Road to flag maker indie AV director

one morning


Somehow my mouth is mozzy.


(Eh, what?)

Chuck, chuck, chuck.

(What what what!?)

Cool your eyes...


I was married (laughs).


It seems that I was sleeping.

What a rare eight views.What is this awakening?


Bride: "Ufufu ♡ Ehehe ♡ Are you awake?"

Me: "Hmm..."

Daughter: “I love you dad~!♡”


I said, "Wow!!"

My daughter suddenly jumps on me while I'm sleeping.


Since the last column, I thought, ``It's about time to go home. When I was taking it, my wife was in love love mode before I knew it.I enter this mode from time to time.

Before it becomes lovey-dovey mode, first of all, I want you to get rid of "oni wife mode".It is my earnest wish.

I have been with my wife for almost XNUMX years and have been married for XNUMX years.It's early.

Why didn't you divorce your wife?There is no particular reason for that.Even in the worst situation, I haven't divorced because I didn't get divorced.

My daughter has grown up, so I lost the timing of the divorce once.

However, the wife who entered the love love mode is pretty cute.However, after a while, it suddenly switches to "demon bride mode".Don't let your guard down.

However, after about XNUMX years, we both learned how to deal with bad times, and the bad times didn't last long.Humans are growing creatures.No, is it highly adaptable to the environment?

Almost all of my relationships are reported in the column, but painful things often happen in relationships with women.


When it's hard in such a relationship with a woman, it's "family" that supports you.


Of course I'm aware that I'm saying something pretty gay.But yes.This is just a fact.

No matter how hard things get, the futon where my wife and daughter are sleeping is warm, and I can rub my wife's breasts and buttocks as much as I want. is not.

When it's hard, I bury my face in my wife's ass and recharge.This is soft and blissful.

Of course, I can't talk about women's relationships with my family, and if I find out, I'll be killed.

It would be fine if only I was killed, but as I wrote in a previous column, a long time ago, a wife in "demon wife mode" thrust a kitchen knife to her throat and said,


Wife: "If you cheat, I'll kill you."

Wife: "You're not the only one. I'll kill your whole family."


Are you Nobunaga?


Well, I don't think I can convey this, but I can think, "If it was my wife, I would really kill her."I have that kind of madness inside me.That's why I'm so scared.

At this time, I and my family are still alive.In other words, there is no cheating barre until now.

When I say something like this, I think that some of the women will say, "No, my wife is aware of this."


No no no no.

no.I want to retort


Well, the men of this world"Real Fear of Death"I wonder if I'm preventing cheating while feeling it?and.

Are you prepared to die and thoroughly prevent cheating?and.

A case of cheating.If you ask me, it is XNUMX% due to the sweetness of the male armpit.

"A woman's intuition" is ridiculous.

“I have a sharp intuition.If you ask me, the more a woman says herself, the more her instincts and eyes are knotholes.

I just know that women have a sharp intuition.I know that.However, as long as I have a sharp intuition for women, I won't move.absolutely.That's why I didn't move for XNUMX years of marriage.When she loses her intuition, she starts to move.Or destroy radars and surveillance cameras before moving on.Don't take addition,


"Bare, Immediate, Death"


If you work hard with such determination, cheating will never be found out.

I strayed too far from the topic.excuse me.

Let's get straight to the point.

I will change the direction by shaking my ass like Keiichi Tsuchiya's drift, but everyone,


"Ticket that can be fired once in a pinch"


do you have


A ticket that can be fired once in a pinch

As the name suggests, when you are in a pinch and are about to die, you can go to the woman who issued the ticket and give it to her to get a shot at her.It's a ticket.

i have one

The publication date is December XNUMX.Expiration date is indefinite.Maybe (laughs)

It's been a year since it was issued, but I can say that I'm still alive because of this ticket.

The sense of security in having "a ticket that can be fired once in a pinch" is overwhelming.

Even if you are dying, if you can get to the woman anyway, you can get one shot.


By the way, do you have someone you can talk to about anything?

I have almost as many friends as anyone else, but not all of them are friends I can talk to about anything.


to this personthisI can speakア レCan't speak.

to this personア レI can speakthisCan't speak.

There are many cases where I say.


The only friend I can talk to about anything.There are only two such precious friends.

One is a male friend of a close friend.

