• Promise for use

Promise for use

Release date: 2018/4/13

Updated: October 2023, 3

Welcome to Papa Katsu Anonymous Question Box!

The terms and conditions for using this service are as follows.

The Papa Active Anonymous Question Box maximizes its functionality by asking and answering questions to each other.When you want to know more about something, you can get answers and relevant information from people with the most expert knowledge and field experience about your question, such as Universe Club representatives, club staff, male and female members.

In order for the Papa-Katsu Anonymous Question Box to continue to be open to the public on the Internet as a “communal square” where anyone can comfortably ask and answer questions, users of the Papa-Katsu Anonymous Question Box must make a promise to use it. Keep it safe.Let's all work together to make all the pages of the Papa Active Anonymous Question Box useful for people who use the dating club.

The stance of Papa Katsu Anonymous Question Box

Papa Katsu Anonymous Question Box has various nasty questions and nasty answers.There will be rude comments and rude answers.But that doesn't mean there is no respect.
Emotional nuances are more important than accurate information.We sometimes receive feedback from users that "the quality of the questions has gone down. The quality of the answers has gone down."
It is not an accumulation of accurate information or knowledge about dad activities, and I do not want to do so.Please think of Papa Katsu Anonymous Question Box as a place of entertainment where anything goes and a break down of fights.
If you are looking for polite information only, please look for it in another media.

considerate and respectful

Papa Katsu Anonymous Question Box brings together people of all backgrounds, beliefs, perspectives, and points of view who make this page a very good source of information.Respect the other person's position and opinion, and always respond with kindness and respect, even if you disagree with them.

concisely and honestly

Write your question in clear, easy-to-read, concise sentences with no typos, phonetics, or omissions.If the question is complete, neutral, and honest, you can expect a good response that answers the question directly.Let's all work together to make this Papa Active Anonymous Question Box the most reliable and reliable source of information.

Prohibition of Illegal Activities

Please do not use the Papa Active Anonymous Question Box to promote illegal activities or to solicit or promote illegal activities.

Intellectual property

Questions and answers posted or otherwise sent by users in the Papa Active Anonymous Question Box can be freely used by us (reproduction, copying, modification, sub-licensing to third parties, and any other use is permitted). including).

Please do not post content that infringes on intellectual property for which you are not the rights holder.


Do not publish another person's personal information without permission from that person.


Papa Katsu Anonymous Question Box does not allow any abusive or discriminatory behavior directed at specific individuals.Repeated posting of content that other people do not want is harassment and bullying.

Junk posts/links (spam)

Please do not use Papa Active Anonymous Questionnaire for advertising, commercial purposes, or soliciting or inviting other users for personal or organizational gain.

Explicit Adult Content/Links

In order to continue to make Papa Katsu Anonymous Question Box a truly reliable source of information, sexual descriptions should be done within an appropriate range that does not violate public order and morals.

Report a problem

If you find anything that you think is a violation of the terms of use of Papa Katsu Anonymous Question Box, please let us know using the inquiry form.Depending on the severity of the violation, we will limit or prohibit the use of the violating user.

usage limit

Questions, etc. that are deemed to be against the promise of use may be deleted without obtaining the user's consent.In addition, we shall be able to take measures to prohibit access to the user concerned.


We reserve the right to change our terms of use without prior notice when we deem it necessary.In addition, we are not involved in any activities between users.Any troubles between users or between linked sites shall be resolved between the parties concerned, and we shall not be held responsible for them.
In addition, when the user uses Papa Katsu Anonymous Question Box, even if the user suffers damage due to default or tort due to our negligence, we will not compensate for the damage. We shall not be held responsible.

Posts other than questions

There are two things that Papa Katsu Anonymous Question Box values: asking questions and being anonymous.
A staff member ○○ responded to a question written by an anonymous person.A male member with the pseudonym XX answered.It takes the form of
Anonymous responses are not permitted.
If the operator determines that the content of the question is mainly to show opinions, the question post and the answer will be deleted.

About the stance of the answer

Not all questions have answers.
It is a rule to voluntarily answer questions that the respondent has a personal interest in wanting to answer.Even if you write in the question that you must answer.
Respondents' answers are not necessarily correct or true.These are facts and ideas from the standpoint of the respondent, and they are nothing more than material for the user to think about what is true based on that.
The content of the responses emphasizes the respondent's emotions and passion at the time rather than accuracy.
Please ask questions with the understanding that there may be critical answers that were not intended by the questioner.
We cannot respond to individual deletion requests.In addition, the selection of respondents will be at the discretion of the operator.