• How to use manual

How to use manual

Papa Active Anonymous Question Box is a knowledge sharing Q&A for dating clubs created by everyone.You can use the Papa Active Anonymous Question Box to ask embarrassing and difficult to ask basic questions, casual questions, questions that have been unanswered for many years, and read valuable answers to those questions.

Of course, as the name suggestsYou can ask questions anonymously.

Below are instructions on how to ask a question and how to request an answer.
By all means, please try using Papa Katsu Anonymous Question Box!

How to read the list

Question list

This list is based on questions.

  • New: Posted questions are sorted in reverse chronological order (question newest order)
  • Likes: Sorted by the number of likes for the question
  • Number of Answers: Ranked in descending order of the number of answers given to the question

Answer list

This is a list based on responses.

  • New: Arranged in order of newest answers to questions (in order of newest answers)
  • Likes: Sorted in descending order of "likes" for answers
  • Number of Answers: Ranked in descending order of the number of answers given to the question

How to ask

How to use Papa Katsu Anonymous Questionnaire in 3 easy steps

  1. Click the "Submit a question" button in the menu
  2. Enter your question in the question field on the question posting page
  3. Click "Submit question" to complete submission

How to request an answer

Papa Katsu Anonymous Question Box allows you to request answers from respondents.If you want a more honest answer, send a request for an answer.

  1. Enter your question in the "Question Column"
  2. Check the target for which you want to request an answer from the "Select the person you want to answer" part under the "Question column"
  3. Click "Submit question" to complete submission

Answer requests can be made to:

  • -Anyone:Respondents are randomly selected, and we do not know who will answer, such as representatives, staff, male members, female members, and others.Anyway, "Anyone! I want to know now! I want you to tell me!"
  • -Representative:Kida, the representative concierge of Universe Group, will answer your questions.A question such as a request to the club may be answered with a simple "Let's do it."
  • -staff:Universe Club staff will be happy to answer your questions.You may be able to get answers and related information unique to the site.
  • -Male member:A male member of the Universe Club will answer your questions.There may be answers unique to heavy users.
  • -Female member:A female member of the Universe Club will answer your questions.There may be a raw answer of the party, which is unique to dad live women.
  • -Back office:If you are interested in numbers that only the back office knows, please click here.
  • -Column writer:If you would like to nominate someone to write a column for the Universe Club, please click here.

If you want to hear the answers and opinions of various people, please check multiple respondents.
The answer request is completed as soon as the question is posted.

Posts other than questions

There are two things that Papa Katsu Anonymous Question Box values: asking questions and being anonymous.
A staff member ○○ responded to a question written by an anonymous person.A male member with the pseudonym XX answered.It takes the form of
Anonymous responses are not permitted.
If the operator determines that the content of the question is mainly to show opinions, the question post and the answer will be deleted.

About the stance of the answer

Not all questions have answers.
It is a rule to voluntarily answer questions that the respondent has a personal interest in wanting to answer.Even if you write in the question that you must answer.
Respondents' answers are not necessarily correct or true.These are facts and ideas from the standpoint of the respondent, and they are nothing more than material for the user to think about what is true based on that.
The content of the responses emphasizes the respondent's emotions and passion at the time rather than accuracy.
Please ask questions with the understanding that there may be critical answers that were not intended by the questioner.
We cannot respond to individual deletion requests.In addition, the selection of respondents will be at the discretion of the operator.

About likes

Everyone's questions are very important for everyone to grow the Q&A "Papa Active Anonymous Question Box" that is useful for everyone, but it's not just about posting questions.You can "Like" a question you've wanted to ask for a long time, an answer that was useful, or an answer that was helpful, to express your gratitude to the person who answered, and to let other users know about good articles. .

By all means, let's not only ask questions but also participate by "Like" and let's grow it into a reliable source of information for everyone!

Search method

[AND search] Search for questions and answers that include all of the multiple keywords


If you search for "AAA BBB", questions and answers that include both the AAA and BBB keywords you entered will be displayed.
*Separate the keywords with a half-width space.

[OR search] Search questions and answers that contain any of multiple keywords


If you search with "AAA OR BBB", questions/answers that include either of the AAA or BBB keywords you entered, and questions/answers that include all of the keywords will be displayed.
*Enter "OR" in half-width capital letters. Separate the words before and after "OR" with a space.