And the other is Romanee, a former respondent to the question box.If you do not know Mr. Romanee, please search for "Romanee" in the question box.You should be able to see past edgy answers.

yes.The issuer of the "ticket that can be fired once in a pinch" is Mr. Romanee.Ms. Romanee is a former Question Box responder and former female member of Universe.

To be honest, I think that meeting Romanee-san was the most valuable asset for joining the Universe Club.A dating woman will disappear someday.

The opportunity to meet was an answer to a certain question.

[Question date: 2020/01/18] What is the origin of the handle names of the respondents?

It turned out that we both love pro wrestling, but I didn't come here just because I'm a pro wrestling girl, a so-called pu girl.Her favorite wrestler was a wrestler named "Evil", so I came here with a bang.It is

In other words, the opportunity to meet is "Evil", not professional wrestling.

She is a hardcore Evil fan who owns Evil goods Evil hoodie, Evil poster, Evil sickle pen light.

A wrestler named Evil, now promoted to the main eventer, but at the time, he was a mid-level talented player, and he wasn't handsome and had a plump body.


He was a wrestler who could be classified as a pro-wrestling character, a ``mysterious character'' who carried out the mysterious final line with a hard mentality.At the time, he was emitting laser beams from his fingers.

If you're such a big fan of Evil, you're XNUMX% sure it's a good guy.

I love professional wrestling!whose fan?It's Kazuchika Okada♡

If so, I don't think I was interested in the slightest bit.

If you're not a real pro wrestling fan, you may not understand this, but even if you both like pro wrestling, the depth of your love for pro wrestling is too different between "Okada lover" and "Evil lover".

It's the same with old pro wrestling.Ask a female wrestling fan whose fan"It's Ashura Hara."I wonder if it feels like it's said.


I immediately got in touch with her and met her at a professional wrestling sanctuary izakaya.

However, since I am also a man, I naturally have an ulterior motive.

It would be nice if she was my strike zone, "XNUMX-XNUMX cm tall, cute, big boobs".she's luckyI wonder if there's one chance.I thought and waited.

However, what appeared there was a beautiful, mature woman with a slender model body and long black hair, about the same height as me.She was in the same category as actresses like Koyuki and Mitsu Dan.

(Ah, it looks like you don't have to worry about it.)

I wondered if I was a little disappointed or relieved.I remember feeling like that.I'm sorry Romane.

As we talked, I and Mr. Romanee had too much in common.


・Both of them joined the Universe Club around the summer of XNUMX.

・Became a question box respondent around the fall of XNUMX

・I love professional wrestling and both of us participated in the Tokyo Dome tournament on January XNUMXth and XNUMXst XNUMXth in XNUMX (I was with a senior at the company, she was with an affair partner)


And most importantly, they have a lot in common.

I know you are the same type. "Ah, this person is the type to take care."If they are of the same type, they may clash with each other in a strange way.

I know that it takes time for me to get used to the other person, and that no matter how much we have in common, it doesn't mean that we can open up to each other right away, but since we are both of the same type, we can respect each other.It was such a comfort.

At the first party, the two office workers who love professional wrestling, who sat next to me from the middle, and the four of us had a lively conversation about core wrestling.

After the first party, have a second party at a nearby bar.Anyway, the master there is astringent.As for this master, he is such a talented person that I would like to introduce a whole column someday, and he is the representative of Japan in the old age category.I want to make it into a specimen and display it at the universe headquarters as a gentleman's sample.

Excellent compatibility!We became good friends in one day!That's not to say, but we get along well in terms of "taking care".That was my impression.

After that, I started going out for drinks after work a few times a month.

In the meantime, they will gradually come to terms with each other.

Then, we decided to go to watch a wrestling match at Korakuen Hall, the mecca of professional wrestling, together.

Korakuen's professional wrestling is canceled due to Corona.The pubs are not open until late.

After a while, I will resume watching professional wrestling in a way that takes into consideration the corona infection, but it is too painful because I can't watch it out loud while drinking beer.

That's when I came up with the idea of ​​watching games online.

We plan to watch professional wrestling while eating and drinking with high-quality sound and loud volume in the Necafe VIP room.At the end of each other's work, we gather in the Necafe VIP room.

This project is bingo, and it's great to be able to watch professional wrestling while eating and drinking while lying down.

