Love Vaccine Episode XNUMX: Azure-colored flower (XNUMX)

Originally, I wrote it with the title of "breeding", but it seems that the Shiritori column with Joe continued (laughs),
Changed to "Ruriiro Flower". It continues from (XNUMX) to (XNUMX). At the end of (XNUMX), there is a punch line as to why it is called “Ruriiro no Hana”.Please enjoy. 


I decided to "keep" a XNUMX-year-old female college student for a month during the summer vacation. 
I've heard stories of dads paying rent and sometimes even buying apartments. 
I thought that Mr. Mac had no connection, but I was able to have a similar experience for a limited time. 
Let's write a memorandum in advance. 
After all, the XNUMXth birthday has already passed. 
Originally I was confident in my forgetfulness, but in recent years it has been further refined. 
Write down your happy memories and read them again in a few years. 
You will surely feel nostalgic and happy. 

The beginning was that the building next to Mr. Mack's company was put up for sale. 
Ten years ago, the residents of the place built it as a rental apartment. 
They probably thought that they would live on the top floor and rent out the floors below to prepare for their old age with the rental income. 
There are also real estate agents who show blueprints for such projects, motivate them, and make them borrow money to build buildings. 
Unfortunately the repayment plan didn't seem to work. 
About a year ago the building was sold to a third party and the original owner continues to live on the top floor as a tenant. 
Looking at the register, it seems that the company that purchased the building is an affiliated company of the company that built the building. 
It's a good thing. 

The company that purchased it was looking for a new owner to renovate the building and make it look neat, and Mac, who lives nearby, approached him. 
Mac already owns three rental buildings. 

Being a landlord is quite troublesome. 
Besides, it's a plain job and not very interesting. 
I wouldn't buy it unless the conditions were such that the yield was very good, but since it was in my neighborhood, I decided to look at the property for the time being. 
There are XNUMX rooms, XNUMX of which have already been occupied. 
When I was shown a vacant room, I was surprised to find that it was equipped with a new set of refrigerators, washing machines, beds, televisions, and microwave ovens. 
They were looking for tenants under the exceptional condition of not having to pay a security deposit or key money and giving these equipment as a gift. 

When I was shown the details of the yield, the rent for the former owner's room on the top floor was set low. 
Perhaps it was a condition of buying the building from its former owner.It is the sympathy of a samurai. 
However, as the seller of the building, I would like to make the property fully occupied and show a good yield. 
That's why it seems that they are recruiting tenants with good conditions by adding furniture and fixtures. 

Mr. Mack didn't want to buy the building, but he thought it would be a good idea to rent a room. 
Mac had an idea for a new play. 
Uncle Papa Katsu doesn't get invited to the apartment of a girl who lives alone. 
Also, even if you go there, you will find that the reality is far from the "girl's room" that the uncle imagines. 
In that case, let's reproduce the "room of a girl who lives alone" as an uncle's delusion as a diorama. 
Bring a girl there, and let's push down and have sex under the assumption that the girl has brought Mr. Mac to his house, although Mr. Mac is actually renting it. 

After signing the lease, I went to a girly so-called "hime-kei" shop with some girls to buy some accessories. 
I decided to make the curtains expensive with embroidered flowers.Excited. 

I also reported to my friend Wynn. 
I told him where the key was and told him that I could use it as a love hotel whenever it was available. 
It is a "spear room". 

One day, Mr. Wynn called me. 
Even though the usual contact is line, it's rare. 
When I left, Mr. Wynn said in a slightly excited voice,“Mr. Mac, can I use that room now?I want to, so please come if you have time." 

After about an hour, when the work had settled down, I went to take a look at the apartment. 
There was a cute girl with a neat and round face. 
A XNUMX-year-old second-year student at a high school girl's college. 
The virgin just graduated from dating a boy of the same age three months ago. 
After XNUMX times of H and breaking up, I didn't make a boyfriend after that, and I made my debut as a dad on an app to cover future study abroad expenses. 
I also registered with Univa.Dating type is B. 

Mr. Wynn“This girl seems to be a fan of Mr. Mack’s column article.When I said,
"Are you Mac? ’ I let my eyes shine.The story progresses in a ton-ton rhythm, and I am now
I just finished.If you don't mind, how about now? " 

Let's say the girl's name is Sayo. 
Later, when I asked her if she could write a column, she didn't reply and was thinking for a while. 

