What is your ideal relationship?

What is your ideal relationship?

I think that many people who are registered with a dating club and want to have a long-term relationship find it difficult to actually meet continuously.

What does your ideal relationship look like?

  • Keep it a secret from others.I absolutely do not want to find out
  • spend a special time alone
  • I don't usually go to restaurants with my family or friends
  • I want to have an adult relationship as well as a meal
  • If possible, it is better to have compatibility with sex
  • I want to pay less (women should get more)

This seems like a common relationship.
In my experience(So-calledmistressBecause I had a relationship with
Many people who are in a long-term relationship seem to have had a unique relationship.

  • Use a regular shop that men often use (go with family)
  • There is also a wife's official recognition
  • You may be invited to my home
  • Introduced as a girlfriend to a work-related person at a party, dinner, etc.
  • In some cases, you may be introduced as a wife and treated as a wife.
  • Have a dinner with a friend who also has a mistress
  • Free use of villa
  • the driver will pick you up
  • We don't meet and have sex every time
  • In bed, men are educated to be XNUMX% satisfied(But not only men are satisfied)
  • Support any play if the opponent wants it(Of course, there are times when I can't do it, but... as much as I can.)

Becoming a mistress requires determination

To be honest, I couldn't handle it lightly.
As for what's hard...

Behave and behave appropriately for the situation.
It was really hard to play the role of the wife of someone who doesn't even live with her and only sees her occasionally.

If you're doing something selfish, that's the end of it.
I have to talk about work too.
Of course, if there are people from overseas, we have to communicate in English.
Nanase can't speak English, but she managed with her communication skills.(I use a translation app)

If it's a work-related gathering, business will also come up, so I can't say anything irrelevant.
If a big contract is decided, you may receive benefits.

Perhaps, such a person does not emphasize appearance when choosing.
If you were to choose someone based on looks, you wouldn't choose a woman like Nanase, who isn't beautiful or has no features...
I think that they offered me something that would be a plus, rather than that.
(I think so)

Maybe this kind of relationship doesn't happen very often these days...
Well, please read with the feeling that there are people who want this kind of relationship.

commitment is necessary

[Stick to looks]
If so, then I think it's possible.
Please be very careful.
I think it is very important to be particular about how to enjoy yourself at a dating club.

If you don't have a strong preference for looks, how about choosing a female candidate from a slightly different perspective?
It's good to take him around, but his conversation level is low and his personality is not good.
Then wouldn't it be fun to be together?
Anyway, let's have a positive relationship with each other!

Change the perspective of choosing women

Even if you recommend a woman you interviewed, it often happens that she refuses because her appearance is not your type.
If you can't compromise there, it can't be helped, but why not change your perspective once in a while?

  • choose based on personality
  • Try to be someone who is easy to adjust your schedule
  • Try to be a calm woman in her 20s instead of her 30s
  • Try to be a member of society, not a student

I think it's sometimes good to offer a woman who is easy to date for a long time.

"Please, let me know what you think!"
Please read carefully the staff comments with feelings.
I want you to see not only the good things, but also the negative points.
Whenever possible, I try to look at different parts of a woman during the interview.
That said, there are some things you can't see in an hour of an interview.

"Why can't you see through??"
Some people say that, but we don't have the ability to see clairvoyance.
There are times when I meet you and find that it's different from what it actually is.
Absolutely no comments.Please understand that there may be differences.

The relationship men want and the relationship women want.
If there is a big difference here, it will not develop into a long-term relationship.
pursue the ideal(Offer to women who like looks that can only be adjusted on Saturdays and Sundays, even though they have to spend time with their families on Saturdays and Sundays.)Than
woman close to reality(A woman who doesn't look good enough to go on a date on a weekday night)Why don't you try the offer?

I would be happy if you could use the concierge so that it would not be a useless offer.

Black memberIf so, it is also possible to nominate the staff in charge.
If you get recommendations from friendly staff, you may have a higher chance of meeting a woman who matches your type.

Let's be a plus for each other with an unreasonable relationship.
I would appreciate it if you could help me with that.

I hope you can have a more ideal relationship! !

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