It's a loss not to be able to enjoy being a dad.


my attitude

Most of the men who contract with women who work as dads are wealthy.

To be honest, I've never had any troubles in my private life, and since I was little, I've never had a hard time with money or food.

That's why, when I hear stories like that, I don't look down on them.

However, the situation for papa-katsu women is a little different.

Many of the women I have contracted with as dads have said that they had such a hard time when they were young.

That's why when I listen to stories, I sometimes feel like I want to let people indulge in luxuries right away, and I actually let them learn luxuries.

But I don't think it's a bad thing at all.

This is because I believe that everyone should be equally able to experience luxury.

Even if you were poor when you were young, it would be nice if you learned to have luxury as you get older and can maintain that position, and luxury isn't that simple.

There are various manners and etiquette when it comes to eating.

Therefore, if we include the meaning of learning, we can take the luxury that we men give to women as a place to learn, and I think it is absolutely positive for women when we think about the long road of life.

However, in such a way, there was a man who said like this around me.

I actually tried to sign a contract with a woman who works as a daddy, but it's boring.

"Yeah? What's so boring?" I replied immediately.

As far as meeting young women, he says, it's good.

However, he said that he got tired of it after a few days, and that he was selfish and irritable.

Isn't that a waste of money?He even said.

To be honest, I was stunned.

Is it because he doesn't know how to play with women at all?Because I thought

Certainly, I know that there are men who say that women who work as dads are boring or that their allowances are too high, and I know men who complain about those things around me several times a year.

Isn't it better to go to the customs?Or would it be better to go to a club in Ginza?There are quite a few men who say things like that to me.

In the first place, signing a contract with a woman who works as a daddy is different from playing with a barber shop, right?I always tell them

Take me for example.


I'm not the type to drink that much.

So, first of all, can you enjoy yourself at a club in Ginza?When I was asked, I went out quite a few times in the past, but it didn't suit me at all, and it seemed like a waste of money to me.

Customs are the same.

I wish I was younger

However, since I've reached a certain age, I don't have that much libido, and to be honest, I'm not that energetic.

Signing a contract with a woman who works as a dad is a different type of play than that.

The main thing is to meet young women and have fun outside and help them.

Of course, there will be a physical relationship there, and there are times when you like alcohol.

But rather than that being the main thing, what I actually feel is closer to "a relationship with a partner while completely helping out."

Depending on the father, there may be people who have a contract as if they were a parent and daughter.

I don't think that entertainment and customs basically don't play outside.

There may be a date outside the store, but the main thing is to go to the store in the end.

In the first place, it is wrong to put it on the same scale as playing with a woman who works as a daddy.

Speaking of similarities to barbershops and customs, I think it's about emotions, and I think it's about not being serious.

I've heard that some men who are dads are serious about contracting with women, but they must be keeping some distance.

This is because they are paying allowances and can maintain a certain degree of distance.

In the first place, the age is completely different, so men who become dads should have humility towards women.

Some men say that a contract with a woman who works as a dad is a waste of money.

But I think it's just that the man didn't add value to the woman who was working as a dad.

I asked a man who said, "It's useless to sign a contract with a woman who works as a daddy."Can I make a contract as an individual and become like a couple?When I asked him, he immediately replied, "That's difficult."

This is the same with customs.

Well, there are times when a man who becomes a dad has value, and isn't it strange to say that it's a waste of money?I remember telling him back.

Are you sure you can spend Christmas with your favorite barber shop lady?Can we meet here?Can you cook for yourself?This is all I've been able to do in my dad life.

In the first place, I want to say to all the men who feel like they've lost out on being a dad.

It's the wrong way to play, and you have to understand papa katsu in the first place.

From my point of view, there is no other fun game like this.

If you have a basic contract with someone, they will travel with you and you won't feel lonely in your daily life.

It's true that there are some women who are active as dads who insist only on themselves and neglect to consider us, and I've met women who said that too.

But it's really just a part of it.

Recently, I hear from people around me that the number of women who want to have fun and earn money has increased in Papa-katsu, but when you first meet a woman who says so, you can tell right away.

Things like, ``Ah, is this a woman who only has her own needs and never listens to our conditions?'' or ``Isn't this a girl you can't afford?''

For that reason, we can meet first in a lounge, etc., and if it doesn't work out, we can just hand over the money and say goodbye.

We're all human beings, so there's bound to be compatibility, and conversely, there are men who find it easier to date women who say the same thing.

There are so many choices when you meet women at the dating club.

It really means that the way you look is completely different depending on how you play.

When you meet a good woman, you never feel like you've lost out.

I will do my best.

If only boring women were in Papa-katsu, I don't think Papa-katsu itself would be recognized among the general public.

By the way, I am happy to be a dad every week.

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