A contracted woman's failure story (religion)

Recently, my boom is sharing information between people who have contracts with women in the same way at the dating club.

It's really fun.

what's funIt's because there are so many different ways to deal with and socialize with women.

That's why the monthly amount you pay to a woman is completely different from me, and the way you play is completely different.

After saying that, my friends like the type of women I would never choose.

This kind of content can only be understood by actually using the dating club, and even if it is about the satisfaction of each person, it is a catch ball in a conversation that cannot be established unless you know the dating club in the first place.

It's all the more interesting because the clubs I use are almost different.

As I said before, I use the Universe Club.

However, some friends use different clubs.

That's why flowers bloom in information exchange.

To be honest, I think Universe Club is the best dating club I've ever used, and compared to other clubs, the level of women introduced is quite high, and basically I have no complaints. .

If I had to look for one thing, it would be that the Universe Club has become so famous now that anyone looking for a lover knows about it.

In other words, a situation arises in which I say that I already know the person even if I do not confidently approach them.


This is a little lonely for me personally. (Don't say dissatisfied)

That's how I spend my time meaningfully every week with the woman I was introduced to at Universe Club.

Of course, there are unexpected things like failure stories with contracted women.

Of course, there is no end to the good things, but it would be nice to have a failure story, and it might be a good spice for men who are going to be dads.

So, this is what I failed to contract with a woman.

A contract with a woman who had an obvious, religious odor.

I didn't understand this at all at first.

Of course, what happened at the dating club I used before the universe club.

It was similar to the Unification Church, which is now a problem in the world.

When I first met him, I didn't have that kind of atmosphere at all, but the atmosphere changed a little after I signed the contract and met him a few times.

First of all, I was told that my parents' house is in 〇〇, and I have been participating in gatherings since I was a child. (For the time being, it's that kind of name, so I put SG in it. I wonder if anyone can understand it.)

However, there was a time when I was originally a Christian, so I don't think there is any discrimination regarding religion.

Therefore, even if the other woman belongs to some kind of religion, as long as she does not harm herself, she is free to do so.

However, when we met, the content of the story gradually changed.

For example, he often appealed to me by saying things like, "Where do you want to go to a gathering with your daddy?"

However, she was young and not a difficult woman to deal with, so I tried to ignore the topic without touching it.

About half a year has passed since then, and why do you need money in a conversation?Since she had a chance to hear it, she wrapped the contents of that feeling in a little oblate and conveyed it to the woman.

To be honest, I was surprised by her answer.

She says that I am doing my best because her parents need a lot of money such as donations.

I do not discriminate against any religion.

However, it must have been the moment when I heard that my money was being turned into religious offerings.

Do you say that I became very lonely, I felt that I was using money wrongly.

For example, if I were a member of the same religion, I might be able to understand.

But now I'm almost non-religious.

It is in the form of me donating to a religious offering that I do not understand well.

How should a woman use the money she received from me?Of course you can.

However, I also have a solid reason why I became a dad.

He became a dad because he wanted to support women who were having trouble with money.

Of course, it is also true that I wanted to play and have a mistress.

But not only that, but I also had a lot of desire to help women who had dreams or who said they couldn't do what they wanted because they didn't have enough money. (It would be too early to say that she had a lot of thoughts by talking with various young women through the dating club.)

The money I had been helping with that thought turned into donations.

I usually don't get angry at all, and I try to be somewhat tolerant.

Even I had nothing but doubts and became very cold.

Later, I had time to talk frankly with her about various things, so I tried to talk about various things.


Then there was another astonishing fact.

He said that he wanted to make a contract with a lot of dads through dad life and understand how good his religion was.

Is it close to so-called solicitation?I took it, but what about it?

I'm sure she herself didn't mean to solicit me at all, and it's possible that she was told something by those around her.

The reason is that I had the impression that she was a very pure child.

I didn't look like the type to deceive people at all.It also had a level of naturalness that seemed to be.

In conversation with her, should I intervene in how to use the money that Papa Katsu has been using?I was very worried.

That's because the content was a pretty special case for me.

At that time, I also thought about consulting with the dating club I had a contract with.

However, if you actually consulted with the dating club about religious issues, would the Q&A be clear?because it was questionable.

To that contracting woman, do I accept?don't you accept?Don't you think it's a problem withAt least that's how I took it.

So, as a result of considering it, the answer I gave was, of course, NO.

It's not no to religion, but how do you want me to be a dad and help women and how to use it?A wish.

This part doesn't match her reason for being a dad.

Because I made that decision myself.

Of course, I also want to comfortably help women, and I want them to comfortably use money for their success.

However, I still remember that I was quite worried about how to explain it to women.

When I told her that I wanted to terminate the contract, I remember she lied lightly that it was because of financial difficulties.

It may be a very rare case, but if you encounter a similar case, I don't recommend going too deep.

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