Besides, I can glimpse Romanee's sexy chest and feet lying next to me.

I want to touch your chestNice legs too.I want to lick your feet

It's the best in many ways.I'm sorry for looking at you with erotic eyes.

After the main course of the day was over, we ate mixed nuts and reported on the current situation while drinking beer.

Her latest news is the most interesting.On the other hand, my episodes are weak every time.It's an overwhelming loss.

"Nipple Fluffy and Old Man's Story"

"Story of the Mysterious Rich Man"

"The story of how a washing machine turned into a pillowcase"

"The story of a man who doesn't end unless I squid twice"

"Dried fish attack"

There are so many interesting episodes just by thinking about it roughly.

In addition to such episodes of dad life, her private life is also messy and confusing.

in short.Romanee is busy anyway (laughs)

But I'm grateful that you're going out drinking with me and watching professional wrestling.

For me, Mr. Romanee is a very precious person.You can also talk about professional wrestling as a hobby.I can also talk about dad life.You can also talk privately.We can talk about work.

For women I meet in papa-katsu, I choose the content and partner for private stories, and I can't talk about papa-katsu to private partners.Besides, only pro-wrestling fans can talk about pro-wrestling in the first place.

All genre.It's a precious existence that you can talk about anything.

By the way, she is just a professional wrestling friend, a companion club friend, and there is no adult relationship and no allowance.She's a friend, or a close friend to longer.


December XNUMX, about a year after I met Romanee.At that time, I had a losing streak and I was physically and mentally devastated.It was a year-end party in such a way.

* Details of the losing streak can be found in this column.Offer XNUMX consecutive losses!How far will you update your losing streak?"

After the first session, the second session.The place is Shinjuku Omoide Yokocho's famous shop "Motsuyaki Ucchan". While eating the famous black pepper lemon yakisoba at the end, I was reporting on such a battered recent situation.By the way, I can't pass the year if I don't eat black pepper lemon yakisoba here.


I said, "This and that.I'm devastated. . ”

Mr. Romanee is laughing.

RomaneePlease let me know if you're having trouble with your female body and you can't help it.If you don't mind me, you can always hit me. ”

I said, "Eh!?"

Romanee "No, if Mr. ○ can do it by me, but (laughs)"

Me: “I can do it! Seriously! You are too kind (crying)”

Romanee: "Of course, without money. Or rather, Mr. ○ has been so kind to me that I don't even feel like asking for money anymore. That's how I feel."

Me: "Thank you, thank you. I'm very happy with that feeling. I want to do it right now (laughs)."

Me: "But... I haven't gone to death yet. I still have a little energy left. If you're about to die in Casca's wreckage, can I ask you to do it again? Not now. What is it, yes, I want you to save "life" in the phase of "I'm about to die" (laughs)"

Romanee ``○ is a good person (laughs).

I said, "Help! Then..."Ticket that can be fired once in a pinch"So leave that right (laughs).”

Romanee ``(Laughter) Okay, I'll leave it alone (laughs)''

For that reason, IGet a "ticket that can be fired once in a pinch"I did (laughs)

I haven't used it yet, but the sense of security that comes with having a "ticket that lets you do one shot if you're in a pinch" is incredible.


During Corona, after work, we gather in the Necafe VIP room, watch pro-wrestling while eating Kenta, and then laze around.That's what I was repeating.

With this kind of feeling, we finally became close friends who don't care about each other."I'm quitting all play, so please date me on the premise of marriage! 』I'm making a serious confession.Serious guy.I like him so much as a person.She does housework, childcare, work, I do anything for her (laughs)


By the way, will the day come when we will be able to use the "ticket that can be fired once in a pinch"?

Let's say that from now on, for some reason, I almost die in Cascus, a tattered place.

Then, I will visit Mr. Romanee with a "ticket that can be fired once in a pinch".

Then, with my dying hands trembling, I held out that "ticket that can be fired once in a pinch" in front of Mr. Romanee.


Romanee: What was that? That ticket.


The moment he said that, I would fall to my knees, fall on my face, and die on the spot.

Then Romanee.

Take off my pants and show only my ass.andStick incense sticks in the hole of the buttocks and put your palms together for a memorial service (laughs)

So that you can always do that, from today onwards, always keep rosary, incense sticks, and matches in your bag.Nice to meet you (laughs)


The unfinished business of life is "Gonzo"

So even if I become a tattered cascade"home""Ticket that can be fired once in a pinch"I can go on any risky adventure.

