Episode 4 Dating with Mr. B due to the corona disaster...

~ Until last time ~

An unpopular little 29-year-old man knocks on the door of the Universe and challenges his dad life!I met Mr. B for the first time at the club, and I continued to go out with him (laughs), but the new coronavirus began to rage...






While the new coronavirus is beginning to spread, Mr. B
 "You might get coronavirus at a love hotel, so come over to my house."
"I'll make you a bento, so let's go see the cherry blossoms at a nearby park."

She said so, and we decided to go to her house for the fourth date.


After that, until the 4th date, I still didn't get a lot of replies on the line, so I had a date meeting (laughs). The day has finally arrived.


When I arrived in front of the apartment where she lived, I called her, and B-sama came to pick me up at the entrance and entered the house.


Mr. B's house was surprisingly a commoner one-room, and there were a lot of things that seemed to be a sloppy girl (laughs), and they were a little carelessly placed.

After watching her in the kitchen finishing off the bento making, we went to a nearby park to see the cherry blossoms.
Unlike on our first date, even when we were walking together, she seemed somewhat aloof, and although I felt a little sad about that, we arrived at the park, unfolded our leisure sheets, and ate lunch.

To be honest, her bento, which doesn't cook much, wasn't particularly delicious, but she thought about the colors, and above all, I was happy that she made it for me.


However, although the cherry blossoms were blooming, the weather that day was cloudy and the temperature was too low to continue eating the bento. bottom. On the way back to her B's girlfriend's house, when I tried to hold her hand, Mr. B said,
"Let's not hold hands"
and refused to connect.


On the first date, B-sama would rather walk me with his arms folded, but why did he refuse to hold my hand...
Since it's close to my house, I wondered if people around me didn't want to see me walking intimately with them... and so on.


After arriving at her house, I started eating my lunch again, but she didn't talk to me. It was a feeling...




After we finished eating each other, I thought.
"It's supposed to be a love affair from now on... I wonder if it's better to start the story from the man at her house... How do I start it..."

When I was lost like that, she asked me
"You're going to do it after this, right? Go take a shower first!"
I cut it out!



How is it that the liver is settled ...!? !I'm just saying it so bluntly...! !

Let her take the lead (laughs) and I took a quick shower.
I stopped by the restroom on the way, but it wasn't very clean (laughs), and the bathroom was overflowing with beauty products and cosmetics.




After I took a shower, she took turns taking a shower.
I wasn't sure how to start at her house, unlike the hotels I've been to, but when she came back after taking a shower, she came up to me, shirtless and wearing only pants. , we acted as it was.





After finishing the act, I was listening to Mr. B relaxing on the bed, but I did not get a regular job and did various things as a freeter, but the new coronavirus began to spread, and the number of jobs decreased. .She used to work part-time as a hostess, but she seems to have lost her job there.While listening to such a story, Mr. B said that he had an appointment for hair removal in the evening, so I decided to go home.




After that, the state of emergency was finally declared for the first time, and as a result of discussing how we should socialize, we decided not to meet until the state of emergency was lifted...




Partly because of the loneliness of not being able to see him, I kept in touch with him frequently, but the number of replies from Mr. B was sparse, and the number of times when he had read and passed through increased.I couldn't stand it any more and asked for her reply, and she replied

"Hmm, I'm a little uneasy lately."
came a reply.


After that, I had the opportunity to talk with her on a video call, and she said that she was mentally depressed as her income decreased further due to the corona epidemic.

Even after the video call, I kept in touch with him, but he didn't reply at all.



By the way, after that, I was in contact with her occasionally, and I got a job as a medical office worker for money, but I quit soon after, and I borrowed money to open a beauty salon, which was my dream.Actually, she has been there once, but to put it bluntly, it seems that her management is going to be tough due to this corona disaster.

Maybe we'll meet again in the future (well, maybe...), but that's the end of the story with Mr. B.

Next time, I will talk about Mr. D, who developed into a relationship after that...

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