• Recruitment of respondents

We are looking for respondents who can answer the Papa Active Anonymous Question Box

The Universe Group has prepared a content called Papa Active Anonymous Question Box for general users so that they can ask in-depth questions that cannot be understood by the information and rules that the club officially disseminates in the Q&A.
We are looking for respondents who can answer this question from Universe Club members or those who have been active or joined other clubs.

Entry conditions

  • Please do not lie (except for fakes to avoid personal identification)
  • please don't exaggerate
  • Please don't praise the club (please praise the staff)
  • You are free to give harsh answers and criticize the content of the question, but it is NG to criticize the person who asked the question.
  • When writing about past experiences, be sure to consider the people involved.
  • No rewards or rewards from the club
  • Descriptions that appear to be prostitution will be deleted by the management side (excluding long-term relationships such as mistress relationships)
  • Other answers will be edited or deleted at the discretion of the management side
  • Please abandon the copyright of the answer content (the club will not make secondary use without permission)
  • When answering, be sure to give your fixed pen name or club name.
  • Please do not perform your own work pretending to be someone other than the person who asked the question.
  • If there is no response for a certain period of time, the account will be automatically deleted.

Flow of question and answer

  1. After the screening is completed, the management will issue a unique ID and password for the respondent.
  2. After logging in, please select a question with your own experience and knowledge from the list of questions and answer it.
  3. Response transmission → Responses will be posted in the question box after being checked by management

Rules for answering

If you agree to the above rules, please fill in the necessary information in the form below and send it.
After the review is completed, the person in charge will contact you.

From Representative Kida

Representative Kida

Thank you very much for reading our Papa Active Anonymous Question Box.
Recently, the word “papa katsu” has become popular, and I feel that more and more people are joining dating clubs and becoming interested in it.

However, while dad activities and dating club activities may provide a wonderful experience, there is an aspect that they are not a service for everyone, so please consider the significance and risks of registering before joining. We believe that the door should be opened.

However, the significance and risks of dating vary from person to person, and at the same time, the internet is full of fake opinions from advertisers and media rather than actual real-life experiences. I don't know if the club is a service that benefits me.

Disclosing not only the information unilaterally sent by the club, such as "I joined a cute girl", but also information such as that I had a bad experience on a date or was deceived will contribute to the development of the dating club industry in the future. I started with the thought that if I could contribute.

In addition, the Universe Group has long been grateful for the wonderful opinions of members on its official blog and members-only bulletin boards, and we intend to inherit that DNA.

The question box has a limited number of respondents, and we expect answers from the perspectives of club representatives, staff, members, columnists, and other stakeholders.
There are an infinite number of answers to one question, and I believe that all of them are correct.
I hope that with your cooperation, the club will be able to straighten out its collars, and the men and women members will be considerate of each other's circumstances, and that the wonderful circle of members will expand.

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