• What is the origin of the handle names of the respondents?
    I'm sorry that it has nothing to do with club activities,
    I saw the question box...


Question date: 2020/01/18 02:36

What is the origin of the handle names of the respondents?
I'm sorry that it has nothing to do with club activities,
Every time I look at the question box, I'm curious,
I would like you to tell me.

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Male member

flag maker

column article

column writer flag maker

At first, I answered as "a new member in my XNUMXs" all the time, and although everyone realized that it was a handle name halfway through, it was embarrassing to change it to a handle name.

One of the reasons I applied to be a column writer was that I wanted to answer with my handle name rather than "new member in my XNUMXs".Column writers need a handle name.

The reason why I am a flag maker is that I received a love consultation from a junior,
"If you don't have the courage to confess all at once, set up a flag that will lead to the next one. Later, I said, 'Before, I was interested in it and liked it.'" The reason why I acted like ○ was because I thought it was important from that time."In the past, I raised a flag like this and collected it like this...In the near future, I think I'll raise a flag like this and collect it like this... ”
If I had advised
"That's what seniors are. It's a flag maker (laughs)."
Because I was told.
*This "flag" is a term that refers to things that draw out specific developments and situations later in the story of movies, dramas, manga, anime, games, etc., and is almost synonymous with "foreshadowing".

Also, I like professional wrestling, so I liked the similarities between Kazuchika Okada's "Rain Maker" and "Flag Maker".

However, I don't want you to misunderstand, but there are still mountains of flags behind me that I couldn't collect (laughs).

P.S. to Mr. Romanee
1.5 was also at the venue.The main event was overwhelmingly Naito, and I cried tears of joy.XNUMX years of professional wrestling is quite a long time.
I like saying things like "I~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!
By the way, the original story of the "fill-in-the-blank" column is directed by Taguchi.I'm sorry for making you happy and chatting. .

  • Answer date: 2020/01/18 08:29
Male member

date ◎ dream

column article

This is Yume, the date of the male member.

I'm a rice person, but when I was trying various brands to see if there was any good rice,

There is a variety called "Date Masamu" from Miyagi Prefecture, and it's delicious!This is what I feel.

I think that the slightly chewy and sticky texture is similar to the spirit of patience in a relationship.

There is also the issue of trademarks, so I borrowed the brand name of the rice with a little modification.

  • Answer date: 2020/01/18 09:09
column writer

It's Mr. Saito♪

column article

Column writer Saito

I became a column writer when Trendy Angel had just come out with the same name as the club.smile

  • Answer date: 2020/01/18 12:20
Female member


column article

This is Papwa, a female member.

If you're in your 30s, I'm sure many of you know this, but it's from the manga "Nangoku Shonen Papua-kun" (laughs).
The anime is on YouTube, but Papwa-kun is cute and funny.

nba bang bangba melassa melassa.

  • Answer date: 2020/01/18 08:17
Female member


column article

This is Romanee, a female member.

As you can guess, it's Romanée by Romanée Conti.
I would like to give something back to the club who gave me such a wonderful encounter after getting excited about my first offer...!Thought it was the beginning.

Since it's an anonymous question box, I thought I'd do my best with the concept of "Your sister will answer you ♡ Ufu ♡", which has a high-class feel to it, but from the first appearance, the lost lamb woman. I made a mess and was immediately crowned the seat of Hysteric Queen.

I'm a lascivious office lady who can't even fight, let alone lose her name, but please continue to do your best.

PS: I didn't realize Flagmaker-sama's name was partly from Rainmaker lol
Romanee participated in Tokyo Dome in 1.4 and 1.5.Last fell to his knees but managed to limp home.That's cruel.By the way, I strongly endorse EVIL.I decorate my house with a life-sized poster and sleep while wearing a hoodie.There is a sickle-shaped penlight. "I ~ ~ Bibi! ... Oh.." I die because I understand too much.
Fill-in-the-blank rod... I thought it would never happen, but it didn't.
By the way, Romanee's actual age is almost the same age as Flag Maker's professional wrestling history.
Well, I'm sorry for the personal communication, but I'm so happy that I'm sorry.
I want to be a part of New Japan Pro-Wrestling's golden rain again this year.

  • Answer date: 2020/01/18 08:55
Female member


This is Tulip, a female member.

It's interesting to see everyone's responses!
It's embarrassing for a fairy tale reason
My hobby is home gardening, so I grow tulips mixed with vegetables!
Also, I like Chinese food tulips...

  • Answer date: 2020/01/18 10:23
Male member


I am a male member UST.

It is a combination of the "U" of the universe and the initial "ST" of the name.

  • Answer date: 2020/01/18 12:43
Male member


This is Nonta, a male member.

A girl I met at the Universe Club and I met almost every week called me "Nontan", but that would sound like the anime character Nontan, so I took the n off and changed it to Nonta. .

*I had met with the woman until December XNUMX, but from January of the following year, both of us became busy, and I felt like I was blocked around March, and I could not contact her.It is still registered.

  • Answer date: 2020/01/18 13:56
Female member


This is Fran, a female member.

At home, when I was wondering what name to give, the Francfranc pouch caught my eye, so I chose "Fran".
I also watched a video of Cirque du Soleil, so I thought for a moment that it should be "Silk", but I couldn't get rid of the image of Cirque sister, so I gave up (laughs)
(As you can see from the Kansai region, she is a beautiful female comedian in her 50s.)

I was also curious about the origin of everyone's handle names, so it's nice to know, it's interesting ^^

  • Answer date: 2020/01/18 14:16
Male member

confused 60's

I'm in my 60's and confused.

I joined Universe when I turned 60.

Until then, I knew that there was a club to introduce mistresses, but I was suspicious and didn't go into it.

Since my late 30s, I have been on my own and have been dating students, prostitutes, culinary experts, CAs, secretaries, jazz singers, and so on. I met the Universe Club in

When will I graduate from this world?

  • Answer date: 2020/01/18 15:43

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