That's why.Even with that, I don't have the courage.I can't tell.I can't negotiate.

If I were to die in an accident, it would be the regrets of my life that I remembered just before I died."Life's Leftovers"

(Ah..I couldn't do ○○ after all before I died..)

I have something to think about.


that is "Gonzo" It is (laugh)


"Gonzo" It's a big wall for me.It's a big wall that you don't even have the courage to try to climb.

In the first place, I've always sold "good manners".Even though I'm going through with that character, I can't suddenly say, "Can I take a gonzo?"


A turning point comes to me.

A certain person and meeting were opportunities.Shall I say refreshing pervert brother?He's a refreshing pervert who loves gonzo and raw vaginal cum shot, and he's my favorite brother, but when I asked him why he was gonzo"Filmed with a GoPro"That thing.

I was just wondering if I should buy a GoPro for scuba diving, but a GoPro can also be used like that (laughs).

When I looked it up later, there were quite a few gopro erotic videos.

Then, for some reason, I don't have the courage to say that it's a smartphone gonzo, but my curiosity wins and I have the courage to say that it's a gopro gonzo.


If you go pro, you will have the courage to say Gonzo.

I want to take Gonzo with a GoPro as soon as possible.

I want to say that I want to take a gonzo with a go pro soon.


I feel like that.

With the advice of the perverted brother, I got the latest gopro and peripheral equipment, and prepared steadily.Preparations were completed in about half a month.

Then who are you going to ask?

Actually, I had a smooth relationship with two black women, but they both broke up at the same time.

So, I put in XNUMX new offers, but I'm on a losing streak again (laughs)

Well then. .I glanced at Mr. Romanee with a sidelong glance, but the ``ticket that allows you to do one shot in a pinch'' doesn't have a Gonzo option.

The only woman I'm currently dating is the sexy actress who is a fan who I wrote in the column below and brought into a relationship on my own.

[Papa Live Extra Edition] Active Famous AV Actress VS Flag Maker ①

[Papa's life extra edition] Active famous AV actress VS flag maker ② ~Finally settled! ~

she is an artist.If you are an entertainer, you will be afraid of being exposed and getting into trouble.And she's a well-selling actress.She has appeared on terrestrial golden and has appeared on YouTube quite a bit.It's scary when you think about the risk of leaking Gonzo videos.

Now, we meet two or three times a month, and we've become good friends.I don't want to destroy the relationship that I have built.How are you doing? .


…Well, how is it? (laughs)


What is leaving me in the afterlife with the task of "Gonzo"?

After I died and was reborn, and when the baby became an adult, I thought, "I want to take a gonzo!"Like that, it's not good to leave me with "Gonzo" assignments in the afterlife XNUMX years from now.

So why not take the challenge now?It can't be helped even if it's frustrated.Let's ask with the preparedness of being dumped for no good.


[Papa Live Extra Edition] Active Famous AV Actress VS Flag Maker ③ ~AV Director Debut~

I'm a man who doesn't forget to prepare in advance for anything. With AV as a reference, think about the cuts, camera angles, and lines you want to shoot, and think about the goods you need for that.

New Year's party with her early in the New Year.Her last year-end party was also with her.When I first met her, we were both fans and actresses, but now we are on good terms.I've managed to build a relationship so far.I have a dreamAnd once I self-praise myself.


By the way, when I date a woman, I am conscious of which folder I will be organized in.

If the folder has a lot of files, the file called me will be buried.In order not to be buried, it is necessary to take the number one file, but I do not have such confidence.

It's a rare folder, and the only file in it is mine.

Aim here.

So what about her?

she plays a lotShe also hunts for handsome men on her own, and currently has a man she likes.She actually does a lot of love counseling.

In other words, it is better not to enter this folder.File is stuck.

Also, in private encounters, he has not said that he is a sexy actress.She also said that even if she likes a man, she will wake up if she falls in love with him.Hmmm.

Based on them, I simply create a new folder just for me, but it's the same for her.


・ A person who knows the work content as a fan

・ A person who does not fall in love or bind

・ A person who has a married wife and children and can enjoy the feeling of sleeping

・Someone who can discuss both work and private matters

・ Someone who takes you to a delicious meal

・People who give money


Do you feel like this?I'm probably the only one who finds hits if I search for this condition among her.

