Date Memoir #19 Rich night in Fukuoka

The day after Sapporo is Fukuoka

 Hello.Paparazzi.The day after I met the Sapporo girl, I skipped Tokyo and went to Fukuoka far west.I will report her first activities in Kyushu.

the opponent this time

Your opponent's SPEC

  • Name: Kinko (pseudonym)
  • Class: Platinum
  • Relationship type: C
  • Occupation: sole proprietorship
  • Age: Late 20s

first impression

  • Appearance: Of course cute is better in photos.did you gain a little weight?
  • Personality: A good person, but from the impression of the photo, is it a little darker than I thought?

History of dating

 I had a business trip coming up on a very close date, so I decided to move to Fukuoka because it would be easier to go on a business trip.Fukuoka is a city where beautiful women from all over Kyushu gather.And since boys go to Tokyo and Osaka, basically there is a shortage of boys.The food is delicious and the downtown area is substantial, and the best part is that the access from the airport is too convenient.If typhoons didn't exist in this world, it might be the best place in Japan.

 When I searched the site to enjoy looking for such a beautiful woman in Kyushu. . . .To be honest, I feel like I'm beaten.Are your expectations high?If this is the case, isn't the level higher in Osaka and Nagoya?It's a feeling that makes you think. (It's just a matter of personal preference.) However, since it was a business trip, I aimed at women in the Platinum class.

 Yes, since I met Sachiko in Sapporo, I had just started a campaign, and I was ranked up to the Platinum class, just as the club was aiming for.It was a fact that I felt the difference after I met a Platinum woman for the first time in Sapporo, though the flow was too careful with the rank-up campaign from the trial.

 When I put in an offer, the schedule was fine.However, the time will be set at 21:XNUMX, but if we can meet, it can't be helped.With this, the first activity in Kyushu has been decided.It's been a little tough every day. . .smile

 However, choosing a store was difficult.At this time, a state of emergency was declared due to the effects of the corona virus, and it was difficult to find a store because it basically closed at 21:21.I can't find it on the internet, and even if I call the store directly, it's inefficient because the store itself is closed, and it's just a waste of time.So I came up with a plan to "ask the hotel".Since hotel employees basically live in the local area, we decided that they would have information that "that store is open after XNUMX:XNUMX".This worked, and I found a shop that was open late even under this emergency.When I called, I was told that it was possible to make a reservation, and the problem of finding a store was somehow settled.

what was the date

Since I arrived in Fukuoka early, I decided to enter the store first. The store was crowded because there were few stores that were open after 21:XNUMX.I was assigned a small table seat.There is no atmosphere, but is it good that the store is open?I regained my composure.

 The phone rings just in was from herShe came into the store with a slightly dark expression, perhaps because she was nervous.It's a small seat, so it can't be helped.I feel sorry for this.Her name is Kinko.She is from a suburb of Fukuoka and came to Fukuoka for her job.She says that she is now working as a sole proprietor and selling goods.Fukuoka is a city that attracts beautiful women from all over Kyushu.Her power was fully demonstrated even in a place like this.The biggest reason why I started activities is that I am worried that I will only have income from my own business.Kinko is a little dark at first, but as she talks, you can see that she's become more open.

 It seems that she has been active for some time and seems to be used to it.And she says she's been inundated with offers lately.Moreover, she said that it has been especially frequent recently even though it has been a while since she registered.surely.Is it safe to say that she is the only platinum woman in Fukuoka?I didn't think Fukuoka's level was that high. (It's just a matter of personal preference)

By the end of the meal

 The store is a complete izakaya, with table seats and a special atmosphere, and the neighbors are close.It's not an inviting atmosphere at all, so I'm going to finish the checkout and leave the store.While walking in front of Hakata Station at night, I decided to invite him.I came all the way here.How can I motivate myself without inviting?

 "I have time after this"

 "It is good"

 be used

 She said OK in a calm voice.The amount was decided smoothly.The flow line is perfect within 5 minutes on foot to the hotel.Then we disappeared into the room.

 What surprised me was that when she went to bed, she became a different person.She took a shower first, and while she was waiting for me in bed, the switch was turned on, and when I returned, she began to furiously want me.In this way, the daily activities progressed in the form of a rich night in Fukuoka.

Later talk

 To tell the truth, my business for the next day was cancelled, and I had time to spare, so I contacted Kinko.He explained the situation and told him that if he had time, he would like to meet him, but he must have judged him to be a troublesome man.Kinko has since lost contact.However, I can't easily forget that one-time intense night.

Reflection of this time

  • women can change
  • Don't ask too much at first.and don't be suspicious

This store

 An izakaya where you can eat all the delicious foods from Fukuoka and Kyushu.It's easy to eat everything at once, but there's no special dish.Also, at this time, there were almost no shops open after 21:XNUMX, so it can't be helped, but it's quite noisy and the customer base is mostly young, so it's not suitable for a date.

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