Mr. Mac "I won't write if I don't feel like it, so it's okay?" 
Sayo-chan: No, I was wondering what would be a good name for me. I actually wanted 'Suzu', but since Suzu-chan is already here, I'll call it 'Sayo'." 
Mr. Mac: “Thank you. 
Sayo-chan: "I'm fine" 

Well, back to the topic, Sayo-chan, who just had sex with Wynn-san, clings to Mac-san. 
I'm sure you're very happy to have met "Mr. Mac". 
I'm kind of shy.You seem to have become an artist. 

I have big boobs and a thin waist. 
Involuntarily I got an erection as Muramura. 
It is exactly a set meal.I lowered the zipper of her pants and put it in Sayo-chan's mouth. 
From fellatio to deep throat.Go suddenly. 

As for the entanglement with the girl connected to the column, it was the same with Ms. Jasmine, but before we met, we got along well, so it was good to talk quickly. 

I was at work, so I returned to the office in about XNUMX minutes, but the female employee frowned. 
Female employee: "President, I don't mind if you go to the apartment next door, but your pants are wet." 

The front was sticky with Sayo's saliva.I should have loosened her belt and pulled down her pants. 

At night, I got a line from Sayo-chan. 
Sayo-chan: Thank you very much for today. I was very happy. 

Mr. Mac, while deep throating,
“I like you. Will you live here?I remembered blaming him with words. 

Oh, I was serious. 
A line came from Mr. Wynn. 
Mr. Wynn: "Sayo-chan, you're quite a pervert. After Mr. Mac gave you a deep throat, you said that it was a test of your vagina for a little bit, and you inserted it in a missionary position, right?
I had nothing to do, so I put my finger in Sayo-chan's ass from behind.It was easy to get in, so when I said that when I was driving to the station,
The previous hole was virginity three months ago, but it seems that I bought a toy by myself and developed it since I was a junior high school student.Also, she said she wanted to be slapped on the cheek." 

When I finished the set meal, I felt like I was told, "This is the hors d'oeuvre, and now it's the main meal." 
There is also such a development. 

Her mother was a strict Christian, and she was told to keep her virginity strictly. 
The previous hole was carefully protected until recently, but at puberty there is libido. 
He thought that it would be fine if it was a butt because he was not a virgin. 
It seems that he was excited by inserting various things. 
However, the penis has not been inserted in the buttocks yet. 

Mac has had anal sex three times. 
A gay boy gave me some tips. 
Anyway, don't rush, caress the anus slowly and wait for the tension to relax. 
It is not suitable for impatient Mac. 
However, with Sayo-chan, who has been developing herself since junior high school, anal sex may be a good match. 
Give it a try. 
The slap on the cheek... I used to like a girl, but I didn't really know what to do. 
Here, let's go to the Happening Bar and ask an expert to teach us. 
Please refer to the article below for the story. 

Well, of course, I readily agreed to let Sayo-chan live in an apartment. 
However, XNUMX years old.Underage. 
It wouldn't be funny if the story got complicated later and he was arrested for "kidnapping a minor." 
First, we decided to spend the night together at a mixed bathing hot spring inn that Mac-san often goes to. 

During the drive, I asked him about his home environment. 
Her parents were on bad terms, but she seems to have affection for Saya-chan, and it's not like she's in great financial trouble either. 
Basically, it's a laissez-faire family, and I don't think I'll be blinded by my daughter's sleepover. 
maybe you can breed it. 

As for play, it's anal first. 
For this day, Mr. Mac bought an anal plug from Amazon. 
It is a large, medium and small set.Is it okay to start from the inside? 
I also prepared a fig enema. 
After giving an enema and cleansing the stomach, let's enter the mixed bathing hot spring. 
Then, while soaking in the hot spring, wear an anal plug. 
Yes, it would be nice to put a remote control mini vibrator in the front hole as well. 
Delusions are inflated. 

Sayo-chan came in a yukata from the beginning. 
She is a girl who is learning Japanese dance and can dress herself. 
I hope it feels like summer. 
After finishing preparations in the room of the inn, head to the mixed bathing hot spring on the roof. 
There are hot water baths for women, but it is strictly forbidden to wear them. 
Allow only one small towel. 
Excitedly, I arrived at the hot spring, but unfortunately, there was no one there. 
There are few guests due to Corona, and it is almost reserved. 
But hey, that's fine. 

Embrace the naked Sayo-chan and wash her breasts, over there, and ass. 
And push in the anal plug that was hidden. 

Sayo-chan: "Oh" 
Mr. Mac ``It's a medium size, but hmm, was it a little big?'' 

As it turned out later, the toy Sayo used for anal development was very thin. 
It's only as thick as a finger. 
That's why Mr. Wynn's finger went in smoothly, but the medium-sized plug seemed to be too big. 
However, Mr. Mac, who didn't know that, suddenly inserted a plug as thick as a thin penis. 

