't know.


Bye bye



Transfer Greeting Sexy Actress Edition

She's the only one I'm currently in a relationship with.For details, please refer to the past column (   4).

On our last date with her, we decided to revisit the restaurant we had previously visited together.

By the way, the date is after my moving out is over.

After moving out, the family and luggage went to Osaka.I will stay here and work at my current position for a few days.

There is nothing in the house, not even curtains.All I have is a super-cheap thin sleeping bag that my wife bought online. It means "sleep with this".

However, the sleeping bag is thin and painful, so I can't sleep, and there are no curtains, so the morning sun is dazzling and I wake up early in the morning.Lack of sleep plus pain all over my body makes me feel uncomfortable.

So, on this date with my girlfriend, I booked a hotel and slept in the hotel.By the way, it's not a two-person stay.Her house is near the hotel so she will go home.

On that day, I finished work early and checked in to the hotel before the date.After resting for a while, I decided to go on a date with plenty of time.

· · · · ·

Check in to the hotel in the evening.I arrived earlier than I thought, so I have time until the date.It seems that I have too much time to take a nap.

I have free time, so I turn on the TV and connect to the Internet on the TV.I'm free, so I thought I'd see her work before going on a date with her.

It's disgusting when you write this.But hey, more bad things are about to happen.

While looking at her work, let's see how her dick is today.

yes.I'm doing well.Today is the effect of enduring for a few days for this day.

Are you feeling better?

Let's try to warm up to the limit once before going up to the actual ring.



that?wait a minute.Wait.


Wait wait wait wait wait! ! ! !


・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・Ahh


I have done. . . .

What am I doing? (laughs)

terrible.I wasted my strength.

No, there is no point in regretting it.Switch your mind and concentrate on recovering the lost physical strength for now.

The time is XNUMX:XNUMX.The date starts at XNUMX:XNUMX.Anyway, let's go to sleep now and recover our physical strength.

I turn off the lights and decide to go to bed now anyway.Don't forget to set the timer.

After a while, it's not a thin sleeping bag, but a fluffy bed for the first time in a while, so I fall into a deep sleep in an instant.


・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・


(Hmm... the timer still hasn't gone off. Hasn't that much time passed yet?)

(Just to make sure, check the time once.)


So, isn't it XNUMX:XNUMX? ! ! ! !


For the date, we meet at the store at XNUMX:XNUMX.It seems that I didn't notice the timer sound at all in deep sleep.

It's crazy, it's crazy.Oh my God! !

I quickly get ready and rush to the date shop.It was still helpful to have booked a hotel nearby.

Check your physical condition on the way to the store.


I woke up and my head is dazed.

I feel tired.

Throat is parched.

My dick isn't feeling well either.

I feel like I can't get an erection anymore.


In other words, the conditions are the worst.

What am I doing before the last date (laughs)

I smile wryly while trotting to a date shop.


Me: "Sorry to keep you waiting... I'm sorry... Overslept at the hotel..."

She said, “I was sleeping until just now (laughs).”

She is energetic and has a dazzling sparkle.

On the other hand, I lost all my strength because of the useless shots.Also, I woke up with a dizzy head and a dry throat.

Even though we both slept until a while ago, the difference in this condition is harsh.

Me: “For the time being, lemon sour!”

It will be this lemon sour that will help me today.Let's try to recover (deceive) the condition with lemon acidity and alcohol.I drink lemon sour with stupidity.

In the meantime, I got drunk and the condition came back.No, I'd say he was just drunk.

She said, "No. It's lonely."

Me "I'm lonely too. I can't go out to drink casually."

I said, "In the future..."

She said, “Isn’t it fine to get a job in Osaka like before?”

Me: “Yes! Talking is fast (laughs)”

She said, "I'll ask my manager to do a job in Osaka (laughs)."

To tell the truth, at the end of the year, my girlfriend offered me a job in Osaka and we went on a date in Osaka, so the conversation went smoothly.It seems that we can have an Osaka date again.

Or rather, she always thinks, but it's helpful to read the air and say this kind of thing from her.

I"Come to Osaka"and from her"I'm going to Osaka."It's completely different to say.The latter is overwhelmingly easy because you don't have to worry about it.

She is the person who is lowering my daddy motivation.I've noticed that since I met her.

The reason why I had multiple relationships was that each of the women I dated was unsatisfactory in some way, and they all compromised in some way.

He said that he was dating multiple people in order to deceive it with another woman.That's why I didn't feel guilty about having multiple relationships.Because everyone agrees and agrees.

However, now that she is here, I can say with certainty that there is absolutely no other woman better than her.

In other words, if you date someone else, it's a XNUMX% compromise.As expected, I'm sorry that I feel guilty about dating a woman in front of me while feeling XNUMX% compromising.

Well, I think I'll think about it for a while if a woman who can date me with a cheap allowance appears (laughs)

If you compare it with her in the current market sense in Tokyo, it feels overwhelmingly expensive.It is not worth the relative evaluation rather than the absolute evaluation.something like that.

And for me, who has lost interest in dad activities, her pace is enough for me alone.

The last sex with her in Tokyo was a little more intense and dense than usual.

I borrowed the power of medicine for the dick who lost physical strength due to useless hitting.I am really grateful for the power of medicine (laughs).

After she lazes around for a while, I walk her home.

I'm originally her fan, so I'm not looking for pseudo-romance at all.Thank you for just dating me.

Or rather, I can only thank you for raising it to my house and cooperating with Gonzo.Thank you.

To be frank, I don't know if she will get a job in Osaka in the future.This may be the last goodbye.

However, it doesn't matter if this is the last goodbye.Even so, she had no regrets.Thank you’ can be said.