Now I will be deleted only when the folder is sorted, not the file sorting.


Well, the new year's party early in the new year.I did not tell her about "Gonzo" in advance.I didn't know that I had a gopro, erotic underwear, and an electric massage machine in my bag.She kept coming to the meeting place.I'm not good at expressing myself (laughs).

And as always, enjoy drinking, eating and having fun.After dinner, go to the hotel."Not today."First of all, it was good without being said.

Then take a shower and go to bed.I finally cut it out there while hugging each other.


I "I have a dream that I want ○○-chan to fulfill..."

She: “What is that? (laughs)”

Me: “I want to play AV (laughs) while shooting a video.”

She said, "Eh... that's...

I said, "Please do something! I swear that I will never do anything strange.Ukara! ”

From the beginning, I would like to ask for a straight ball without any tricks.Even if I say the reason why I put it on now, it's not cool.


A delicate air flows.But here I will wait without saying anything.

She said, "I would never do that., I trust ○○-chan, so it's really special♡"

I said, "I did it~~~ I'm so happy!! My dream came true!! Thank you! "

I immediately start taking out the shooting set from my bag.

(Have you made all the preparations!)

I can hear her inner voice behind me.


I got her to wear erotic underwear and pantyhose, prepared an electric massage machine, and immediately started shooting from the masturbation scene.

I think about the cuts I want to take in advance, so let's finish the shooting quickly after finishing the shots.

masturbation scene.fellatio scene.Standing back.back.sleeping bag.Normal position.I took the cut I wanted to take.The shooting ended smoothly with the help of her accustomed.

On the other hand, I'm already sweating uselessly (laughs)

Gonzo, AV shooting is a really tough job.I realized it for the first time when I tried it.It seems that the viewpoint of AV appreciation will change in the future.

When the shooting is over, take off the erotic underwear and pantyhose and finish it normally.

I'm happy that she trusted me even though she was at risk in the first place.

Later, while checking the video I took, I deleted unnecessary parts and edited it, but it was too good for my first gonzo.Thanks to her and GoPro.

However, rather than side effects, I'm more concerned about the poor camera angles, the way my reflection is reflected, the position of my hands when playing, and so on.

Also, the cuts and angles that I want to shoot more come to mind.

I hope I can take a better picture next time.


That's why I'm a flag maker.

This year, I'm aiming to become an "indie AV director"!

Of course it's self-satisfaction that I don't put out in the world (laughs)

Until now, my selling point has been to have good manners in relationships that don't force women.If it keeps working like this, my feedback is XNUMX stars.Probably a good male member.

However, in XNUMX, I decided to become an "indie AV director".I'm currently researching camera angles every day.

My purpose in XNUMX is not for adult dating, but for "Gonzo".

I'm sorry Mr. ○○ who is in charge of Universe.I'm getting bad feedback from now on.Because I will ask the woman, "Can I take a POV?" (laughs)


Forced withdrawal due to bad feedback.The end of the universe is a forced withdrawal closing.That's not bad either.

No, but I can't even bother the universe. .How are you doing? .


So let's do this.


Reverse offer, accepted this year

I have refused until now"Reverse offer"However, we will accept it under the following conditions.

[Reverse offer conditions] POV allowed

 * There is a screening such as a preliminary interview

I promise to take cute pictures, and I won't force you.I will never do anything that will cause trouble with video management.

Because, as I wrote earlier, my wife is too scary in the first place, so I manage the videos thoroughly.

In addition, we will edit and present the video you took if you wish.

Also, about my personality, see my past column () and Papa Katsu Summit video ().That's about it.


Like thisA flag maker turned HamedrillerIf it's okay with you, please make a reverse offer.

...the women who met me and have already left.You saved my life (laughs).


Come to think of it, I'm sure... a few people in the question box and column comments"I'm a fan of Mr. Flagmaker."And.

"It seems that the woman you're dating has dumped you, and you're happy."It seems that there was a female member who said. .


Are you guys my "fans"?If you want to make a reverse offer, now is the time! (smile)


Well, this time the column ends with Nobuhiko Takada of the Pride Otoko Matsuri.


Year of the Tiger XNUMX

Gonzo superior strong men

before me...

Come out! ! ! !


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