Mac: "Are you okay?" 

Sayo-chan: "Yes... it's fine... please do as you please." 
Mr. Mac, you can insert the rotor in the front hole as well. 

The latest ones are waterproof and convenient. 
and flipped the switch. 
Sayo-chan starts trembling. 
Mr. Mack: "Then, in this state, let's wipe our bodies, put on a yukata and take a walk in the hall." 

The rooftop open-air bath has separate entrances for men and women. 
After changing clothes separately, there is a mixed bathing hot spring at the top of the stairs. 
Mac changed first, sat down on the bench at the entrance, and waited for Sayo-chan. 
Sayo-chan, leaning forward a little, came down the stairs slowly. 
It must have been difficult to put on the yukata correctly with the vibrator in the vagina. 
The vagina must be thick. 

Mack switched the vibrator mode. 
Sayo-chan,"Oh"Involuntarily, I let out a small voice and leaned back. 

After this, I pretended to be taking care of a woman who had been hit by a bath, and took her around the building. 
Take a commemorative photo with the anal plug and rotor in the place where there are no people. 
Hey, bare your chest. 

Return to the room and push down from the back of the head. 
Take a video of stripping off the yukata and crawling on all fours to the futon. 
When I reached the futon, I lay down as if it was collapsing. 
The whole body is twitching and convulsing. 
When I asked him later, he said he didn't remember. 

Sayo-chan,"I feel like I'm going, I don't know."I was saying that, but I haven't even put my penis in yet, but I'm going to have a good time. 
Then insert it firmly. 
After ejaculation, both of them immediately fell into a deep sleep. 

next morning. 
The sky starts to lighten after XNUMX:XNUMX. 

Mac: Sayo-chan, it's morning, get up. 
Sayo-chan won't wake up. 
After that, I "raised" him for about three weeks, but whenever I visited him, he was sleeping soundly. 
The person himself“It’s summer sleep, not hibernation (laughs).”That's what I said, but she really sleeps a lot. 
Maybe it's because he's XNUMX years old. 

Somehow, I wake up Sayo-chan and drive her to a park in the mountains near the inn. 
It's a deserted park with a great view, and it's Mac's favorite spot. 

I took off Sayo-chan's yukata when there were no people around. 
Outdoor naked shooting. 
Clear this too. 

After that, I picked up Sayo-chan, who was sleeping soundly in the passenger seat again, and went back to the office. 
The one-night trial passed. 
Next, I said goodbye to him and told him to come get ready to live in an apartment. 

On August XNUMXnd, Sayo finally started living in an apartment. 
This time, Sayo-chan is wearing a dress and is pulling a suitcase. 
Go around Nitori and home centers together and buy all the essentials for girls. 
It's kind of fun, like a couple starting to live together. 

In the taxi, Sayo-chan always comes by me. 
Sticky already. 
Like a clinging cat. 
If you touch the nipple from the top of the clothes, this is also a good reaction. 
My body twitches, and sometimes I can't help but let out my voice. 
It's the first time I've ever had a girl with big breasts and such sensitivity. 
The driver won't be feeling very well, sorry. 

When Mac makes friends with girls, he wants to buy them clothes and underwear. 
Choosing is like playing dress-up dolls, and I like it. 
I wanted to buy one for Sayo-chan too. 

Mr. Mac: “Your breasts are big, right? 
Sayo-chan: That's right. At the store I went to before buying, the store clerk searched for stock, and when I found it, the store clerk and I danced for joy. 
Mr. Mack: “Wacoal probably has a variety of sizes. Men can also enter the fitting room. Shall we go shopping together?” 
Sayo-chan: "Are you okay?" 

I bought both the normal and thong bottoms to match the bra, and while I was there, I found a white negligee that looked good, so I bought this as well. 
As a XNUMX-year-old, I bought a Roddy Spot dress with ribbons and laces, and another yukata with a bright floral pattern. 
If it's something like this, you'll want to buy anything for a cute girl. 

Then go back to your apartment and have sex. 
At night, before going to bed, visit and have sex.Have sex in the morning. 
When I visit her room, Sayo-chan is always asleep. 
It doesn't wake up with just a little rocking. 
I wear a corset when I sleep to keep my waist slim. 
I think this is a very good method. 
It seems that Amazon sells it for XNUMX yen or XNUMX yen, so why not try to imitate it? 

-Continued from (XNUMX)- 

(Sayo-chan was stripped of her underwear and spread her legs in a corset. 

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