She made many dreams come true.


This tooI experienced various things at the Universe Club and trainedThat's why I think it's a relationship partner that I was able to develop on my own.

In that sense, I am grateful to Univa.

Just a salaryman could go to the entertainment industry.I had a dream like this in Tokyo.


Thank you



Relocation Greetings Bar Old Man Edition

Me: "Lastly, let's go over there. That izakaya that's like a sacred place for professional wrestling. Let's go to that old man's bar from there."

Romanee: "That's great."

Closing the last day in Tokyo Romanée & Bartender Jijii.

dating club.In general, it's a dubious neighborhood, but it's also strange that you can make normal friends through professional wrestling in a place like this.

Maybe XNUMX years from now I'll still be drinking with Mr. Romanee.I can say this with certainty.

XNUMX years later my head is completely bald and messy.I can say this with certainty (laughs).

And one more thing I can say for sure.

A certain bar run by an elderly bartender in a certain place in Tokyo.I always come here when I come to Tokyo.

That's how good this old bartender is anyway (laughs)

By the way, the first time I stopped by this bar was after the party on the day I went out drinking for the first time with Mr. Romanee.It all started when I came in by chance.

After that, it's too comfortable to go through many times.I'm already a regular.

· · · · ·

Old man: "This time, bring that man with you."

Romanee: "He's a boring man~ Seriously. But I'll bring him here once."

I said, "What kind of man were you, Master, tell me later on the phone (laughs)"

Old man: "Okay (laughs)"

It will be exciting with the usual silly talk.This is so much fun.

This bartender old man is divorced.However, it seems that the ex-wife and the child have such a good relationship that they come to the bar to show their faces.

Then why did you get divorced?

This old man.Even though he's middle-aged, he's very handsome and his voice is too harsh.I think I was popular when I was young because I'm still active and popular.

Me: “When I come to Tokyo again, I’m thinking of popping in, but how long will this store continue?”

Old man: “I will continue to do this until I die, so in five years, of course. Ten years from now, if I’m still alive, I think I’ll still be in business XNUMX years from now.”

I said, "Until I die (laughs). When the Yoboyobo Master comes out, the customer will go home (laughs)."

Old man: “I guess (laughs), but I’ll keep running the store.”

Romanee: "Huh~. That's amazing!"

Old man: "No, it's not that great. I didn't pay my pension (laughs)."

· · · · ·

Me & Romanee "Huh!?"

Old man: "Because I don't have a national pension of even one yen. Working at this store is like a pension. If I can't work here, I'll die."

I said, "You're too unpredictable (laughs)."

Old man.It was more unpredictable than I imagined as a player (laughs)

Me: "Then I'll come back to Tokyo after becoming more important! Then I'll be a regular customer again."

Romanee: "I wonder what will happen to me around that time. Will I have children?"

Me: “Oh, that’s it.


Me: “No, look at the old man in front of me who didn’t pay his pension.

Me: "And I'm pretty happy when I'm an old man, so I think it's pretty fun for an old man. Let's drink alcohol with this cheap Arare here in XNUMX years."

Romanee: “That’s good (laughs).”

· · · · ·

Me & Romanee: “Thank you very much~!”

While smoking a cigarette, the elderly master"Hey, be careful~"and return.


It was the perfect ending.

Romanee: "I can't really feel that I won't be able to casually go out for a drink like this from now on."

Me: "Yeah, me too. Well, I'll call you later."

Romanee: "Let's just chat once in a while."

I said, "If there's something delicious, I'll send it to you."

Romanee: "I'm looking forward to it."

Arrive before the ticket gate.

I said, "Thank you. See you soon!"

Romanee: "I'll contact you when I go to Osaka~!"


Mr. Romanee, the bartender old man, and me.

The population of Tokyo is about XNUMX million.three of them.

Every encounter is precious, and the connection is like a miracle.

That's why I want to continue to cherish the people I love.


An encounter like this

In Tokyo


A Final Word

After I transferred, I was too busy to write a column.Just before I transferred to Osaka, I applied for a letter date to a female member in Osaka, but I was too busy to ask her out on a date.

Univa members have been upgraded from black to gold and updated.

However, I have been too busy since April to have time to play.Besides, I'm around XNUMX, and I've entered an age when I have to succeed in my work with a bang.Maybe it's time to focus on work and home.

I don't know if it's because I'm busy or what, but I can't even motivate my dad.

What is it?To be honest, it's already troublesome to deal with girls who are dads who are supposed to be entertained by paying.

Entertain a woman at a high-class, delicious, and atmospheric restaurant, and then head to a beautiful hotel.This flow is already full and tired.

Right now, I like to eat ramen and have a quick love hotel.I feel like that.

From now on, instead of dealing with hard guarded papa active girls in the papa active market, I will hand over an ordinary girl and give her an allowance.Isn't this better?

Is this one more dangerous? (laughs) What do you think?

Or I want to be the one who gets an allowance for once.I'm more interested in that.

I don't even know if I'll start playing at UNIVA again.It depends on your mental motivation and your lower body.


I can't think of a good way to close the last column.I don't know if I will write a column in the future, but I will be taking a break from being a column writer for now.

And I'm going to stop the activity of uni, or drop it at my own pace and semi-retire.

I would like to use the free time there for other things I like.I'm interested in various things and want to challenge.

For me, playing in a dating clubone of the things I'm interested in”I feel like that now.

Well, if there is something interesting about women, I would like to report it in the column, but it may not happen in the future (laughs)


Finally, I would like to thank everyone who has read this far.

Thank you very much!


Asta Luego Adios!Take care.

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